Solara's February 2008 Surf Report

Tsunami Surfing

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January was an extremely intense and surprisingly productive month in which we were continually hit with Tsunamis of Mega Quantum Surf coming from all directions. Both the Surf levels and the intensity levels were off the map. This required a constant rebalancing. There was no comfortable point of clicking into position where we could remain for more than a day or two. This lack of a secure grounded position was a continual challenge and forced us to remain wide open, totally spontaneous and ready to move in any direction at all times.

Throughout January and February, we are traveling through the wild rapids of change into the our New Lives. Occasionally we might get knocked about by the sharp rocks in our path, but all we can do is to keep on rowing, no matter what. Rowing with our full beings, our focused intent and our total commitment is still essential. It's the only way to make it through these wild rapids into our New Lives.

Mega Quantum Surf of this magnitude always creates patches of extremely Choppy Surf that break up the hard layers of calcified sediment which have long been encased in the hidden depths. This means that absolutely anything can come up to the surface from us or from those around us: old emotions of sadness, anger, resentment, disappointment, fear, yearning, etc. Situations and issues that we thought had been long resolved can suddenly reappear and hit us on the head like a chunk of sediment propelled upwards from the ocean depths.

Also, the membranes between the worlds are very thin right now and it's flipping many people out. Just the other day, an Air Canada plane had to make an emergency stop in Ireland because the pilot had gone crazy. And then there's poor Britney Spears who is playing out in public all the confused anguish that many are feeling, although in her case it's greatly magnified.

Because of this, we all need to be on Ultra High Alert in February. We can't be unconscious even for a second and need to be especially careful while driving. Absolutely anything can happen at any moment.

Waves of Mega Quantum Surf are washing through everything and pulling out the pins that kept everything into their old positions. Whenever this happens, it's important that we allow ourselves to stay absolutely unpinned and learn to effectively function in this state. It's extremely liberating to realize that we don't have to get up at a certain hour, eat our food at fixed times, sleep a minimum number of hours. Just keep rowing and don't try to get back into your old routine. Let it just wash away.

Throughout February, tsunamis of Mega Quantum Surf will be bringing in the New and sweeping the old out to sea. It's an exciting time for sure. Our New Life is noticeably quickening all month. By the end of the month, we will clearly see the tremendous breakthroughs that have taken place.



For the past few weeks, many of us have experienced a barrage of shocking events that often come one right after another. They slam into us with a huge Bam, Bam! Everything that affects us with a BAM, BAM!, whether it's caused by a Major Intersection, Shock upon Repeated Shock or Quantum Breakthroughs, knocks us out of our old, long established positions.

However these shocks are triggered, we are given little time, if any, to integrate them. The best we can do is keep on rowing as we numbly try to adjust to them as quickly as possible.

What's challenging is that these surprising events don't immediately knock us into our new positions. This is one of the reasons why we sometimes feel almost frozen after a shock and are unable to do anything. And it's why we feel so empty afterwards and walk around with dazed expressions on our face. We have no place to stand. The old position is gone and the new position hasn't yet been revealed. The new position is coming for sure; it just takes a bit of time to get to us.

Any type of shock that we experience is serving a huge purpose. It's a big wake-up call; it knocks us out of our old positions and old attitudes; it deepens us and expands us far beyond our previous boundaries. All of this has to happen so we can inhabit our new landscape.


Some of these massive shocks are caused by encountering a Major Intersection. Whenever this happens, a gigantic explosion takes place inside our beings that expands us far beyond what we thought possible. We experience a monolithic shift that takes us right into the Ultra Greater Reality. A massive cog clicks into position.

Whenever a really big cog moves into position, then all the little cogs must also be repositioned. We get so hyped up and prepared for the massive cogs to move; then we are suddenly left hanging while all the smaller cogs move into their new positions. Whenever this happens, we must continue to hold the energy, stay true to our vision of where we are going and keep on rowing.

While Major Intersections are always a great blessing, they still are a huge shock to our system, for we have been absolutely blasted open. I always feel that for a few days after a Major Intersection, I am walking around with my eyes and mouth WIDE open with an extremely dazed look. It's almost impossible to regain a normal expression.

After we've encountered a Major Intersection, it is followed by a period of hollow emptiness. Much of the old has disappeared from us; it just drops off effortlessly. All of the intensity suddenly dissipates like a balloon being deflated of air and nothing more appears to be happening. But this is really not the case. A Major Intersection is similar to blasting open the floodgates of a dam. The water bursts forth and starts flowing down the previously dry riverbank. We know that this has happened and are anxiously waiting for the flood waters to arrive downstream. But then the water doesn't come....

At this point, we're often quick to make the assumption that the flow of water has dried up or been diverted into another direction. It's easy to become disheartened; but there's no reason to, for it hasn't. It's important to remember this when we waiting for the water to fill our section of the stream. Although the water is continuing to flow, it is filling up all the deep holes in its path. And this it must do before it reaches us with its full effect. Water doesn't just superficially float over the surface. When it encounters an obstacle, it doesn't give up and stop flowing. It simply continues to flow steadily until all the obstructions are washed away and all the holes in its path are filled, until it finally reaches new territory. As water flows through all the seeming obstacles in its path, so do we need to steadily row. And this is how we navigate ourselves into our New Lives.


Aside from Major Intersections, many of us have been experiencing events which shock us to our core. These often come in a sequence of shock upon repeated shock. These shocks come in many forms. They can be severe judgments and misunderstanding from those close to us that cause a sudden rift or the unexpected sickness or even death of someone we care about. My daughter Elara woke up one morning last week to discover that a stranger's car had smashed through their newly built wall late at night and was now snugly wedged between the wall and the house. That occurred on the same day that she found out that a dear friend of ours had died.

However it happens, shocks bring everything to a halt, and rightly so. Allow yourself time to be numb and grieve for a while while you rebalance your energy so you can move forward again. But even when you're in shock, you need to continue rowing, no matter what.


Shocks can also be caused by massive breakthroughs. This can happen when we finally get something that we have long sought or when we break free of some expired element that has held us back. The sense of shock occurs simply because everything that happens right now has extremely far reaching consequences. After a Quantum Breakthrough, there is always a time of emptiness while everything is thoroughly repositioned.



Lately, there's been an overlay that feels like the End of the World. At times, this feeling of being in the Final Days strongly affects everything, like a thick mist of doom and gloom that blankets the land. And even though we are still rowing, the energies are so thick and dense that it often feels like we are rowing through mud.

Many people are feeling it. I remember going to the supermarket in Los Angeles right after 9/11. Everyone's shopping carts were full of either ice cream, potato chips or alcohol. Nobody was buying actual food. And it feels that's what is happening again. Not imminent terrorist attacks, but that overriding feeling of tremendous vulnerability and the sudden realization of just how fragile everything is right now.

This is also playing itself out through our weather which is changeable and drastic in many parts of the world. (It's rainy, overcast and rumbling with thunder here for the second day in a row.) When this occurs, it makes it even more challenging to stay clear, to hold onto our true vision so we can get things done and to keep on rowing with confidence and trust towards our New Lives.

The reason why this energy feels like the End of the World is because THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD. The BIG IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER is that the End of the World is only the End of the World of DUALITY, not of the planet and all of us. The SECOND BIG IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER is that we WANT this World of Duality to End!

This is why we chose to be here at this time. This is what we were trained for. We all knew that it was coming. We have long prepared for this. And now it's time to step forth with our full beings.

We don't need to go into fear about this. We don't need to whimper in the corner under a blanket. It's actually very good that the world of duality is ending. We've worked hard for this to happen. And the sooner that the old world ends, the sooner the new world can begin.

The formidable challenge before us is to know that we are fast approaching the End of the World, to feel it all around us, in the very air we breathe, and not be pulled down by it. Even when we're feeling the fragility of not only our own selves, but of the world around us. Instead, we need to let it influence us to row faster and to totally immerse ourselves in the Greater Reality.

Yes, the old world is dying. But we are here to birth the New and True. This is another huge reason why it's so important to let go of the old and expired right now. Because it is dying away and we are meant to live. It's almost a matter of survival for us to focus on the New World that we are birthing. Row.... Row.... Row....

We're going to be dealing with a lot of Death and Rebirth energies this year. This will be heightened because of the magnitude of what is dying away and what is being born.



What's required at this time is to flip over the old dying world to reveal our totally new landscape. Before we can do this, we need to find all our understandings and perceptions that are backwards and turn them right side up. Many of us have been trying to drive a wagon that's pulling a horse and wondering why it's not going anywhere, instead of the other way around. Once the horse is in its proper position in front of the wagon, our journey will go much more smoothly.

This will make us much truer beings and enable us to inhabit our new landscape before the old one totally crumbles.

Here are some possible misperceptions that need to be flipped over.
If any of them ring true, then just turn them around.

Putting lessor or false priorities at the top of your list and ignoring what's truly important.

Thinking that you are in the Band of Distortion when you are not.

Thinking that you aren't in the Band of Distortion when you are.

Believing that you can move forward into your New Lives without putting out any major effort.
(This is called Armchair Ascension.)

Thinking that if you do old things that you must do them in old ways. (We do not. We can complete the old by doing them in totally new ways which not only completes them, but repatterns the past and takes them to a new level.)

Opening up to untrue people while closing off to the true ones.

Acting as if you don't know what is really going on, when you do.

Acting as if these were normal times, when they are not.

Spending your time worrying, resisting or thinking, rather than rowing.

Believing that the prevalent reality does not include the fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams.

Believing that you are not worthy of being loved.

Making things more complicated than they really are.

Frantically searching for your One True Love rather than putting your full attention on getting your own self onto a totally new level.

Being afraid of openly being yourself when what is truly scary is not being your true self.

Believing that Spirit and Matter are separate.

Believing that anything is separate from the One.

Being afraid to live your greatness and instead keeping yourself diminished and small.

Being afraid to pursue your dreams in case you fail to obtain them; resigning yourself to not having what you really want and truly need.

Being passive in life rather than fully present and active.

Feeling that responsibility will chain you down, when it will actually bring you freedom.



February is a month full of mammoth tsunamis. These tsunamis are so gigantic and so powerful that they require the development of new skills and deeper understanding to properly surf them.

At times we may get frustrated at our seeming lack of progress. These will be the moments when the emphasis is focused on all the elements that are dying away, rather than the New that is being born. If we understand the nature of tsunamis, it will help us greatly.

Tsunamis are not just giant waves that come from out of nowhere and slam onto the land. Before a tsunami reaches the shore, there is a powerful reverse motion when it sucks everything out to sea. This is when the bays go dry and fish are flopping on the suddenly exposed sand. The tsunamis suck all the water backwards, away from the shore in order to create the gigantic incoming waves.

Only then, do the huge waves of the New come in.... And this cycle happens over and over. The pulling away from us of the old and expired, followed by the gigantic waves full of massive breakthroughs and Golden Opportunities that will take us into our New Lives. This is why things move forward, then appear to halt.

Once we align ourselves with this pattern, surfing tsunamis will become infinitely easier. When the emphasis is on the outgoing waves, put your attention on cleaning out, completing, releasing and repatterning the old and expired. When the emphasis is on the incoming waves, leap on the biggest one you can find and have one of the wildest, most exhilarating rides of your life!



It's an undeniably challenging time when fears are heightened, distortions magnified and everything feels very fragile. Whenever the energies of doom and gloom become really strong, I go around the house, light lots of candles and put on some beautiful music. Our best stance is to be both ALERT and FEARLESS.

Much new information is coming in about our next step, our New Lives and about the unique gift that we have to offer the world--our new form of service. When this happens, it's our choice what to do with this new information. We can either procrastinate and hold back, we can be intimidated or we can be inspired and leap into decisive action. We don't need to be overwhelmed by the scope of what needs to be accomplished. Instead, just do a bit every day and it will get done.

Our new emotional bodies are coming alive. One of the first manifestations of this is a deepened compassion which has reached a new level. This deepened compassion helps us understand how very challenging these times of immense change and upheaval are for everyone. It gives us great empathy, realizing that everyone is doing the best they can.

Many people are getting pulled on by those close to them. In every family, there is always one person who is holding the Beam for the whole family and clearing a path to move them into the New. Since this person is now expanding into a new level, it stretches the entire fabric of the family weaving. Everyone is the family is getting stretched by this. This cause the fears and insecurities of the rest of the family to be magnified. And that is when they start pulling on the person who is the catalyst for the whole family. They aren't doing this to consciously hold the person back, but out of fear they are trying to grab onto the security of the known and maintain the status quo.

This is really difficult on the person being pulled. They need to make sure that they aren't allowing themselves to be held back by the pulling. They need to strengthen their compassion and keep moving forward, no matter what. Everyone needs to allow the stretching to take place and trust that they won't break. Because they won't.

Many of us are being presented with Golden Opportunities right now. Yet some are allowing distorted aspects of themselves to take charge, thus missing these brilliant opportunities.

Throughout February, we will be pushed out of old places and situations. We are leaving behind unfulfilling jobs and expired relationships. We all need to pack and get ready to move, at least symbolically, even though we don't know where we are going. Absolutely everybody has to up their game and take it to a new level.

This time is bringing so many diverse elements together. People hold major keys for each other and are starting to get into position as a unit working on a much vaster scale than previously imagined.

We must learn to clearly read the energies so we can move forward when the Surf is up and focus on the menial daily tasks when the Surf appears still or is choppy. The energies are extremely changeable at this time and can shift every hour or so. Continually be aware of the energies around you. Since everything is so multi-dimensional, multi-directional and multi-leveled, it's extremely important that we use our discernment at all times. We need to run everything through our truth filters and clearly see what is most real and true so we can make them our top priorities by rowing in their direction with everything we've got.

And even though I've said this before, people still don't quite understand just how important it is to SET YOUR ENERGETIC FIELDS. One of the most helpful things we can do is to recalibrate the Energetic Fields in our living spaces to the purest, truest frequency possible, that of the Lotus World. Bring it into the physical. This isn't doing something on a superficial level. A Lotus World home is clean, highly calibrated, refined and elegant like a jewel.

Find items that resonate with your New Life energy and put them where you will see them every day. New Life items serve as touchstones and anchor the energies of our New Life and of the Lotus World into the present moment. Make your home an oasis of the New for this will give you much needed support. It will nourish you and keep your focus really strong and clear.

Stay in the center of the Lotus at all times.

Expect the Unexpected. Remember that anything can happen! Don't take anything for granted. Don't make any assumptions based on old criteria. And don't take anything personally. What is happening is far bigger than this.

Make everything you do a step forward towards your New Life. Absolutely everything.

These are really profound and exciting times. It requires our full effort and courage. Embrace your thrill of adventure. Many people love extreme sports, well this is extreme living! We are walking the razor's edge into the New and True.

The Time That We've Been Waiting For IS HERE.



Rowing with my full being.

Serving the One with all I am.

Following the Path of the Winged Lion and White Deer.

Riding the White Horse.

In the Core of the Heart of the Lotus.


If you are not feeling any of this yet, if you haven't yet started your Sacred Quest or encountered a Major Intersection, please hold onto these Surf Reports, for they are one of the few reliable maps of the new energies, and you will find them helpful later. This is because we are clearing the path for everyone.


The Year 2008 Surf Report: INTO THE NEW AND TRUE

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