Welcome to the Monumental Year of 2011!

2011 is the final year of a three year phase birthing a new MUA or Major Evolutionary Cycle.


2010 was a brilliant year that gave us the long awaited opportunity to experience in-depth transformation on an unprecedented scale. Many of us were set free from our old coordinates which helped us disconnect from our old paradigm. In late October during the Activation of the 11:11 Ninth Gate in Bali, we finally aligned with our new coordinates and many of us emerged as True Ones. As True Ones stepped forth all over the world, it set off a massive trigger, like rows upon rows of dominos falling over in all directions, far beyond the most distant horizon, that changed everything in their paths.

Since then, the anchoring of the True One resonance has required thorough adjustments on all levels. First, we had to readjust our inner beings, releasing deeply embedded pockets of old behaviors, limiting patterns, ancient fears and emotional residue that had long been hidden inside us. These were things that we weren't even aware we carried within us and reached down to the deepest core levels. All the while, we became infinitely more free than ever before.

During the year, we felt increasingly disconnected from everything around us. At times, we even felt disconnected from ourselves. Sometimes we would look in the mirror and not recognize ourselves -- so different had we become. We traveled through innumerable Null Zones, but they no longer had the power to totally flatten us anymore. We rode through the raging tempests of our Perfect Storms with tremendous courage, not caring how intense they were. We looked backwards and saw the long line of burning bridges to our old ways of being. At times, the bridges that we were crossing were burning under our feet. But this didn't hinder us, we simply quickened our pace and moved onwards into the New and True.

We traveled right through the center of the spiraling centrifuge of Black Holes where everything was stripped off of us, even some of the qualities that we liked about ourselves. This was extremely painful at times and made us feel fragile, transparent and naked. But it did the job of making us more True and Real. It pulled us through, into a totally New World.

As our inner core beings were increasingly realigned to the resonance of Trueness, our outer landscape began to transform in numerous ways. This happened subtly at first. It was like slowly changing a stage set in a theatre from an apartment to a forest. A chair would disappear, then a tree would appear in its place. The sound of a clock ticking was replaced by the sounds of birds singing. The ceiling slowly morphed into a starry sky. The somber dark colors of a city began to transform into the vibrant colors of fresh new life.

The changes were so immense, so far reaching and life changing, that by the time we exited 2010, we had become a new person.... a True One.

We were being released from the old Map of the Known and we had experienced our first taste of an entirely New World. And this is where we are as we enter the Great Year of 2011.


In 2010 we started becoming unhooked from our old landscapes. This happened whether or not this was our intention or desire. Our old lives simply felt increasingly distant and meaningless. Many of our familiar activities were no longer fulfilling. Some of our favorite foods became unavailable or a favorite shop or restaurant closed down. Close friends moved away; we lost our job or a relationship suddenly ended. Our old ways of doing things no longer worked with the same effectiveness as before. Some of us even moved to new locations that were vastly different from what we had known.

In 2011, this feeling of disconnection from the past is going to multiply exponentially. In fact, our old Map of the Known is going to crumble in our hands and many of the memories of our past will be erased. Not only will numerous expired elements and old situations go out of our lives, but some of the elements of our personal lives that were really comforting, will also be leaving us. Many of us will find ourselves drawn to new locations, which could be in an area very different from the environment we have known. There will be a huge changeover of the people around us. This has already started to happen.

Throughout the year, our outer landscapes are subject to unexpected changes which may occur without any warning. Some of these may be due to the drastic climatic changes now occurring on this planet, such as snow in Australia in the summer or severe cold in India, while others may be caused by dramatic earth changes or shocking events created by socio, political or economic upheavals. These changes are necessary in order to clean out the old energies. 2011 is a year of profound shifts as the world of duality null zones all around us and a new world based on Trueness is born like a phoenix rising out of the burning embers of duality's ashes.

This is happening because we are being released from the old paradigm of duality and entering a new paradigm of Oneness. This shift in paradigms may occur as a gentle letting go or as a forcible ejection when we feel pushed out of old situations. No matter how it occurs, we are going to experience it. There is no way to avoid it, nor would we want to, for this is what is most needed. All of us chose to be here during this momentous changeover from duality to Oneness and we all have a part to play in this process.

All the while, our outdated spiritual concepts are fading away. Some examples are our old beliefs in Enlightenment and Ascension. That once we are "Enlightened", there is nothing more to do or that when the time of "Ascension" comes, we will be picked up and taken off the planet to somewhere better or easier. When we finally realize that this isn't going to happen, that we already are "Enlightened" and that we're not going to be "rescued" by some outside force, but that we are responsible for our own liberation, it can be shattering for those who've pinned their hopes on something that isn't true. Suddenly they are left to face the stark reality of their everyday lives with the realization that what is needed isn't to escape from the physical world, but to fully inhabit the EXPANDED HERE and NOW with our full beings. To be True Ones no matter where we are and no matter what is happening in the outside world.

As the old world of duality increasingly falls apart and we first enter our New Landscape, we may have the feeling that we have the wrong things with us. This is because the New World is vastly different than we expected and the things we have with us are made for the old landscape.

As we unhook ourselves from the dying paradigm of duality, we emerge into a totally New World. Each step that we take in the New World helps make the New Map clearer. Even Master Surfers are having a challenging time surfing on the New Map. Just when we think that we have reached a pinnacle of mastery, we are thrust onto the New Map and find that there is a vast New World to discover. The learning curve in front of is immense and far reaching. This is when we step into our true mastery which is the acceptance of not knowing while at the same time, trusting the true knowingness that we always carry deep within us.

It's essential that we learn to meet old situations with the new responses of a True One. Some people move to their new, rightful places, but they cannot let go of the old limiting patterns that have held them back. This keeps them from being open to the unexpected and from fully embracing their new reality. The place is new, but they are not. We also need to remain wide open to our New World, without any expectations of how things should happen there.

In 2011 we are being given the golden opportunity to totally recreate ourselves as True Ones and to create exactly the kind of life that we have most wanted to live. A True Life as a True One. It's an ultra blank canvas, as are we, but we don't need to be intimidated by it. It's exciting and inspiring.


When we get our first taste of the New World, it is gentle and welcoming. This happened to those of us at October's Ninth Gate Activation in Bali when we opened the door to the New World. Then when we step deeper into the New World, we experience a massive stripping away of the old which is similar to traveling through a Black Hole. This immersion into the New World is not gentle. It's more like being propelled through a time / space barrier. We are thrown off the Map of the Known.

Once we arrive on the shores of the New World, we are in a state of shock. It isn't because the New World is not a nice place or a place where we don't want to be. It's the shock of being in such a totally different environment and the shock of no longer being on the familiar old map where we knew how to apply our well developed skills and knowledge and where we knew where everything was located.

At first, there are not very many anchoring points in our New World. Sometimes it helps to create tiny islands of the familiar, especially when in vastly unfamiliar territory. We can find comfort in the small tasks of daily life such as making breakfast or washing clothes. We can create a tiny space with items that are personally sacred to us. Then as our New Life evolves, we will start making new friends, find a favorite restaurant and align ourselves with the nourishing nature of our new environment.

In the New World, our behaviors change and we start doing things that we never did before. As a personal example: I have never worn a watch regularly for my entire life. I only wore one when I was traveling by airplane. Now, I am living in Peru, where one would think that a watch isn't necessary, yet I am suddenly wearing one all the time! And finding it quite helpful....

As soon as we arrive in our New World, we need to be extremely vigilant that we don't fall into our old, automatic reactions and responses. For if we do, it will keep us from fully inhabiting the New World. We have to stop looking at things with the old assumptions and judgments because they simply aren't true anymore.

Some of us are moving to totally new physical environments in which nothing is the same as before. Don't be surprised if things don't immediately click into position when you get there. It may be uncomfortable and awkward at first, because our New Worlds require a whole new level of adjustments and skills. It's a very steep learning curve that we are thrust into. But it is also extremely helpful when our New World is so different that are unable to do almost anything in the same ways as before. Our New World may require that we speak a different language, that we interact with a very different culture, that we are unable to find the foods we are used to eating. This makes it much easier to step out of our old patterns, since our old patterns are impossible to maintain in such a different environment.

Others will change environments not by moving to a new location, but by changing the way they live in their present location. We will all be given opportunities to change our way of living. Some of these may come about by what we have previously judged as unfortunate circumstances, such as a loss of a job, a natural disaster, or a relationship ending. All of these events simply close a door on the old and give us the chance to open a brand new door to a more fulfilling life.

At times, this may bring up some fears that we will lose our old mastery -- and it's true that we will. Yet, we also have the opportunity to develop mastery in totally new areas. It feels like a continual treasure hunt, as we traverse the labyrinth we pick up necessary information, make helpful contacts and learn what we need in that moment. If we traveled in a direct, linear manner, we would miss these needed experiences.

We know that we need to keep wide open, but sometimes this just becomes a hollow concept and we don't put it into practice. My openness to the new and unexpected, to the things that stretch me far beyond my comfort zone, is being put to the test daily. I consider myself to be quite open, yet I'm continually finding ways in which I am not. This is a really good lesson. For example, I have been looking for the right house to live in since I moved to Peru in early November. I spent my first few weeks in a hotel, then found a temporary house rental. The owner of this house is returning in one week so I will need to find a new place to live very soon.

It's easy for me to see this labyrinthine journey to my new home as a hardship or to be confused as to why I wasn't led directly to it. At times, I have judged myself as doing something wrong. Yet, I now realize that every step of my journey has been extremely valuable. I've had to talk with so many new people in my search for a home. Along the way, I've made some dear friends and learned much from my experiences with them. If I had moved directly into my right home when I first arrived in Peru, I would have spent most of my time there and missed these valuable experiences, needed information and new connections.

This is why we have to remain wide open at all times and why we need to remember that as True Ones, we really are in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE at all times, even when it doesn't feel that we are.

First, Second & Third Wave and Bridges
in the New Landscape in 2011.


The First Wave are those older souls who have been on this planet for a very long time. They came here under the Master Number 11 to Anchor the New. They have lots of Earth experience and have gathered an abundance of wisdom and knowledge.

When the First Wave first arrive in the New World, it can be quite challenging. Suddenly their well developed mastery is no longer effective. They no longer have the sense of being in control, and instead need to learn how to listen and be open to new methods. Even though they are used to living and working alone, being alone no longer feels right. It is time for them to be around lots of people. Although they are moving far beyond their comfort zones, they enjoy exploring the New Landscape. Now that they have completed their old purpose of Anchoring the New, they are ready to totally reinvent themselves and embrace their New Purpose. They wouldn't go back into their old worlds, even if they were handed free First Class tickets!


Bridges contain a combination of First and Second Waves. Some Bridges are more deeply aligned with the First Wave, while others are more aligned with the Second Wave. They belong to the Master Number 33.

Bridges have been working hard in the background creating new concepts of greater effectiveness that ease communications and create art. The results of these will be seen in 2011. Bridges are the group who have the most problems with the shift in outer landscapes since they feel uneasy in situations which are wide open, undefined, financially uncertain or without established rules. Of course, emerging into a New World is entering into a situation which is open and undefined. This often makes them feel insecure, scared and overwhelmed. Some of them may even consider staying in their old limited, stale reality.

In the New Landscape, it's helpful for Bridges to get familiar with small, well defined areas. This will make them feel more comfortable. These could be physical activities in which they can quickly develop expertise. This gives them some needed comfort and confidence that enables them to master more and more areas of the New Landscape.


The Second Wave are newer souls who have had far less lifetimes on the Earth. They came here under the Master Number 22 to Build the New. They have an abundance of fresh energy and new ideas and are impatient to create the New World.

The Second Wave has already leapt into action. They are busy finalizing old stuff, developing their skills and preparing for bigger actions. But it's important that they don't get so carried away by their enthusiasm and eagerness to jump into action, that they neglect to change any old behaviors and restlessness that need to be refined or transformed before they can totally Inhabit the New Landscape. As soon as this is done, they will be able to fully enter the New Landscape and share their immense gifts.


The Third Wave come from a fresh new world. They arrive with full awareness and many useful new methods and skills.

The new Third Wave are full of confidence and enthusiasm. Right now, they are like machines which are warming up to get ready for action. They are roaring with power. Third Waves are preparing on a creative level, although this may sometimes feel more like play. However, their play is pretty impressive. Their real purpose will be revealed later this year.

As soon as the Third Wave see the New Landscape, they leap in. They really love the New World that is being born and have no problems adjusting to it. Their problems were adjusting to the old world; the New Landscape is what they've been waiting for. When they join together with other Third Waves, their actions create a new sacred geometry.


2011 brings the discovery of a totally new purpose that we didn't know about. The revelation of our New Purpose is possible because we are now emerging as True Ones. Our New Purpose doesn't appear as ideas or concepts –– it's more like the waft of a fresh breeze. But in the moment that it's felt, we know it to be Real and True. When we try to see our New Purpose more clearly so we can define it, it elusively slips away, but the feeings remain. If we try to apply old methods or old concepts to describe it, we quickly see that none of them apply. Our New Purpose is something totally new. It comes from far beyond our present perceptions. Each time that the fresh breeze of our New Purpose returns, we recognize it by the feelings that it evokes within us and because it triggers our knowingness of what is to come, even if we cannot put it into words.

When we get a glimpse of our New Purpose, it is on such a vast level and so far reaching that it almost takes our breath away. But we won't feel overwhelmed. This is because it is such a natural extension of who we are.

Our New Purpose may utilize skills that we didn't realize we had. Or skills that we knew were within us, but didn't take seriously or use much. They might be skills that we used for a hobby. Or we may take our already well developed skills and apply them in a totally new manner which is much more creative and fun. Or we may feel complete with our old skills and decide to develop totally new ones. It's our choice. Our New Purpose is totally new and unexpected. It might lead us in a direction that we never considered. We might do something that we'd never thought of doing. Yet when we find our New Purpose, it's exciting and fresh and feels stunningly right.

In order to discover our New Purpose, we must, first of all, become True Ones. We also must get rid of any thoughts that we cannot do something new or cannot do something that we failed at in the past. These limiting thoughts prevent us from seeing our New Purpose because our New Purpose cannot be perceived through the filter of "I cannot". Without this filter, we are able to see myriad possibilities that were previously hidden from us.

Our New Purpose might require that we step out of our old purpose before we can see it. We definitely won't find it by thinking about it. Our New Purpose might appear as a Wild Idea coming from "Out of the Blue". It will come to us when we thoroughly align ourselves with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.


The road we travel into the New Landscape is the Path of Love. On the Path of Love we don't need to give or receive LOVE; we simply ARE LOVE. It's our natural state of being. Walking on the Path of Love means that we bring our love into everything that we do. We emanate PURE HEART TRUE LOVE wherever we are. This does not mean that we like everyone and everything, and it does not mean that we have to tolerate everyone and everything. We can emanate PURE HEART TRUE LOVE to the person in front of us while telling them that we do not want to be around them. This does not reduce our love.

Only True Ones can walk the Path of Love. But it's also true that the Path of Love is the only path True Ones can walk upon. What other path could there be?

True Ones develop mastery on the Path of Love. It is their deepest desire to interact with other beings on the level of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE, as True One to another True One. On the Path of Love we communicate with love and honesty. We do not need to speak in a special soft tone or use certain flowery words - our raw and open heart will tell us how to interact with Trueness in every situation. We can agree or disagree, accept or refuse, support or stop -- any action or reaction coming from PURE HEART TRUE LOVE is adequate. And even when the other person gets upset at our honesty -- on a deeper level they will finally understand.

Every now and then we might stumble on the Path of Love. We might encounter a person whom we believe we would never be able to love. These persons help us to deepen and strengthen our love in a way which would not have been possible without them. At times, we may feel that we are no longer on the Path of Love. This is when we feel closed, that the world is too much for us and we are having problems to open our heart to other people. Then we simply stop whatever we are doing, and we start smiling. If you cannot just smile out of the blue, then remember a pleasant situation, a lovable person or a love related feeling you have had in the past. Fill your smile with love and then send it down to your heart. Do this as often as necessary; usually you can feel the effect after only a short time smiling.

On the Path of Love we may encounter disharmonies and dissents. Our Love is not a protection against worries and struggles within us or with other people. It is a misunderstanding of the Path of Love when we think all within us and around us will be harmonic and nice because we are on the Path of Love. It might not be at all like that. It's not New Age "Love & Light"; it's REAL and TRUE.

True Ones walk on the Path of Love without expecting rewards. We walk the Path of Love simply because it is the only path on which we feel comfortable and fulfilled.

As increasing numbers of us emerge as True Ones, the resonance of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE will become ever stronger. This LOVE will link people together like never before. Many different types of people who did not interact together before, will now weave together in Oneness and Trueness. This deeper LOVE will also be the foundation for new creative enterprises that will serve the ONE. This is true One Being In Action.


2011 is a powerful, powerful year! If you thought there were lots of changes last year, just wait and see what will happen this year. 2010 will seem calm and quiet compared to 2011. This is a year of NO DOWN - NO RETURN in which the road to The Way Things Used To Be will be shut down.

In 2011 the Great Wheel of Destiny will be turning. It is a momentous year which many of us have long anticipated with a sense of excitement. It's the year of the culmination of our twenty year long transformational journey through the 11:11 Doorway. This is why the final two 11:11 Gate Activations will take place later this year. This will herald the momentous end of a very long evolutionary cycle.

Many of us have the feeling that something very big is coming. And it is. Dramatic changes will be happening all year long. This is our final year of the three year cycle of MUAs. (Mua is a Tahitian word which means "In the beginning, before anything else". It signifies the beginning of a totally new, evolutionary cycle.)

The world of duality will continue to fall apart. More layers of corruption and lack of integrity will be exposed. Everything that is built upon false foundations will begin to either crumble or change. We need to be prepared for some shocking events. These will happen all over the world, but we should be particularly watchful of the United States and Europe, although events in these two areas may not happen until 2012. Drastic climate changes will continue, as well as earth changes. It's not so much a matter of what will happen, but more of HOW WE REACT TO WHAT HAPPENS. If we remain True Ones, ALL WILL BE WELL.

At the same time that duality collapses and the Earth rebalances herself, there will be a surge of LOVE and TRUENESS. Increasing numbers of people will step out of their old patterns, embrace the changes and emerge as True Ones. More and more of us will start to inhabit the New World that is being born.

This is the time of our rebirth. The rebirth of humanity. The rebirth of Trueness. The rebirth of Planet Earth. The coming together of us as ONE BEING. All births can be messy and bloody, yet they are vitally necessary and full of miracles. While we are in the midst of our birthing pains, it's important to remember that any volatile situation can be instantly defused or transformed. Duality is going to crumble, but it doesn't have to happen with shocking events; it can also transform quickly and gently by simply flipping over into something aligned with Oneness.

2011 emphasizes getting into our rightful positions so our New Lives can begin. If you don't feel you are in your right place, find out where your right place is and go there as soon as you can. Don't let anything hold you back. Many people are concerned about being in a place that is "safe". If you go where your True Heart leads you to be, you will be in your right place. We don't need to worry about what is "safe", only about what feels right to us. True Ones are always in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

It is also a time for us to join together with other True Ones. The time of being solitary hermits is finally over. We are going to be interacting with lots of new people this year in ways that we cannot yet imagine.

All year long, our established roles will be changing. For example: A person who has worked in an office may suddenly decide to become a chef, or a person who has always lived in the same big city may move across the world to a small, remote village. But roles are changing on an even deeper level than merely a shift of occupation or location. A person in a leadership position may totally set it aside to work with others on a more co-creative level. Someone who has always been a follower may suddenly assume the responsibility of being in charge. Many of us will willingly and enthusiastically plunge into new situations and new roles in which we have to learn everything from scratch.

2011 requires efficiency and effort, plus the participation of our full beings. It's going to require constant courage because we are going to be traveling way off the Map of the Known and far beyond the previous boundaries of our comfort zones. We're not going to have any guidebooks or maps except for our internal knowingness. There will be much that we don't understand and much to learn. It's all going to be absolutely new to us. And this is exactly what will make it fun and exciting, and sometimes awkward and overwhelming.

We can now create lives exactly as we want; we can recreate ourselves. We can live True Lives as True Ones. To do this, we take all that we are, all we have ever been in this world and beyond, and we bring it all into the EXPANDED HERE and NOW.

The first half of 2011 will focus on getting into our correct positions so we can more fully emerge into the New World. As soon as we are in position, we have to learn how to navigate our New Landscape. Often, the New Navigation will feel like we are traversing a winding labyrinth. Things will not happen in a direct, linear manner. They won't happen in the ways that we think they should happen. Yet, it is exactly this meandering journey through the uncharted realms of our New World that will give us the perfect experiences, special contacts and most needed information. At times, we may feel confused or overwhelmed because there is so much that we don't yet understand. It will take constant courage and more openness than we've ever accessed to completely enter the New World.

The focus for the second half of 2011 is on fully inhabiting our New World as True Ones living True Lives and aligning with our New Purpose as One Being In Action. This is when our New Lives officially begin and the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams manifests in ways that we never imagined possible.

2011 is an intense, power-packed year of action, breakthroughs, breakdowns, LOVE, courage, clarity, effort, efficiency, challenges, massive transformation and total brilliance. Where we are and who we are with is very important. If we are in our right places with the right people, everything will be much easier and more fun. This is the year to start fully living in the EXPANDED HERE and NOW because this is becoming our predominant reality and soon will be all there is.


May the Great Year of 2011
bring us to our right places and right people
with the Flowering of our Wildest Dreams,
the Fulfillment of our New Purpose
and the Love of All Loves.




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All Rights Reserved


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