Updated April 3, 2001

About the Surf Reports:
Each month I receive anxious emails wondering where the Surf Report is or why it is late. The Surf Reports are based on my intuitive feelings of the energies of the month, not on astrology or numerology. Sometimes, it takes me a few days to tune into the energies of the month especially if I am busy, undergoing a personal crisis, or in a deep quiet place where words don't come easily.

April 2001: Shifting Currents

The month of April is full of shifting currents. Many layers of our lives are repositioning themselves. Some of these shifts are of an extremely subtle nature, taking place on deep inner levels of our beings. Others will be more obvious as they somewhat dramatically affect our outer lives.

It's as if we were a piece of the Antarctic Ice Shelf which has broken off and drifted out to sea. We are journeying into the Unknown. This is a place beyond hope, beyond our dreams, beyond surrender. These concepts simply don't exist here.

We really can't do much to control where we are going. Often it has felt as if we had lost our way and are heading out into the bottomless void, but we are not. We are going towards our New Direction and the shifting currents of April are pulling us there.

During our journey, we will be discovering a new level of personal freedom. This is something beyond what we have known before. In the past, there were certain occurrences which set us free. Things such as our parents dying, old friends going out of our lives, freeing ourselves from old patterns or habits, relationships ending, beloved pets dying, careers failing. This is much larger and deeper than that.

Our soul families are dissolving. Our old vows have completed themselves and our very lineages are being reconfigured. We are being set adrift from our previous heritage, from our karmic ties and obligations, from all that we have known before and all that we have ever been.

Another interesting thing which is happening is that those of us who have been immersed in the Fires of Initiation for the past several years are starting to emerge, while others are just now going into the heart of the fire. The reason that this happens is so some of us can always be holding the Beam for the ones in the fire. And we must all go through the fires at sooner or later. It's part of gaining our personal freedom and recalibrating our beings.

If you have just entered the fires, at least you know that others have gone before you and survived. You will too.

It has also been a perfect time for dissolving, clearing, healing and transforming the emotional residue of the past. To further this process, whatever emotional residue we need to deal with has been brought up to the surface and placed before us. It's time to clear these stuffed up emotions out of our cells.

Now, we must turn our attention to our physical bodies and purify them as well. Eat better, exercise and put some joy and life back into our steps.

At some point during the month of April, we are going to journey to a place within ourselves where we are going to discover something new bubbling up through the waters. It is the birth of a fresh new spring. We will know it when we get there. The shifting currents will simply open up and reveal the spring.

Finding this spring signifies a strengthening of our core being and gives us a new vitality. We will rediscover the joy of life. We will start to get strong pulls into our New Direction. We will begin to find some of the new people who will be part of our New Lives. We will be filled with not so much a sense of hope, but rather a sense of joyous anticipation and wonder. We will experience a deepening of our love which will take it to totally new levels.

We will start to move into the next phase of our life, getting ready to change our relationships, environment, career and perhaps, life path. After being inundated with possibilities in March, most of which we did not pursue, we will begin to make decisions and move forward. These decisons will not be agonized over, they will be clear and obvious. We will be following the path of our heart.

The final bits of completion of the old will now resolve themselves cleanly. It will take some effort to get things done, but it will no longer be a struggle.

April is a major month of transition. The shifting currents will clear the path to show us the way into our New Directions.


Solara's Personal Update: March 27, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.