Solara's January 2008 Surf Report

Getting Into Position

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Welcome to the momentous Year of 2008! This is going to be a tremendously exciting and fruitful year in which all things are possible. However, much will depend on where we inwardly position ourselves during January. Where we position ourselves right now will determine what we will experience throughout the year.

This makes it crucial that at the beginning of the year, we put our focus on getting into our rightful positions within our inner core beings. If we are honest and true and if the river of our Love is flowing clear, the resonance of our inner beings will soon be perfectly mirrored in our outer lives.

This is what 2008 is all about.... Manifesting who we really are into the outside world so that there is no longer any sense of separation. No more double lives.... As we move ourselves to a totally new level, it will set the right resonance so we can experience the full potential of the myriad Golden Opportunities that are available in 2008.

In January we will be continually challenged and tested to determine if we are holding true. If we are, and if our commitment to the New and True is strong and unwavering, then we will continue our journey on the Fast Track into totally New Lives and the rewards will be great.

Since this is an essential preparation for the entire year, if we veer off course, a series of warnings will come in clearly to show us what we need to correct. They will be really helpful for us. Listen to them and don't shove them aside. And remember that the level we are on will determine the difficulty of the challenges we face.

Warnings also have an important aspect of honing our training. They teach us to follow what we know to be true, rather than what outside elements expect of us. Each time that we fail to listen to ourselves, we are taught the importance of listening and then following through with our actions with what we know to be right. And if we really don't listen, then we will receive a big wake-up knock on the head! And hopefully that will get our attention....

We may occasionally experience panic attacks in which we get so overwhelmed that our beings start to shut down. Panic attacks occur whenever we aren't LOOKING LARGE enough, when we're looking at things through a duality-based lens and forget who we really are and whenever we lose our focus on rowing with our full beings into our New Lives. When we are thrown back into our old selves and our smaller viewpoints, it's easy to lose our way and fall into fear and confusion. The cure is to immediately expand our perceptions and see what is really going on, then start rowing again with everything you've got. As soon as we do, everything moves into a far vaster perspective and the panic attack abates.

Sometimes, we may have to make repeated attempts to get into the right position. We may try to do something that we know is absolutely right and have little success. Instead of getting discouraged, what is required is that we go back into our self and find an even deeper level of trueness and a stronger level of commitment, then try again. This is all part of the filtering and refinement process of the Lotus World that will enable us to move forward unhindered.



Since the Lotus World expels any untrue or expired elements, part of our getting into position entails a massive cleaning up of all that is not honest and real. Some of the things which we can no longer carry within us into the New Year are:

Anything past its expiration date
Self doubt
Lack of commitment
Fear of the Unknown
Dishonesty to our self or others
Endless processing
Self sabotage
Poverty consciousness
Limiting concepts
Outdated, duality-based spiritual practices
Childish behavior
Lack of responsibility

We must be ultra aware at all times and be much more precise and alert in all our actions and responses. We simply can't indulge ourselves with sloppiness or unconscious automatic behavior. We need to stop replaying broken records from the past (The "He / She Did Me Wrong Song") and throw away those old scratchy records once and for all. We have to stop swimming in the Sea of Distraction and focus on our real priorities.

And we must stop clinging to our old mastery and old spiritual tools, for if we do, we won't have any space for the New and True to enter our lives. We can't even make small mistakes anymore. We must be honest and true in all our communications. A wondrous New Life is beckoning to us and we can't carry the baggage of the past with us to get there.

It's also essential that we stop living double lives. There's no more separation between the sacred and the profane. EVERYTHING IS SACRED. EVERY MOMENT IS THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. It's time to let go of our separate spiritual practices and rid ourselves of any duality-based actions, concepts and responses so we can make every second of our daily lives a true spiritual practice.

Another aspect of cleaning things up has to do with completion. Finish any outstanding tasks as soon as possible. Many of us are dealing with parental issues. Either there is healing of an estrangement that needs to take place or we are needing to care for our parents. Or we are still acting out silly old childhood patterns. Any parental issues must be dealt with in a clear, responsible way. It's not backtracking; it's freeing ourselves to move forward. This is all part of getting into our proper position.

It's also the perfect time for cleaning things up in our physical spaces. Go through everything and clear out the clutter. Let go of all that has expired. This will help us set the clear energetic fields within our old lives that will greatly aid us in moving to our New Lives.

The scaffolding that has long covered our emotional bodies is finally coming off. Soon, we will be experiencing Real True Love. But to do this, we cannot carry with us the old emotional wounds of the past.

Already the effects of the removal of our scaffolding is becoming apparent. Our Love is returning, stronger than ever before. Because of this, we are now being given numerous opportunities to heal longstanding rifts with people from the past.

This is an amazing year. The opportunities before us are enormous. And it's definitely worth all our efforts to clean ourselves up so we can get into our rightful positions.



There's no better place that we can position our beings than in the Heart of the Lotus. The Lotus is the symbol of Pure True Love, which is who we truly are. The Lotus is a self contained, very integrated plant. It isn't just a beautiful flower; it has roots which go deep into the mud. It loves the mud and doesn't judge it as dirty-- just soft, comforting and grounding. Because the Lotus is deeply rooted in the mud, it enables us to do what we need to do and say what we need to say. Sometimes this raw honesty manifests as tough love, but when it does, this is because it is absolutely what's most needed.

The Lotus has huge leaves that reach to the sky and hold the entire plant in balance. When a drop of rain falls onto a Lotus leaf, it holds true to its shape and becomes like a shining jewel. This represents the ultra clarity of the Lotus.

Then there's the most exquisite flower with its many petals. This represents the flowering of our true core beings, the bringing out to the world our unique gifts. And inside the flower are the seeds it carries, much like the seeds we carry in our cellular memory banks.

Lotuses have a highly developed self-cleaning mechanism. Scientists are even studying the plant to try to learn how it continually purifies itself so they can develop cleaning products from it. We also need to constantly purify ourselves and recalibrate our living spaces to create clean energetic fields that help keep us anchored in the Lotus World resonance. Please read the Year 2008 Surf Report to learn how to use XUA!, a powerful tool from the Lotus's self-cleaning mechanism to help dissolve all remaining illusion and to clear your path.

Another notable fact about Lotuses is that they constantly rebalances themselves. This is something we must do as well in this time of powerful change. Every time that something is added or something taken away, every time that a door closes or a door opens, every time that we have a revelation or breakthrough; we must immediately rebalance ourselves and reorder our priorities.

Every single Lotus on this planet anchors the resonance of One True Love. And this is what we must also do by becoming Living Lotuses of Love. Beacons of One True Love.

How appropriate that so many Buddhas, Kwan Yins and other deities are sitting on Lotuses, sitting right in the Heart of the Lotus, just as we are. For only the True of Heart can enter the Lotus World.



Since we are entering an entirely new landscape in 2008, this requires a totally new method of navigation. The only problem is that we are now in uncharted realms where no maps or guidebooks exist. We don't even know what navigational tools to use other than the Compass of our Hearts.

When we first enter the New Year, we feel as if we just woke up to a new landscape and everything is shrouded in a gentle mist. A state of Quantum Deep covers the land. People are quiet, trying to figure out where they are.

Walking through the mist is an awkward in between stage, neither Here nor There. We can't quite see where we are or where we are going. As January progresses, the mist will clear and our sense of direction will be gradually strengthened until our new landscape is fully revealed.

During this time, many of us are experiencing sensations of ultra gravity forcibly pushing us down. Sometimes this is so strong that we can barely stand. This happens whenever we are being pushed through the birth canal into our New Lives.

All around us are constant distractions coming at us from multiple directions. We try to focus on the list of humanly impossible tasks to do that is before us. Everything speeds up. At the same time, our minds are so stretched into No-Mind that our memory is full of slippery holes like a sieve, making it almost impossible to retain the fleeting thoughts that pass through it.

We row steadily, just as we've been rowing all last year. If we hadn't been, we wouldn't be entering this new landscape. And then we row faster and stronger until suddenly we connect with a new frequency band of energy. It's the prevailing current of our new landscape, the River of Love. And it's pulling us forward....



As we step into the New Matrix, our beings expand far beyond all previous boundaries. This expansion will continue to increase, enabling us to see far beyond the previous perimeters of our individual beings. We now need to be constantly aware not just of our own personal area of the tapestry of Oneness, but of the entire weaving. We need to feel our One Being as if it was our own physical body. Which it actually is.

As we do, our peripheral vision will stretch out and we will naturally think beyond the narrow concerns of our own personal lives. We will feel how our entire One Being is doing, not by looking outwards, but by expanding the weaving of our personal matrix to encompass the One.

For a long time we have been going through life with blinders on, focusing solely on our own needs and wants. The missing component has been our dedicated service to the One. Or when we do, we do it with the attitude of serving something outside of ourselves. Now we must serve the One with the conscious knowing that we are not separate.

I have to mention here that for some of us, the situation has long been reversed. We have been wholeheartedly serving the One, but neglecting to serve ourselves. This imbalance must now be addressed and we must learn to serve our own selves, to fulfill our own personal wants and desires with the same dedication and fervor that we serve the One.

Once we do this, once we fully merge serving ourselves and serving the One, we will become true Master Servers. This is exactly what's required right now to get ourselves into our rightful positions for 2008. It's time to live our mastery on a daily basis, to demonstrate it in every little thing we do.

Mastering Service means that we do what's needed, when it's needed, not when it's convenient for us. Like washing dishes; we don't just wash the dishes that we personally used; but we wash all the dirty dishes. It doesn't matter whose dishes they are. We watch the entire expanded landscape to see what needs doing, not just our immediate personal surroundings.

As we expand into the New Matrix, we extend our personal world so that we are aware of everything going on around us. We watch the entire world and are aware of what it is feeling and experiencing. And our beings keep on expanding until we encompass all the universes within universes.




2008 is the year for gathering together with our true kindred people. During the year, we will be coming together and forming new energetic families so we can live and work together. These kindred ones are those with whom we share both an alignment of essence and a very specific shared destiny. They are the ones who are walking similar sacred paths.

Whenever we meet our true kindred people, it's important that we stay in constant communication with each other until we are able to live together. This clear open contact is essential while we are in the process of creating our New Lives.

Watch for your true people; they will definitely be coming in this year. When you find them, it's important that we are totally open, honest and real with each other. One way to recognize your people is that there is no separation between our work and our play. Once you find them, stay in close contact and honor them, for each of them is a true blessing.


Reuniting with our One True Loves is a major component of this year. If you haven't already met yours, and if you want to, there's an extremely strong probability that it will happen. But of course, first we have to get ourselves into our rightful positions.

Even though we may be sitting in the Heart of the Lotus, there is another level that we must step into to be ready to unite with our One True Loves. We do this by becoming the King of Kings which is the Ultimate True Man or the Queen of Queens which is the Ultimate True Woman. For only King of Kings and Queen of Queens can come together in this manner as One True Loves. (This has nothing to do with gender or sexual preferences as One True Loves are available to everyone.)

The King of Kings and the Queen of Queens are highly refined beings who have a natural grace and elegance in all they do. There is a sense of ease and a true nobility and radiant inner authority in all their movements and actions. They are True Authentic Beings and Master Servers.

Once we embody our King of Kings or Queen of Queens, we can start opening the connection with our One True Love. Find touchstones that hold the resonance of One True Love and put them where you can see them. Create a special One True Love altar if you wish or light a special candle for your One True Love.

Now call forth your One True Love to find you. When you do this, make sure that you are embodying your King of Kings or Queen of Queens and are sitting in the Heart of the Lotus. Becoming a Living Lotus of Love.

Then clear the path between you. You will feel it when they connect with you energetically. And it will just get stronger and stronger. Check in with your One True Love all the time. Feel them lying beside you at night, driving in your car with you. Develop a close relationship with them well before you meet on the physical.

And if we do this, sometime this year we will encounter a Major Intersection with our One True Love. It will happen spontaneously and naturally. And nothing will ever be the same!


While we are waiting for our One True Loves to appear, we may well encounter several messengers of our One True Love. This is already happening to many. Messengers instantly recognize us as true King of Kings or Queen of Queens and appreciate us for who we really are. They come into our lives to further activate us by cracking open our hearts and by triggering our remembrance of the encodings that we share with our One True Love. These encodings then start to activate.

Whenever we encounter a messenger, we need to be grateful for their recognition of us, but be careful not to confuse them with our One True Love. If we collapse into the arms of the messenger, we will have detoured off the direct trajectory to our One True Loves.

We have lots of potential One True Loves, but only one will step forth to be with us. This is the one with whom we have a shared destiny. And this is the one who will be absolutely unquestionable.



The key to 2008 is to get our beings into our rightful positions as soon as possible. This is what will open the doors to the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

In January the emphasis is on the correct positioning of our inner beings so that later in the year, our outer lives will also be in their rightful positions. That's when our New Lives begin and all things are possible.

One of the ways to do this is to cross the Point of No Return as soon as possible. At this point, not that many people are past it, although many are very, very close to making that decisive Turning Point. So many are hovering right on the very edge of Quantum Breakthrough.

Until we definitively cross the Point of No Return, we are in a somewhat precarious position, still susceptible to being pulled backwards into duality. After we go beyond the Point of No Return, there is no possibility of ever going backwards or slipping into illusion. We can have anything thrown at us and we won't fall.

Please see where you are in relation to the Point of No Return and if you haven't crossed it, do all you can to get past it. This will set you totally free from everything that has previously held you back and move you onto the super ultra FAST TRACK. Everything becomes infinitely easier and much more dynamic.

Throughout January, much new, very needed information will be coming in. This new information will make our path ahead much clearer and enable us to make some long awaited decisions as to our future direction.

"We are setting the templates for our future NOW."


Rowing with my full being.

Serving the One with all I am.

Following the Path of the Winged Lion.

In the Heart of the Lotus.



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