Solara's August 2008 Surf Report

Quantum Leap: Part Three

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"It is only when I look away from my true goal,
even for an instant, that I lose my balance and begin to fall."

.... a Tightrope Walker

We entered August with a dramatic New Moon / Solar Eclipse that created a huge tsunami which flattened some of us just as we were taking our first tentative steps into the month. There was nothing subtle about it. Almost immediately, we were hit full on with August's intensity. This was somewhat expected, but what we had not previously foreseen were some of the dramatic reconfigurings created by our first tsunamis of this powerful month. Some of us were thrown off balance as we were tossed out of our comfort zones. Others were knocked into balance. Many untrue elements magnified and exploded right before us until they were expelled from our personal matrixes. Some of those close to us were unexpectedly pulled away from us. Some received major revelations while others experienced distortions of information or challenges to their true knowing. Our new directions reshuffled several times and were once again rerouted onto a yet truer course. And all of this took place within the first few days....

August is one of the key months of this entire year. It's a month in which many things are possible. We can experience lasting breakthroughs or total breakdowns or most likely, both. If we do break down, it will only be temporary and serve to propel us into a huge breakthrough. The breakthroughs have already begun. Some of these are the final clearing of expired or limiting patterns that we have carried within us for lifetimes. Since these are the very elements which have long held us back from expressing our true core beings, we may need to make several attempts at transforming these long engrained patterns before the lasting breakthrough takes place and we are finally free. But it will happen if we persevere into holding onto what is true in our Heart of Hearts.

These breakthroughs of old patterns are possible now because when situations come up that trigger our old patterns, we are no longer affected by them. They lose their power to disempower us, allowing us to respond in totally new ways that emanate from the deepest truth of our core beings. Many people will finally stop hiding their true selves and their true feelings to become fully empowered and unafraid to speak up about what they know to be true.

And this is just one level of the potential breakthroughs that are available to us in August. Many of them will be available simply because we have finally reached the right timing sequence for them to happen.

It's never been more important to stay focused on what's most real and true. To stand in our full integrity. To embody our Love. And to maintain our firm stance in the most stable place there is, the true eye of the storm, which is the Core of the Heart of the Lotus.

The whole month of August is going to be powerful, intense and full of amazing potential. Waves upon waves of tsunamis will roll in. At times, it will be super challenging, requiring us to bring out even more of our untapped mastery. Yet, this is the month when we can finally resolve many lingering old issues and bring much to completion. These resolutions will allow us to make major, decisive steps forward into our New Lives. August is the month that will tilt the balance.

The energies of August are so strong that they will bring many untrue elements out of their hiding places and up to the surface to be readily seen. Numerous masks and disguises will be stripped off to reveal the untrue motivations that lie underneath. Throughout the month, bubbles of illusion, misinformation, distortion, fear and separation will be rising to the surface and bursting open. Sometimes, these bursting bubbles will splat all over us and make a huge mess. This is happening because there is much illusion that needs to be released from the matrix at this time. And this will most definitely be happening.

As the bubbles of illusion, misinformation, fear and separation burst all around us, they create upheavals that can easily knock us off balance. It is vitally important that we rebalance ourselves as soon as possible and don't allow ourselves to be tainted or influenced by them. We need to constantly clear and recalibrate our energetic fields, within us personally, within our immediate environment and within the planetary logos. All illusion and distortion must be firmly and lovingly taken out of the matrix. Remember that it is the nature of the Lotus to constantly filter and clean its energetic fields.

In the Lotus Heart, there is a continual rebalancing of its petals to adjust to the ever changing conditions around us. We need to constantly rebalance ourselves, remaining open to new directions, new opportunities and new connections. These might well appear when we least expect them.



Because so much is happening in August on multiple levels, it's helpful if we continually scan our beings to see where we are regarding fear, insecurity, misinformation and distortion. It's getting more and more essential to get ourselves to a place where we can't be influenced by duality. Discernment has never been more important. We need to locate our blind spots and then flood them with light. This will help us navigate the tricky minefield of these Times of Completion.

Here is a checklist of things to look out for:

1. Too Much Thinking:
We need to center ourselves in our hearts, rather than our minds and keep our intuition open wide.

2. Too Much Worrying and Anxiety:
Worrying never brings clear solutions and only dissipates our energy.

3. Too Much Focus on the News, the World Situation and Conspiracy Theories:
This isn't to say that much of this isn't happening; it is. But it is happening on a duality level and that's exactly where we cannot center our beings. We need to remain unhooked from all the duality-based information that is trying to grab our attention. This is the only way that we will be able to navigate clearly.

4. Financial Fears and Insecurity Issues:
Yes, the world financial systems are falling and many of us, including me, are experiencing financial challenges. But we cannot let ourselves be motivated by lack, insecurity or fear. We must do what we need to go and go where we need to go, unhindered by financial considerations.

5. Crime and Security:
If we scan the planet, we will see that nowhere is "safe", except for the place where we are truly called to be. And that might be exactly where you already are or it might be on the other side of the world.

6. Natural Disasters:
Yes, they are happening, but they are all part of the massive recalibration taking place as we move fully into Oneness.

7. Survival Fears:
Our survival depends on our moving ourselves to the frequency band of Oneness and living in the Greater Reality. This is a good time to remind ourselves that we all chose to be here at this time to help aid the changeover from duality to Oneness.

8. Fears for your Mental Stability, that maybe you are going crazy:
The Times of Completion are pretty crazy, but you aren't!

9. Getting Overwhelmed by too many possibilities that pull us into multiple directions at the same time.

10. Letting our Nervous Systems Get Fried: When this happens, do something physical.

11. Distractions that pull us off course.

12. Compromises that dilute our core being and keep us from doing what we know to be true.

13. Leaping into action and putting our energy into the wrong places out of panic, boredom, impatience or frustration.

14. Getting Overwhelmed by Everything on This List:

15. Forgetting that you are part of ONE BEING and that we are all here with you.

These are all symptoms of the Time of Completion. Yes, duality is dying away. Yes, it is currently fighting for its life. And yes, we are in the midst of birthing something completely NEW. And it is exciting, challenging and sometimes scary. But it is what we were born to do. It is absolutely monumental what we are achieving, the long awaited shift from duality to Oneness, and it is totally worth our full efforts.

We are all here with a very specific purpose and as long as we stay in our core, we have much to do. We are not going to be jettisoned just because duality is falling apart.



We are operating not only under a most intricate timing mechanism, but under an intricate timing sequence. Mastering this timing sequence flings open the door to our New Lives.

This is similar to opening a safe. Sometimes the most direct way forward will not get us to where we need to go. First, we need to turn the lock backwards to the correct setting until we feel a subtle clicking into position. When we go back to where we were long ago with Who We Are Now and What We Now Know, we repattern the past. This sets us free. Only then can we move things forward.

Often we are called to go "backwards" to retrieve stuck fragments of our beings that we left in previous times. These abandoned fragments are needed to make ourselves whole. Or we go "backwards" to change a belief that we acquired long ago. These are things such as "If I speak my truth, I will be punished." Or "I need to make myself invisible in order to survive." These old beliefs were necessary at the time that they were instated, but now they only hold us back and need to be disassembled.

The timing sequence has to do with the order that things must be achieved in order to move forward. There is a very specific order that we must follow. If we try to do things out of their proper sequence, we will only encounter Red Lights and blockages. Since this timing sequence is not in a logical, linear pattern, it makes it somewhat challenging to try to figure it out. Tasks are not placed in a sequence of Greater to Smaller. Instead, what is required is a lot of hop scotching around between the urgently important and the mundane small details. Much of this is done by the trial and error method. We try something and find out that it doesn't work, so we keep trying other things until we find the location of the Green Light. Once that is achieved, we search for the next open door and the next Green Light. Our intuition is very helpful in this process; if we listen to it, it will lead us to the open doorways. And there is always an open doorway; we just need to find it.

Once we get into the rhythm of the correct timing sequence, we start encountering a steady stream of Green Lights. This is when we can look backwards and see that it was absolutely perfect that certain things didn't happen before. Our sense of urgency and impatience transforms into the sense that everything is unfolding perfectly within its perfect timing. And we get a glimpse of the infinitely vaster pattern of what is really happening.

On a personal level, I have experienced this with the sale of my house. For months, I felt a tremendous urgency to move to my new position as soon as possible. When my house sold in May and the sale fell through in June, I was extremely disappointed. But now I finally realize that if it had sold then, it would have been the wrong timing and we would have moved to the wrong place. Now, I totally respect the timing sequence. I have no doubts that it will sell soon to the right person, but my impatience is gone. It will happen exactly when it is meant to happen. In the perfect timing.

Accepting that we are in a state of perfect timing doesn't mean that we stop rowing with a sense of urgency. We still need to give everything we've got to propel ourselves forward. We just don't have to cut corners, compromise or wear ourselves out with the frustration that everything is taking so long to get accomplished.

Another aspect of the timing sequence that we are mastering has to do with key events. We all have one or more key event ahead of us. Once this key event occurs, then everything else will automatically click into their right position, just like a row of dominoes falling over, one after the other. We cannot passively wait for this event to occur or force it to happen; we don't even know for sure what our key event is. But we can put our attention into creating the proper conditions within ourselves and our immediate environment that will trigger the Green Light that will set off the key event.



We are all making a journey into the centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. This is the starting point for our New Lives and for the fulfillment of not only our true destiny and purpose, but of our Wildest Dreams.

Since we are traveling into the uncharted realms of what was previously invisible, it's always helpful to have a map, even if it's only a fragment of the larger map. Here are descriptions of some of the levels where we are currently located. More detailed descriptions can be found in previous Surf Reports and Updates. By reading them, you should be able to discover exactly where you are.


There are many possible responses to living in duality.

1. We can try to hold onto the belief that everything is still "normal" and carry on as usual. Unfortunately, this illusion won't last long. One of the reasons that the world is experiencing such jarring events and upheavals is to give us a gigantic wake up call.

2. We can put our focus on the terrible things that are happening during duality's final play for power and control. This makes us live in a hostile and fearful world full of menacing forces and it's not where we want to reside.

3. We can battle duality on its own terms, trying to bring justice into an unjust world. (If we do this, duality will maintain its control over us because we will be feeding it by believing it to be real.)

4. We can be paralyzed by fear and insecurity, rendering us ineffective to take decisive actions to step out of duality.

5. We can simply give up. (We can't give up and let go of our knowing and trust. This is what is helping us clear the path.)

Living in duality is not really a viable option. Its days are numbered and it's on the outgoing tide.


Once we step out of duality, we move towards the Lotus World. This represents the New Matrix of One True Love that is currently being birthed. As soon as we enter the frontiers of the Lotus World, we encounter a massive challenge. This is the Band of Distortion which is the brilliant and invincible built-in filtering system of the Lotus. Only what is real and true is allowed to pass through the Band of Distortion. Everything else is greatly magnified and distorted so we won't miss it. Everything that is duality-based is denied passage into the Lotus World.

Our duality-based ego also cannot enter the Lotus World with us. While it was necessary to have a functioning ego in duality, we don't need it any more. The problem arises when the ego doesn't want to let go of control. Many of us fear that we will lose our self by letting it go, but actually we gain our true self once we do.

While the Band of Distortion is really helpful to locate the places within us that are untrue and unreal, the actual experience of encountering our magnified and distorted untrue beliefs, patterns and responses can be very unpleasant. It can be absolutely shattering unless we are prepared to surrender everything.

We can do this either by the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is to instantly make a total surrender, knowing that whatever is true and real will remain with you. Then you enter the Lotus World immediately without any struggle.

The hard way is to fight to hold onto our illusions and our ego, doing battle with everything that is actually supporting us. This happens because when we linger in the Band of Distortion everything is turned backwards. We perceive everything that is true as being untrue and we perceive everything that is untrue as true. We see our friends as enemies. So we fight on to preserve our illusions, pushing away everything that we truly believe in, until finally we become so totally exhausted that we let go and surrender or until we have a massive revelation that cuts through all the illusion and enables to see what is really going on.

If we are tenaciously holding onto our illusions, the Band of Distortion can be a rough passage. Not just for us, but for those closest to us, the friends and allies who truly believe in us. And if you know someone who is currently passing through the Distortion Band, please don't try to forcibly pull them through. They will make it in their own perfect timing.


Once we pass through the Band of Distortion, we enter the Lotus World. Almost immediately, we begin our journey through the labyrinth. This marks the beginning of our Sacred Quest. We are called to make inner and outer journeys to find certain objects and to make specific connections with people, places and needed information. There are several ancient sacred paths that we align ourselves with, such as the Path of the Lion, the Path of the White Deer, the Path of the Dragon, the Path of the White Horse. These ancient sacred paths now take us to totally new places.

During our Sacred Quest, we may also encounter some Major Intersections. These are places of Insertion Points of what is to come.


As our Sacred Quest continues, we finally reach the Inner Labyrinth. Here we switch tracks and everything is profoundly realigned. We know when we've reached the Inner Labyrinth because this is where we encounter the Far Distant Worlds. As soon as we do, we are plunged into a state of Quantum Deep. We find that we need huge amounts of quiet, and sleep as often as we can. The Far Distant Worlds are full of significant revelations. They also trigger the activation of our Cellular Memory Banks and fling open our Sealed Orders.

Since we are much closer to the center of the Labyrinth, our journey becomes stronger and clearer. Connections are made more easily since the distance we are traveling is much shorter.


As we bridge the gaps within us, it moves us closer and closer into the Center of the Labyrinth. The Central Core of the Labyrinth is composed of myriad concentric rings of energy. They are ever turning and readjusting, although not all in the same direction at the same time. Each ring is going in a different direction at a different speed. What is required is that we match up the rings in a specific alignment. Whenever this happens, a Green Light turns on and we experience a breakthrough that enables us to move into the next inner circle. Each time we enter a new ring, we need to adjust our entire being to it. And this can only be done when we are absolutely quiet and removed from all distractions. Then all the rings begin spinning again....

Every time that we enter a new ring, it's like shifting tracks. Many adjustments need to be made in both our inner beings and our outer lives. Everything need to be disconnected from the old patterns and reconnected in sometimes surprising new ways and configurations. Our destination is readjusted, refined, rerouted and often rescheduled. Once we make these necessary adjustments and recalibrations, then we can move forward again, going ever deeper into the Center of the Labyrinth, until we reach the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE where the Green Lights blaze with a brilliant glow.

One thing that this is teaching us is to not put our main focus on the completion of specific projects, but rather to focus on getting ourselves to the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth. Because this is the place where we will be able to move forward unhindered with everything that we need to accomplish.

This journey through the concentric rings of the Center of the Labyrinth is dissolving major blockages. It is giving us breakthroughs and revelations. It is making us more stripped down, honest and real. It is making our hearts more true. It is teaching us how to do things in new ways and how to interpret what we are experiencing with a greatly expanded perspective.

As far as I know, no one has yet reached the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth, but it is very, very close. When we do, the Green Light for our key event will flash on and our line of dominoes will start clicking into their correct positions.



August is our third Quantum Leap month, the culmination of what we have been working towards since June. It is a totally brilliant month in which we have the opportunity to make major Quantum Leaps and experience lasting breakthroughs. Throughout the month, the Surf is going to be choppy and the tsunami waves will be high. Much that has previously been hidden will be coming up to the surface. This will dramatically expand our perceptions and help us set our coordinates to our truest destination.

At first, it may be tricky to learn how to successfully navigate these choppy waters and surf these huge tsunamis. One thing that will greatly help us is to get ourselves into the right position on the biggest surf boards possible and to do everything we can to stay in our right position, even when we're being temporarily flattened by the waves. Since August is a month of raw power; we need to navigate it ultra consciously, staying in our Love, being courageous and fearless while constantly nourishing the New and True.

Whenever you feel disempowered or overwhelmed, sit in the Heart of the Lotus and strengthen your true authority as a Queen of Queens or King of Kings.

When relationships fall apart, don't try to hold onto them. Lovingly let them go, knowing that they have served their purpose. This is true of anything that falls apart. Don't try to glue back the pieces.

Constantly look for original, highly creative, out of the box solutions.

Throughout the month, some of the final pieces of scaffolding will be falling off our emotional bodies. This will temporarily make us feel stripped, raw, vulnerable and emotional. Soon after, the River of Love will start to flow and a totally new level of Love will surge through us.

There is a strong sense that things are stabilizing, not so much outwardly yet, but in our inner core beings. This is because we are getting closer to the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth. Once we do, there will also be an outward stabilization.

By the end of this month, the first wave of people may well reach the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth. This will quicken the entire New Matrix and make it much easier for everyone.

When we reach the Centerpoint, we will be able to look backwards and be deeply grateful that we didn't dilute what we knew to be true, that we didn't prematurely leap into the wrong things, and that we didn't compromise our beings. We will totally see and irrevocably know that this is exactly where we are meant to be.

August is a month in which everything can shift in an instant in any direction. At any moment we may reach the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth and encounter the Green Light of all Green Lights that will trigger our key event and cause our long line of dominoes to click into position, one after another.

We've been preparing for this for months, now it's time to LEAP!!!




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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!