February 2001: The Winds of Change

The mighty Winds of Change are here! They are going to be swirling and whirling through our lives during the month of February. Many elements of our lives are going to be blown this way and that, moving us closer to our new patterning.

For most of February, the Winds of Change will kick up huge dustclouds. It will be like trying to carry on normal life in the midst of a hurricane. Everything will be uprooted and flying about us. We won't be able to hold onto anything. The Winds of Change are going to scour through our beings and through our lives and help set us onto the right track.

One of the prime areas in which the Winds of Change are going to be strongly felt is relationships. This includes romantic partnerships, friendships, those we work with and anyone with whom we have any kind of dealings. If the love and respect aren't there, let these relationships go. If they use you or abuse you, if they keep you off balance or pull you out of your Core Self, or if they are just not on your level, let them go. We might as well, since they are going to be swept out of our lives whether we try to hold on or not.

Completion of the past is still a major theme for February. However, the process of completion gets increasingly easier to achieve. We are going to be very effective this month at bringing unfinished elements of the past to closure. The graceful solutions we have long sought after are going to come to us. They are going to come to us! Long established blockages will dissolve.

This doesn't mean that the challenges are going to stop. They haven't yet. But we are going to deal with them in new, more honest ways. We're going to adopt a "So what; Just another Challenge!" attitude and deal with them the best we can. They may bang us about a bit, but we are not going to be knocked over by them.

For those of us who have experienced an intense passage through the Fires of Initiation, this is now the time to regroup ourselves and seek out healing. Find a good healer or bodyworker and have them help you release the accumulated trauma from your cells. We have to clear away this trauma before we can go forward into something New. We need to release those pent up emotions, cry those tears, let go of the anger, hurt and disappointment and move on. Anything we can do to purify our beings and detoxify ourselves will be most helpful. It's very important that we clear these past experiences and painful emotions out of our bodies.

On the mental level, we might discover that we are somewhat in a state of shock. Our minds may feel like sieves full of holes through which all our thoughts or concepts pour out and nothing can be retained. So much has happened over the past few years. We have been tested again and again, repeatedly taken to the limits of our strength and endurance. This shock brings about an emptiness making it difficult to concentrate or focus. We feel stretched wide open mentally, which is actually quite good, but doesn't make it easy to function in the material world.

Once again, we need to be as quiet and solitary as possible. This isn't the time to initiate new projects or throw ourselves out into the world. It's a quiet time of deep, inner healing and letting go. Of course, we have to do this in the midst of the howling Winds of Change.

The best attitude we can assume this month is one of acceptance. Acceptance of what is and of what is not. Stand with your hearts and hands open and allow whatever blows away to go and whatever comes to you to come. And bemused acceptance with a sense of humor is even better!

By the end of the month, a new clarity will prevail. That's when we will see how our stretched open, empty mental state actually served to help release some of our congealed old mental patterns and entrenched illusions.

With this new clarity we will be able to see our new landscape. What has remained, what is gone and what new things have arrived.

In March, we will begin our journey into the new landscape.


Solara's Personal Update: March 27, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.