Solara's April 2008 Surf Report

Fast Forward

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In March, waves of Mega Quantum Surf rolled in and caused the mighty Wheel of Destiny to turn. This triggered a major clicking into position of numerous wheels and cogs which is still continuing to take place. Ripples and waves spread out in all directions. These are having a profound affect on our inner and outer landscapes.

As the Wheel of Destiny revolved, a huge Turning Point was reached. Our Express Trains into the New jumped tracks, moving onto a much truer track that is finally leading us into the right direction for our New Lives.

For some of us, our Turning Points were reached when we finally were fed up with the seemingly slow progress we are making. Minor irritations became greatly magnified and served as trigger points to expel us from our old situations. We exclaimed "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" and something major shifted within us. This is much like the expulsion that takes place when we are giving birth. These trigger points of magnified irritations also expel anything that is untrue and unreal. They push our Core Beings out to the surface and propel us onto a new level.

During March, many of us were exhausted much of the time, so great was the effort being exerted by our birthing process. We were constantly tired and wanted to sleep as much as possible. However, even sleep did not replenish our beings because our dreams were filled with so much intense inner work of filtering out the old and birthing the New Matrix that it felt like we had been doing heavy construction. All of that is changing in April. Even though we will still be in a state of Quantum Deep, we are going to be filled with fresh new energy and will effortlessly leap into action.

April is one of the key months of 2008. Many of us will enter the Fast Track and find our journey into our New Lives greatly accelerated. Our Sacred Quests are going to take us to new places. It is a powerful month of connection and clicking into position. We will be led to our rightful place. We are going to connect with some of our true people. And much new information will be coming to us that will have a profound effect. Some of it will actually flip us over into a totally new position.

It is one of those wondrous and rare months in which who we are when we enter the month will be vastly different from who we are when we leave it. By the end of the month, we may well discover that our priorities have totally changed, our direction is infinitely clearer and that many of the perceived obstacles in our path have disappeared.

It will feel as if we've been given a Fast Forward pass that enables us to bypass the old, arduous ways of doing things and puts us on a new super highway of speedy shortcuts with a steady stream of Green Lights. We will move from the meandering backroads full of blockages and detours to the clear open expressway. Our entire life will accelerate and move forward unhindered.

Whether or not we are able to get our Fast Forward pass depends on a few critical factors, such as embodying our True Core Beings and giving our total commitment to moving into our New Lives.

Many people at this time are extremely aware that the ship of duality is quickly sinking. And yet quite surprisingly, some are not making the necessary efforts to get themselves onto dry land. Yes, they sincerely long to be in their New Lives, but are still continuing to live their lives as if we are in "normal" times, which we obviously are not. Pretending that everything is "normal", when it isn't, is a huge trap. If we do this, we may go down with the ship.

For the last few years, I've been writing about what we must do to prepare ourselves for these critical Times of Completion. I've written in great detail about how to bring the Greater Reality into our daily lives. And for the past several months I've written about how to move ourselves into the enhanced state of the Ultra Greater Reality. This is truly a survival issue, for right now everything is on the line. We have the choice of going down with the ship of duality or moving into New Lives and totally new ways of being in which we can manifest the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. It's a real dichotomy that we are all facing. And I'm saying this from Love, not Fear.

Many people have been frustrated that their New Lives haven't suddenly miraculously appeared at their doorstep. They've been disappointed that they haven't met their One True Loves. But instead of putting in the required effort, some are choosing to set aside what they know to be real and true and settle for a seemingly secure state of compromise. Or even worse, shutting down completely. This is really sad and so unnecessary.

If you really want to make a massive, lasting breakthrough and leap from duality to Oneness, it can be done. It can be done right now; we don't need to wait until 2012 or the next major planetary alignment. But it does require lots of effort. It requires focused intent and the participation of our full beings. It's a full time commitment in which we need to learn how to embody the heightened energies of the Greater Reality and Ultra Greater Reality within us at all times.

Here is a checklist of what we need to do in order to move into the New and True with our Fast Forward pass:




Like the old story of the monkey who is trying to get his hand out of the jar while tenaciously holding onto a nut, many of us are trying to get into our New Lives while clutching onto many old and expired elements. These include old ways of doing things, outdated attitudes and behaviors, spiritual practices that have become limiting, obsolete and lifeless, old relationship patterns & unfulfilling relationships, friendships that keep us stuck into our lesser selves, jobs that we hate, feelings of unworthiness and disempowerment.... Anything that is duality-based.

The solution is simple. Let them all go! And move onto the Fast Track. It's right in front of us!


For a year or so, we have been traveling through a huge Transition Zone. We have been neither HERE nor THERE. The vitality has drained out of our old lives and yet we had nowhere specific to go. We have been living within a hollow shell of our old lives while yearning to be in totally new ones, often with no idea how to get there.

This state is known as the Great Emptiness. It's extremely challenging to keep on rowing when we can't see where we are going, when we don't have any knowledge of when we will get there, or when we feel that we are rowing all by ourselves.

This is when compromise creeps in.... Many people grab onto compromise when they don't see anything tangible coming. They think, "Maybe I should take this job; it's better security than my old one." Or "Maybe I should hold onto this unfulfilling relationship; I may not get a better one." Or "I might as well keep living in my old place, since moving is such a hassle."

We grab onto compromise thinking that it's one of those donut-shaped life preservers, thinking that it will make us more secure, but it doesn't. All it does is make us stuck. And this is exactly what we don't want to do.


Almost all of us have experienced some horrible experiences of varying degrees in our past. The only difference is that some of us are still holding onto to them while the rest of us have let them go. If we haven't made peace with these past experiences, they will still influence the decisions we make and the path we travel.

Every difficult experience that life throws at us is laced with tremendous gifts. We just need to find them. Traumatic experiences create Null Zones which are the most fertile grounds for building the New. A good example is the woman whose teenage daughter was killed by a drunk driver, who used that experience to create MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers which has promoted huge changes in making harsher laws for drunk drivers. This not only provided a huge service for all, but it was life changing for her. Instead of remaining locked in her sorrow, she took the gift that was within it and built something new.

Once we find the gift that we were given from a horrible experience, we are freed from carrying the imprint of that trauma into our future. The gift becomes a shining thread of our being.


I am continually surprised by the number of us who are still plagued by reoccurring doubts. "Is this really happening?" "Dare I trust what I know to be true?" The time for questioning whether or not this is real is over. We either move forward or we stand still, stuck in the inertia of our doubts. We all know who we are. We all know why we are here. We all knew that this changeover from duality to Oneness would come. We've all been trained for this time. What are we waiting for? Why are we still holding back?

For once and for all, put all your doubts into the trash can and take out the trash. Once we do this, things will noticeably move forward in giant steps and the needed breakthroughs will come.


We all have fears; it comes with the territory of being human. But just like we need to Choose our Battles wisely, putting our energy into the battles that really count, rather than into the small annoyances, we also need to be selective with our fears. If fear is going to be a motivating force in our lives, let's use it to motivate us in the direction where we most want to go.

Most of the fears that we have accumulated are backwards. All we need to do is flip them over. Instead of Fearing To Be our True Selves, perhaps we could replace it with the Fear of NOT Being our True Selves. Instead of the Fear of Failing, we could Fear Not Making the Attempt to Do What We Came Here To Do. Instead of Fearing to Follow our Heart's Truest Desires, we could Fear NOT Following our Heart's Truest Desires.

The funny thing is that the more we turn our list of Fears inside out, the more Fearless we become.


If we want to move forward into our New Lives, we must first create an oasis of our New Lives in our current home environment. This is Wherever We Are Now. If we are surrounded by old stuck energy, by mountains of lifeless and outgrown possessions, by dull colors and ugly furniture, we won't be able to break free. As the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu stated, "The longest journey always begins with the steps closest to home." Even if we're moving across the world or to another dimensional universe, our first steps start right where we are now. Getting out of our chair and walking across the room....

We don't miraculously jump out of a sludgy duality-based physical environment and into the shining Ultra Greater Reality. We create the Ultra Greater Reality where we are right now. This enhanced resonance actually serves to propel us into our new living situations.

The way to do this is to strip away all the mindless clutter. Then clean and recalibrate everything. Paint some walls in colors that you actually like. Buy some new objects that anchor the resonance of your New Lives and put them in prominent places in each room where they can be seen by you every day. These beacons will help remind you where you are going.

Then start changing your daily habits. Don't just automatically park yourself in front of the television or head to the nearest bar to hang out with people whom you don't really like. Learn another language, make a New Life To Do List, take a walk somewhere beautiful in nature. Start collecting the tools and planting the seeds for your New Life.

Our homes are our sacred temples. They are the places where we replenish our beings. If we properly set clear, heightened energetic fields in our homes, it will greatly aid us in holding the energy within our own beings at all times.


One of the most absolutely important things we can do right now is to completely align ourselves with our inner blueprint. When we do this, we become True Core Beings. When we are True Core Beings we can live in the state of Right Time - Right Place. We don't have to worry about being safe or secure. We naturally are. Our true beings are fearless. We know where to go. We know what to do. When we are residing in our True Core Being, it gives us access to our hidden bank accounts. These assets aren't in physical banks, but they do exist and they give us full rights of passage to go where we need to go and to do what we need to do. Money appears miraculously to fill our needs when it is most needed.

Another byproduct of aligning with our inner blueprint and becoming True Core Beings is the dissolving of all karmic knots. These include karmic vows and karmic debts. Their time is over. They can no longer exist within the New Matrix that is being born.

As I've mentioned before, our New Lives begin once our inner and outer blueprints are totally aligned. This cannot happen until we become True Core Beings. So perhaps, this should be at the top of our priority list.


Our Wildest Dreams are the deepest desires of our Heart of Hearts. WHAT WE REALLY WANT. And what we usually don't believe that we can have. Or give ourselves permission to have. Sort through your Wildest Dreams and get absolutely clear about what you truly want. At the same time, let go of any dreams that have expired or that have become too small and replace them with bigger ones. This is the year when the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams is actually possible. We just have to clear the path by giving ourselves total permission to have it all, by letting go of all doubts that we can have it and by being totally clear about what we most want.


Simply put: If we don't make our New Lives a top priority, we won't get there. No half-hearted measures will get us there. We can't row for a few hours and then stop for a few days. We can't row only when we feel like it. We are in the middle of a mammoth birth process, and giving birth takes absolutely everything you have. When you are in labor, you don't go out to a party or on a holiday. Your full being is concentrated on getting the baby out. Well, we are birthing a HUGE baby. It takes everything we've got. And when you are in the process of giving birth, it absolutely becomes your top priority.


I can feel so many of us rowing into the New with courage and dedication. This is our time of greatness and our time of full emergence. And although it is sometimes challenging to row so hard when we don't know the details of where we are going, we are going to get there. And all our efforts will be worthwhile.

One thing that might be helpful is to continually set your focus on the most distant shore. Then we won't be distracted by the small islands we pass by or tempted to stop for awhile. Keep rowing no matter what and know that you are not alone. There are so many of us with you.


The scaffolding that has long covered our emotional bodies is rapidly falling off. The times of emotional numbness and detachment are finally ending. As huge chunks of scaffolding fall off, we feel raw and wide open, almost as if we have no skin. When this happens, we discover that any emotions that are untrue or unreal cannot pass through our new filtering system. Any love or any emotions that don't come from the Lotus Heart Love level feel untrue, distant, dusty, faded and unreal. Instead of feeling them in our emotional body, we feel them in our mental body. They become mental emotions without any real life and lose the power to upset us.

When the scaffolding falls us, our new emotions are like a tender Lotus bud which is waiting for the right conditions to fully open and flower. Only then will we be able to see the new depth of our emotions and feel the full force of how our Love has transformed into an infinitely stronger, deeper True Love.


At this time, we are walking on the razor's edge. This means that we have to be extremely conscious of everything we do. There's no space for sloppiness, lack of integrity or unconscious acts. Every step has to be absolutely true. Every thought and every action needs to come from our core.

Walking on the razor's edge is nothing to be nervous or fearful about. After awhile, you become accustomed to it and don't even think about the sheer drop offs on either side of you. We walk in our truth. We speak our truth. We live our truth. We keep our hearts wide open. The more we do this, the easier and more fun it becomes.


The Heart of the Lotus is our new centerpoint. It's our new stance and the only correct position in which to place ourselves. It gives us perfect balance and keeps us stabilized no matter how wild the Quantum Surf becomes. We reside right in the heart of purest True Love.



April is a totally amazing month in which we will experience quantum leaps and major progress by using our Fast Forward pass. It will be full of powerful Turning Points in which we will truly be able to say that nothing will ever be the same from this moment forward. There will be massive breakthroughs on numerous levels and a steady progression of Green Lights to light our way ahead.

Many of the elements that have been unpinned and floating around up in the air of the snowglobe of our beings are going to click into their rightful positions with unexpected ease. The Wheel of Destiny will continue to turn in the most powerful way, causing ever more ripples and waves to create dramatic, profound and lasting changes.

Right now, a massive activation of entirely new sectors of our cellular memory banks is taking place that is flinging open the doors to remembrance of what we have long forgotten. The secret vaults of long lost knowledge and ancient memories of this world or far beyond are now opening. Our sealed orders are bursting open, telling us where to go, what to do and who to do it with. April is going to be full of huge triggers that propel us into our right positions shockingly fast.

During this time, many elements which have long been hidden from us will be revealed. This includes information which we have long sought that will supply the needed links to bring things together. The revelation of hidden elements unmasks anything that is untrue or that lacks integrity. The misusers of power will be stripped of their disguises; corruption in any form will now be made public. This will continue for the rest of the year.

A thinning of the veils is taking place that dissolves the membranes of separation. Cracks between the worlds are opening up, giving us unprecedented access to worlds long separate and realms previously invisible.

The reuniting of elements, people and places that have long been separate is a major theme of April, for it is now time for them to join together. These are the ones who are predestined to be together. Many of us will encounter our kindred beings, the people of our New Lives. And some of us will unite with our One True Loves. This is made possible by the heightened activation of our most intimate inner encodings. These encoding are now acting as beacons, helping us find one another. Once this happens, it will be like the docking of two very different worlds. This will enable us to fully access our true destiny and purpose.

Throughout April, we will be traveling through the labyrinth on our Sacred Quest. However, now we are passing through the inner labyrinth. Here everything is more condensed and more tangible. Each step that we takes brings us closer to our kindred people, our One True Loves and our new positions. Each time that such an encounter occurs, a Major Intersection takes place. These Major Intersections are more specific than our previous ones; they impact us on an infinitely more personal level as they totally reconfigure our inner blueprint. Once we reach the center of the labyrinth, all our ancient sacred paths merge into the exquisite Path of Love.

Because of the tremendous, extremely rare, golden opportunities of April, we need to make ourselves very visible as who we really are. We need to dress as who we really are, move through all our activities as authentic beings, and speak our truth at all times. Otherwise, if we are still disguised, we may not connect with those whom we are meant to meet. Listen for the numerous hints, clues and signposts that are coming our way. Watch carefully for messengers. And always follow the compass of your Heart. We need to be wide open and totally available, as well as ready to change direction in an instant.

April is a month in which absolutely anything can happen! And it probably will. Tsunamis upon tsunamis of shocking events, both "good" and "bad", will crash upon our shores. We don't need to be intimidated by them. It is exciting. It is what we've been waiting for. The tsunamis are going to wash away more of the old and sweep in more of the New. They are going to propel us forward at hyper speed. And many of them will absolutely flatten us.... But miraculously, we will quickly rise up again and keep on rowing.

By the end of April, many of us will have successfully traversed the Pillars into the Unknown and will finally place one foot onto our new landscape.


Into the very Heart of the Labyrinth,
Following the Path of Love,


Copyright Solara 2008
All Rights Reserved


We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!