Updated August 1, 2001

During the month of August, we will be undergoing a process of regrouping and adapting to the changes which have been thrust upon us by the Surging Surf of July. It will feel much like the aftermath of a somewhat violent storm which has thrust us onto the shores of a new, and often unexpected, land. When we finally regain consciousness and open our eyes, we will find ourselves in a vastly changed landscape.

As the Surf begins to calm down and smooth itself out, we will start to take a new inventory of our lives and our beings to see what has survived the storm. This is when we discover that many elements of our lives which have been with us for years will suddenly be gone. These oh so familiar elements that we've lived with and related to on a daily basis are no longer with us. Our landscape has irrevocably altered.

For some of us, we will be literally waking up in a new bed or a new house. Or it may be that some of the people we've been around for a long time are no longer nearby. The work we do may well change as well as the way we do things. However it manifests, we will see that some tried and true aspects of our lives-- be it environment, people, work, or possessions, are no longer with us. The Surging Surf has swept them away.

As August progresses, we will find that we become more settled and comfortable with the dramatic changes which have taken place. Our inner templates are shifting; the patterns of the weaving of our beings are being rewoven into ever more exquisite and much larger designs. Our entire approach to our lives is shifting; we are moving into a new reality. This will happen almost effortlessly.

This is certainly not the time to achieve anything through thinking or planning or trying to control the outcome. Or even to have any fixed goals or aspirations. It is a time to be open and flowing. To accept what has been swept out of our lives and to welcome what is now coming towards us.

We are being put into position for the next phase of our evolutionary journey. We are now being brought together with the people who will play a vital part in our next step. And in August we will start meeting new people with whom we share both an alignment of purpose and an alignment of essence.

During this time, many exciting new opportunities will abound. As long as we maintain our personal integrity and associate with those who also have personal integrity, all will go well and unfold smoothly. If we don't do this, any lack of personal integrity by ourselves or others will suddenly burst to the surface. It will become so obvious that we will have to deal with it immediately.

Many of us have devoted much of this year to clearing out the accumulated emotional residue from our pasts. If we have healed and released most of it, we will not have to repeat the same experiences of the past. If we are still holding on to past hurts and resisting clearing them, then there will still be lessons to learn through repetition of old experiences and karmic patterns.

August is a month of integrating ourselves into our new circumstances. Even if we have not physically moved, we are entering a time of new circumstances. After having spent years underground building the foundations of our New Lives, we can now start inhabiting the structures which will take us forward. Being above ground, we can finally take a good look at our new landscape and see where we now are.

We are going to be very busy in August. Meeting new people, getting things organized, taking stock of our new situations. But the month will be much calmer than July. Things will flow easily as we adapt to our new situations.

Many new doorways will be opening in our lives. These are open doorways. OPEN. Without obstacles or resistance. Something we haven't experienced for some time. These open doorways will uplift our spirits and fill us with enthusiasm. Opportunities will come to us without our having to seek them out.

On inner levels, we are going to find August a terrific month in which to recalibrate our beings. This is a great month to purify and detoxify ourselves. To start doing yoga or take walks. To refine our being in many ways by letting go of the denser aspects we have picked up in the past and rising into a new frequency of being.

As we move into this heightened frequency, it will be easy to discard the elements which no longer resonate with our new landscape. And we should also be open to new things which resonate with who we are now becoming.

From the new landscape which we are putting in order during August, we will be setting into position the framework for the next stage of our New Lives. Everything that happens for the rest of the year will be placed into the context of this new landscape. Make it reflect who you truly are and what you truly want.



It's time to again go through your closets, books, music, furniture, all your possessions, and weed out those things with a low frequency or which hold any unhappy emotional residue from your past. It might be a beautiful or useful lamp, but if every time you look at it, you remember the troubles you had with your ex relationship, then pass it on to someone else who doesn't have any memories attached to it. Clear out any unnecessary clutter and simplify to what is Beautiful and True and Happy and Useful.

Look for things which bring your peace and serenity. Or something which simply makes you smile. Many of us have been drawn to statues of the Buddha and Kuan Yin lately. Not necessarily because we have suddenly become Buddhists, but because they hold a resonance of calmness and remind us of that part of our true being.

Wondrous new opportunities are entering our lives. Be open to them. Don't try to rationalize things or think them out, just gracefully accept what is being offered.


Solara's Personal Update: July 27, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.