Welcome to the Brilliant Year of Fulfillment - 2010!

2010 is the second year of a three year phase birthing a new MUA or Major Evolutionary Cycle.

Several key events will occur in 2010. Among them are:

The Unmasking and Falling Away of much that is False.

More Collapsing of the World of Duality.

The further Emergence of the True Ones.

Many of us will Walk the Path of Love.

The Reuniting with our One True Loves.

The Anchoring of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE.

The Fulfillment of many of our Wildest Dreams.

A massive Activation of the Second Wave as their Sealed Orders pop open.

The Bridges are empowered and take on responsibility.

The First Wave feel a New Lightness.

The Activation of the 9th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway.

Our Coming Together as One Being in Action.

Our Alignment with our True Purpose.

A Massive Surge of Creativity is Unleashed.

The Manifestation of LOVE IN ACTION.


2009 was a powerful year of transition that gave us the lessons and experiences which we most needed. The entire year required constant effort from us, but it also gave us amazing opportunities for transformation and expansion. Quite a few of us reached the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and emerged as True Ones. At the midpoint of the year on June 5th, PURE HEART LOVE entered the planet and the White Dragon was born. This signified the completion of the long cycle of Anchoring the New. The New and True is finally here!

2009 was the year in which the superimposed, simultaneous realities of duality and Oneness started to noticeably diverge. Because of this, where we positioned ourselves determined what we experienced. How we responded to what we experienced was greatly affected by whether we were positioned in duality or Oneness.

Some people feel that 2009 was an extremely hard year; this is because they were passing through the ultimate challenge of their Perfect Storms. Others of us who had already moved through our Perfect Storms, found it much easier to surf through the numerous challenges by using much larger surfboards and developing new forms of navigation.


2010 is going to have a massive effect on our roles as First & Second Waves and Bridges. Many of us will move to a new level by emerging as a True One. As we do, we will come together in a unified purpose as never before.


The First Wave are those older souls who have been on this planet for a very long time. We came here under the Master Number 11 to Anchor the New. We have lots of Earth experience and have gathered an abundance of wisdom and knowledge.

After the 11:11 Doorway closes at the end of 2011, the ones of the First Wave who are still here will be given the opportunity to choose a new path of destiny. They will have the choice to leave the planet, to remain here to Build the New or to stay here in a more quiet way and serve as wise (wild) Elders.

Until then, some First Waves will choose to leave the planet this year, feeling that their work here is now complete. Others have simply given up and resigned themselves to living out their final years in isolation. They are so tired and beaten down by life that they no longer believe in their Wildest Dreams.

This always makes me a bit sad, for I am one of the First Wave who knows that we are right on the cusp of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. We are the First Waves who are still rowing with our full beings. Even though we have already completed our monumental task of Anchoring the New, we know that this is the time when we are most needed. It is during the Time of Transition when we have many sceptres of wisdom, knowledge, experience and responsibility to pass on. We also know that we aren't meant to leave this planet weary and embittered. When we do leave, we shall make our departure singing a joyous song of love and victory.

During 2010, many First Waves will feel a true sense of relief for the first time. This deep relief comes about due to the unprecedented activation and stepping forward of the Bridges and Second Wave. (THANK YOU!!) The First Wave will finally be able to start dismantling their lifetimes of rigorous training to hold on and keep on, no matter what. They will no longer need to put their own personal lives aside so they can continually serve. Now is the time for their Wildest Dreams to blossom.


There are some who are neither First nor Second Wave. They contain a combination of both Waves and are here to serve as Bridges so that the First and Second Waves can converge. Bridges belong to the Master Number 33 which will be activated this year with One Being in Action.

The Bridges have an important part to play in the changeover to a New Paradigm. Since they understand the experiences of both First and Second Wave, they can serve as intermediaries between them. The First Wave have many important sceptres to pass on. They need to give them to a Bridge person so the Bridge can choose the perfect Second Waves to give them to.

There have been some misunderstandings about this important task. Some Bridges have felt that if they accepted a sceptre of responsibility from a First Wave, that they would have to carry it all by themself. This made them hesitant to step forward, as they knew that the responsibility would crush them. Or they thought that by accepting a sceptre they would be obliged to do things in the old ways. But this is not how it is meant to be.

The Bridges simply take the sceptre from the First Wave, then look for the right Second Waves to carry it with them. None of the sceptres being passed on are meant to be carried by a single person. Only the First Waves were equipped and trained to do this. When several people carry a sceptre together, it is easy, fun and full of creativity. This new creativity that springs from our true being is extremely fulfilling. This is the new way and the right way to do this.

Before the Bridges can fully step in, there are a few adjustments that they need to make. These have to do with guilt, adversity and fear. Many of the Bridges carry guilt. Their guilt was picked up by watching the long travails of the First Wave as they struggled to Anchor the New during the darkest of times, without being able to do anything to help them. When the Bridges finally came to this planet, many of them mistakenly felt that they needed to experience the same hardships as the First Wave, so they threw themselves into numerous dense situations where they damaged themselves. Or they felt that they had to catch up with the First Waves by cramming themselves full of outdated spiritual knowledge and practices. Unfortunately, none of this was necessary. All they needed to do was to arrive here fresh, full of LOVE and ready to leap in.

Another element that Bridges need to transform has to do with adversity. They tend to take any criticism too personally and too seriously, rather than discern the unclear or ego-driven motives of the person attacking them. If they are in a room full of one hundred people and ninety-nine people are in full support of them, but one person attacks them, they will allow themselves to be broken down, then run out of the room, vowing never to return. Bridges really need to focus on the love and support that is constantly given to them, rather than allowing criticism to completely disable them. Once they do this, they will be able to step forward into their true magnificence.

Often Bridges are riddled with fears and insecurities. They fear failure; they fear that they are not capable enough; and they fear that if they take on any responsibility that it will break them. Even though they are extremely creative, they feel that they need a safety net in place before they can start something new. What they don't yet realize is that there actually is a huge safety net in place for them when they make the leap into becoming True Ones, but they just can't see it from their present perspective.

Some Bridges think that they will be able to avoid their fears if they stay hidden on the sidelines, but they cannot. They are needed too much right now to be ignored. Their fears and reluctance to take on responsibility will immediately dissolve as soon as they become True Ones. And this is going to happen in 2010....


The Second Wave are newer souls who have had far less lifetimes on the Earth. They came here under the Master Number 22 to Build the New. They have an abundance of fresh energy and new ideas and are ready to create the New World.

Exciting news for the Second Wave.... Your time has come!!!!

During 2010, the Second Wave will experience a massive activation. Your Sealed Orders will be popping open all year long. Your destiny is calling. And there is much for you to do.

You no longer need to be masters of distraction to keep yourselves from being bored. The time of waiting is over. As many sceptres as you can handle are being handed to you. We are all going to work together this year as One Being in Action and it's going to be fun and exciting. We are going to successfully surf the waves of a massive creative surge into the New and True, on the biggest surfboards imaginable, while the world of duality continues to collapse all around us.



Our Number One Priority in 2010 is to become a True One.

Becoming a True One is our next level. It is also the key to all our future endeavors. This doesn't mean that we were untrue before. Many of us are good and honest people, but we aren't yet True Ones.

To become a True One, we don't have to become anything other than what we really are, but we can no longer hide WHO WE ARE. It is the conscious acceptance of WHO WE ARE on a vast level. When we become a True One, we bring our true core essence out to the surface for everyone to see. We fully inhabit WHO WE ARE.

Becoming a True One is like putting on an exquisite garment that was specially created for us long ago, but that we've kept hidden in the back of our closet, not quite daring to put it on yet. This garment is woven from all the threads of our beings, from who we are, who we've ever been and who we ever will be. These threads contain all our experiences, all our knowing, our past - present - and future rolled into the present moment.

The shift to becoming a True One happens when we bring our inside true core essence to the outside for all to see. It's not a matter of whether we are worthy to be a True One or whether we are ready to be a True One; we are worthy and ready. It's simply choosing to make the shift in our inner control panels to bring WHO WE REALLY ARE out to the surface.

This small and significant shift inside us changes absolutely everything. It changes the way we think; it changes the way we walk in the world; it changes our responses; it changes our attitudes towards our current situations; it changes the way we dress; it changes the way we do things; it changes the way we interact with people. Once we make this shift, it feels so good, because our inner and outer finally match up. We are no longer in disguise. It's extremely liberating and sets us free.

When we become a True One, we are stripped of all that no longer serves us. It erases the final residue of the long line of footprints in the sand behind us. These are the records of all we have experienced upon planet Earth up until this very moment-- our past history from all our lifetimes. Suddenly, we are surrounded by pure, clean sand in all directions. This presents us with a blank canvas upon which we can create the life that we truly want.

In these uncertain times, many of us are searching for safety nets. These safety nets will no longer be found in the world of duality. When we become a True One, we will discover a massive safety net waiting for us in the Ultra Greater Reality.

Once we become True Ones, a huge rebalancing takes place. What was empty is made full and what was too full is lessened. If we have neglected our physical bodies, we will find ourselves turning our attention to them and becoming more alive. If we have put too much attention on the physical, we will be thrust into a Quantum Deep that will require us to be totally still. If we have carried too much responsibility, we will be able to let some of it go. If we have avoided responsibility, it will be handed to us. If we have been too busy serving to have a personal life, we will be given a personal life. If we've been only focusing on ourselves, we will start serving others.

As long as we are True Ones, we will find creative ways to financially support ourselves. If we are still depending on duality to supply us with jobs that we only do for the money, then they might fall away.

Part of being a True One is being honest and real at all times. While wide open on many levels, we also create needed boundaries to maintain the resonance of trueness around us. Sometimes, this requires us to be super honest with those near us or to walk away from situations and relationships that are murky and pull on our energy.

True Ones embody PURE HEART LOVE at all times. They are fountains of LOVE; it splashes forth from them wherever they go. They have a quiet authority, being both empowered and humble at the same time. True Ones serve as Sacred Pagodas, influencing their entire landscape, and reassuring everyone they encounter that All is Well by their mere presence. They are constantly giving and receiving hidden treasures while in a continual state of gratitude. True Ones are not needy, but are self sustaining. They emanate a sense of well being, serenity, safety and confidence.

Once we step into the level of being a True One, we naturally recognize other True Ones, even without personally knowing them or speaking to them. And they recognize us.

Whenever someone who isn't yet a True One meets a True One, they often think that they met an Angel. Being in the presence of True Ones will help heal their hearts and trigger them to also become a True One. When we are around True Ones, all we have to do is be real.

When we become a True One, we don't have to think of how to serve others or serve the One. It is just natural to do so because it's part of who we are. True Ones are already so clean, clear, honest and true, that they automatically see what needs to be done and effortlessly do it.

The True Ones live in the Ultra Greater Reality at all times. They are in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and travel on the Fast Track.

As the year progresses, more and more of us will emerge as True Ones.


"We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be."

A Brief Description of the Gordian Knot.

Long ago, there was a city-state located near present day Ankara, Turkey. Their king had recently died and had left no descendents. The city elders held a meeting where they decided that the next person who arrived in a wagon in the main square of their city would become the new king. This happened to be Gordius, a poor farmer who came to town in his broken-down wagon to sell a few vegetables. As he arrived in the main square, the city elders heralded his arrival with great fanfare and crowned him as their new king!

To celebrate this dramatic shift of his destiny, Gordius had two large wooden stakes put in the city square. Between them, he created a series of elaborately intricate knots composed of multiple Turkish knots with no loose ends. The Gordian Knot was made of wet sinew which shrunk when it dried. Then the city elders proclaimed that the person who could untie the Gordian Knot could rule the world.

Over the years many people made the pilgrimage to the town of Gordius (now named after its farmer-king), and spent years trying in vain to untie the impossible knot. No-one succeeded.... Until finally Alexander the Great heard of the famous knot and made haste to Gordius. Then, with one mighty stroke of his sword, he severed the Gordian Knot once and for all.

As the world of duality increasingly collapses, and as the very different evolutionary roads of duality and Oneness continue to diverge, it's essential that we position ourselves on the road that we most want to travel. We can no longer successfully straddle the two, very different worlds. They have become too separate for us to have a foot in both worlds. If we try to do this, we will feel as if we are being split into two.

It no longer serves us to fall back on default decisions, for all they will do is dig us into a deep hole. This is similar to creating a new document on a computer. The program automatically chooses a font for us. We can either go with this default decision made by someone else or we can step in and choose the font that is perfect for our document. We can choose a font that is clear and has authority. If we do, it will make our document easier to read and strengthen the content. Too often in our lives we abdicate our true knowing and step back, letting other people make our decisions for us, even when we know that these aren't the truest or best decisions. We really need to stop doing this, for all it does is create problems that will have to be solved sooner or later.

Many of us also like to avoid confrontation, no matter what. Yet sometimes this is exactly what the situation needs in order for there to be peace and clarity.

We also need to watch out for self sabotage and clear out any ways that we block ourselves from doing what we know to be true. Some of us use blame as an excuse to not be able to do what we really want to do. We blame others or our outer situation as the reason why we cannot step in. We use lame excuses such as, "I would love to do it if my partner let me", or "I would definitely do it if I won the lottery and had enough money ", or "If there was a huge safety net, I would be able to fully be myself". We are waiting for everything to be perfect before we can step in, but all the outer conditions will never be perfect, so we are waiting in vain for something that will never happen.

I've always found my greatest success by simply leaping in and doing what I know is right to do, without any visible safety net. If we are true to what we feel is right, we will be successful, no matter how wild or far our leap into the Unknown is.

It's also important to establish boundaries. Yes, we are One Being and we are open on the truest, most real levels, but it doesn't mean that we don't have boundaries. We can be wide open with those who are true, but we still need boundaries to keep away any elements which are not coming from a place of trueness.

This is like having guests in your house. Some guests are a joy to be around. They not only clean up their own messes, but they keep the energy of your home clean and clear. Often, they even make it better. They help cook, rather than sitting around waiting for you to feed them; they are self sustaining and don't need your constant attention. Others come into your home bringing with them all the heaviness and drama of their personal problems. Or they sit around bored when you aren't constantly entertaining them. Or even worse, some bring in astral energy that sticks to everything and requires constant clearing. This is when we need to establish our boundaries as to what is acceptable to us. Don't be afraid to ask people to leave when they don't respect the energy of your space.

Some of us haven't yet made the commitment to live in the Ultra Greater Reality as True Ones and because of this, we find ourselves mired in almost impossible situations. These are our Gordian Knots.

As hard as we try, we have not been able to extricate ourselves from these challenging situations. They are very sticky and have accumulated so many layers of intricate knotting that an easy solution has not been visible. Many of our Gordian Knots have financial problems woven into them, whether or not that is the main issue. All of the Gordian Knots in our lives make us feel trapped and severely hamper our sense of freedom. They keep us bound so we cannot do what we really came here to do or what we most want to do.

What is required to solve them is an out of the box, wildly original solution, just like Alexander the Great did when we split open the Gordian Knot with his sword. If we try to resolve them on the same level on which they were created, we will not succeed. All of our Gordian Knots are duality-based. They were created in duality, but they will not be solved in duality. As long as we continue to live in duality, we will see our stuck situations as the defining boundaries of our lives.

"We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be."

What is required is that we first accept our current situation. Accept where we are right now without resisting it. This acceptance is done without compromise. We don't make ourselves smaller or resign ourselves to not becoming free. We simply say, "This is where I am right now. This is my starting point." without any emotion or resistance. Next, we get clear about where we want to be, about what we really want to do.

Then we choose to become a True One. We choose not to be bound by the illusion of duality. We choose to live in the Ultra Greater Reality. Then, starting in the centerpoint of our beings, we allow the truth of WHO WE ARE to expand outwards in rippling waves until our entire being resonates with the frequency of our Real, True Self.

Then we become infinitely larger than before. We discover that our problems no longer define us. We can now see a previously invisible frequency band of vast PURE HEART LOVE that surrounds us. The boundaries of our lives have been greatly expanded and our old stuck situations have now become very small. From this expanded vantage point we are able to see the way out of our old problems. There is a new creative solution that is waiting for us to see it. And it will break open the Gordian Knot that has oppressed us.

This is the final test of duality. Once passed, there will be NO DOWN - NO RETURN. We are finally free!


The Activation of the Ninth Gate of the 11:11 will take place this year. The keynote of Ninth Gate is One Being in Action. This signifies a real coming together of the True Ones. We converge from all the directions, like rays of the Sun returning to the center of the Sun. It is a joyous homecoming. And it signifies that we have fully stepped into our mastery.

Here, we form a circle of True Ones. Together as ONE, we are birthing a new concentrated core essence of the One Being. This is when the Jewels in the Crown activate.

There is a large crown with many empty settings all around it where the jewels are supposed to go. Each of us who becomes a True One is a jewel that fits into one of the settings. When enough jewels are in position in the crown, it activates and a totally new level is reached.

This sets off a massive surge of creativity. What was previously hard work becomes art work. Everything we do is a creative expression of who we truly are. There is a collective sharing of responsibility that is fun, inspiring and fulfilling on the deepest levels.


The true Path of Love is the Ultimate Path. It's the final path that can only be walked upon when we have traveled all other roads. Only True Ones can walk the real Path of Love.

All year long, we are going to be walking upon the true Path of Love. As we do, the Path of Love is going to be expanding, deepening, and revealing more of itself. Many new levels of the Path of Love will be made visible.

For example: we may first find the Path of Love while we are passing through a barren desert. Then as we walk on it, the landscape becomes steadily greener. Suddenly there are plants, then some trees, then flowers and a random cow, then birds start singing. We pass a bubbling stream of the clearest, freshest water; majestic mountains appear in the distance. As we walk the Path of Love, PURE HEART LOVE will immeasurably deepen and become stronger and ever truer. PURE HEART LOVE gives us our first glimpse of the White Star. It allows us to see what we couldn't see before. The New Landscape will be revealed in its fullest glory.

There is no false love on the Path of Love. It isn't the diluted New Age "love & light" kind of love. It isn't distorted love that is jealous or possessive. It is PURE HEART LOVE that is honest, raw, stripped down and extremely real. It is PURE HEART LOVE with clarity, compassion and integrity. Because of its honesty and trueness, it is LOVE that is very, very real.

The Path of Love is the path of Fulfillment. The longer we walk upon it, the more we fulfill our Wildest Dreams and our true purpose. Fulfillment is a key element of 2010.

Once we start walking upon the Path of Love, we will experience the strongest TRUEST LOVE we have ever known. We are able to LOVE and BE LOVED as never before. It is beyond anything we have imagined. And it is on the Path of Love where we will find true fulfillment.


Many of us will reunite with our One True Love in 2010. If we have already become a True One, we will have a much clearer path to full union than the ones who met their One True Loves in 2009. Since they weren't yet on this level, they have had to go through lots of adjustments before they could fully be together on an Ultra Greater Reality level.

And there are some who mistake old loves from past lifetimes for their One True Loves. Even when the sense of familiarity and comfort is there, this doesn't always mean that it's your One True Love. The connection with our One True Love is always unquestionable. Being with them brings out the truest part of ourselves. There is a massive clicking into position. Old layers effortlessly fall off our beings and we feel like we can finally breathe real air.

As we start walking the Path of Love with our One True Love, the path itself will transform. PURE HEART LOVE will deepen as it expands to its new level of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE.


2010 is an absolutely brilliant year in which we will be able to experience massive breakthroughs and the fulfillment of many of our Wildest Dreams. This doesn't mean that everything will be easy all the time. On many levels it will be, but we are still in the midst of the total collapse of the world of duality. This will occasionally send huge shockwaves all over the planet. That's one of the reasons why we now need to be True Ones and learn how to ride the Quantum Surf on the biggest surfboards we can find. We have to be true to who we are, no matter what the outer conditions are.

All year long, there will be more unmasking of all that is untrue. The disguises worn by the misusers of power are falling off at an ever increasing rate. False motives will be brought out for all to see. Tiger Woods' fall from grace is a good example of this. Some people will still be encountering their Perfect Storms. When this happens, we need to be ultra honest and go right into the center of the storm. This is the only way through a Perfect Storm. When they appear, they cannot be avoided.

Some people are still afraid that they will lose control if they allow themselves to be unpinned from duality. Or that they will go so far away that they will not be able to return to Earth. Or that perhaps they will go crazy if they are unpinned. Many of us still have a belief that we need duality in order to be grounded; that we have to keep one foot in duality or we will fly away. However, this is no longer true. I know this from my own first-hand experience. I don't live in duality and I am still very grounded. I pay my bills on time and remember to feed my cat. All we need is to be REAL.

We are Earth - Star Beings. Once we step into being a True One, we are so greatly expanded that we reach a new level of groundedness that is no longer dependent on duality. What is important is to live in the Ultra Greater Reality at all times. And then to take our Ultra Greater Reality self out into our everyday lives.

This is a year of many doors opening and closing. Some things that have been with us for a very long time will suddenly be gone. Old ways of doing things will be transformed into new approaches. Old roles and definitions of who we thought we were will be released and our truer selves will appear. Doors of some relationships will close and new ones will open. Financial doors will close and new ones open. Doors of our old home environment will close and the doors of our right, new places will open. Whenever a door closes, it's important that we don't try to force it back open. This simply won't work. If we give the closing doors too much of our attention, we might miss the sparkling open doors that are beckoning to us. Whenever an old door closes, immediately look for the new door. It will be there.

For several years, we have trained ourselves to row night and day, no matter what. At times, this has been extremely difficult. We have rowed in all kinds of weather. We have rowed even when we were using the last of our strength. Occasionally we have been flattened by the waves, then as soon as we could, we got back up and continued rowing. This required constant effort, massive dedication and focused intent.

But as we continued to row into the direction of the New and True, we became larger and more resilient. The things that used to capsize us no longer did. Using ever bigger surfboards, we were not so tossed about on Choppy Surf. Our ride became smoother, our strokes surer. The uncertainty as to whether we would make it or not was replaced with a new confidence and sureness.

In 2010 we will still be rowing with our full efforts. Yet it will be noticeably different. We will find that each stroke we make takes us much further than before. It will feel as if the water opens up to us without resistance, enabling us to move forward with a new smoothness. Our steady strokes make shimmering spirals of great beauty, encouraging us to keep going. We ride a new creative surge that propels us forward. The current starts moving with us, taking us deeper into the New and True with ease.

Everything that happens to us all year long is for the purpose of making us more True, more Real, more Free, more Loving, Loved and Fulfilled. This is especially true of the challenges that will be given to us. They are all perfect set ups to make us True Ones. Increasingly, we will be released from our old situations. We will almost be popped out of them, rather than having to try to laboriously extricate ourselves from them. We don't need to try to force things to happen.

All the while, a New World is being born, right here on the physical, but in a greatly expanded frequency band. As the New Landscape is revealed, some of us will no longer feel the need to move to new locations. Others of us will definitely relocate, often to a distant part of the world.

Throughout the year, we will feel a deepened Trueness. This will feel like arriving at a place where we REALLY haven't been before, but it immediately feels like home.

Those who are true and real will be traveling on a massive Fast Track. Yet, although much will be happening, it will not be overwhelming because we will not be doing it alone.

Our primary task in 2010 is to embody PURE HEART LOVE as a True One and walk upon the Path of Love. Once we do that, everything will click into position in perfect rightness. This is a year in which absolutely everything is possible.

in 2010 let's give ourselves the ultimate gift of becoming a True One and walking the Path of Love.



As we fully emerge as True Ones,
may the Great Year
of 2010 bring us
the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams
and the Love of All Loves.




Copyright Solara 2010
All Rights Reserved


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