Updated December 2, 2001


We are like sailboats upon a tiny pond....
We can sometimes be adrift and fall into confusion;
resistant to change and deepening.
We can be pushed along by the winds of fate;
going wherever the seemingly strongest winds push us.

Or we can hoist the new larger sail of the Greater Reality
by being true and living our integrity and love.
As we let our sails be filled with the mighty winds
of our One Being we shall sail into the vast ocean of Oneness.



In December our main focus will be to Get Out Of The Box. This means letting go of all old behaviors which hold us back and keep us small. We need to step free of everything which limits us and keeps us from being real and true. To do this, we need to raise our frequency and move deeper into the Greater Reality. We need to set aside our old fears. We need to live our lives on a much larger map. Once we do this, the changes will be dramatic and far reaching.

In the sport of golf, a much larger golf club has been developed which allows one to hit the ball much further than before. This golf club is about four times the size of normal ones and much more effective. The same is true of tennis, in which there is now an oversized, stronger tennis racket. Although it is not accepted in most tournaments, when it is utilized, one is able to hit the ball much further with less effort. In sailboat racing, there is also a new very large sail which makes the boat go much faster. The same is very true in our lives.

It's now time for us to hoist our new, much larger sails. Since they are so large, it will take awhile to get them unfurled. Every time we release our past behaviors and let go of limiting situations and attitudes, our sails will rise. Raising our sails will help bring to completion many of the old elements of our lives which have entailed difficulty or struggle.

In the past, most of us were only vaguely aware that we had these mammoth sails within our beings. They were simply part of our vast unmanifested potential. On the rare occasions that some of us tried to raise them, we discovered that the prevailing wind wasn't strong enough to carry us along into our New Lives. This sometimes caused us to become discouraged and give up the effort to break through our limitations.

Since the great opening which occurred from the deep shock and wake-up call of September 11th, the composition of the wind has changed. On that day, many veils were forcibly ripped away. Now, there is a new formula to the wind; it's composed of different ingredients than before. This new combination is especially suited to our new sails. It is strong enough and deep enough to carry us forward. (The wind is an analogy to the prevailing energies.) And this new wind hasn't been here before.

If we stay in our old boxes, we won't be able to raise our sails. Our belief systems will be too small and pinched to allow this to happen. We will remain stuck in the pain of our perceived limitations. We need to expand or dissolve all definitions--- of ourselves, of our possibilities, of the way we approach life, of our core beliefs. We need to let go of those feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, being a victim, lack of confidence, confusion and unworthiness which have hindered us for so long. Instead, let's bring forth our courage and our strength and focus on hoisting our new sails so we can leave behind the small ponds of our old worlds and sail on the seas of the Greater Reality.

December is going to be a powerful month full of rerouting opportunities. There is going to be much movement as we are led into our proper positions for our future. It's a matter of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES. We may be drawn to new places and new activities; we are definitely going to be drawn to new people.

Relationships are quickening. Those last hold out old relationships which have barely held together for years will finally be released. We will simply be no longer able to compromise ourselves by living a lie. And new deeper, truer relationships will start coming into our lives. These new relationships will be with ones who are on a similar level of awareness. They will be on a more equal basis and infinitely more fulfilling.

This will continue to happen for the next several months. If a new relationship does come to you, the challenge will be not to impose your old patterns into it. Meet your new relationship with total openness and let it develop naturally. These new relationships will be unquestionable and will feel undeniably right. Go with the flow and don't waste your time thinking about it or making projections about where its destination might be. Enjoy the journey. Be grateful and full of wonder.

In December, there's going to be a recombining of energies. New combinations are being created. New formulas. It's similar to cooking. Perhaps, you are used to making bread and you set out all the usual ingredients: flour, water, yeast, butter, salt. Yet, when you start cooking, you are suddenly drawn to add apples and leave out the butter. Then, on an intuitive whim, you might add chili powder, although it doesn't make much sense. Instead of putting in your usual amount of flour, you use only half of it. You throw in a dash of cranberry juice just because you feel like it. You put this concoction in cupcake pans rather than your usual bread pans. You cook it for less time than you do your bread. And somehow, the end result is new, exciting and delicious! This is how the recombining of energies works in our lives.

This can happen with the people in our lives. We may stir up the mix of old friends, close relationships and total strangers and end up with the people we're meant to be with. It can happen in our creative endeavors as the process of recombining energies takes us to totally new levels of creativity.

Throughout December as we step out of the Box, hoist our huge sails, and experience the recombination of energies, we are going to discover that the path in front of us is becoming very clear. Our new directions are being revealed in a way that is unquestionable and exciting. The way is opening and there will be a mighty wind to help us sail through.

The year 2002 represents a huge doorway. During this year much can be achieved. We can fulfill many of our heart's deepest longings. The blocks which held our creativity in check for many years will finally be removed. Deep love relationships will flower. However, this will only happen in our lives if we have stepped out of our old boxes and raised our new sails.

Let's sail into the New!



Locate Your Boxes And Get Out Of Them:
This is one of the most important things we can do at this time. Remember that the boxes which we've put ourselves into are not real. They are illusions. Although we've used them to define our reality, they have nothing to do with what is real.

Raise Your New Sail:
Since this is such a huge process, don't try to do it overnight. Use steady progress, a little bit at a time, but be aware that this is what you are doing.

Don't Be Afraid To Let Go:
Getting free of our old boxes entails much letting go. Don't try to hold on to anything or anyone. Release whatever attachments come up.

Do Things at a New Pace:
We don't have to rush along at the pace we were going at before. Let some things slide. Feel your way. Allow a new rhythm to emerge. Give yourself time to rest and renew. Be efficient when you do act.

Spend time each day in your vastness, showering the Earth and all its inhabitants with Love.

Inhabit our One Being at all times:
As we consciously live in our One Being, we also nourish and strengthen the resonance of Oneness throughout the world.

Solara's Personal Update: November 24, 2001 Deepening

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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

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