January 2001: Getting Unstuck

With the rising tide caused by the entrance of the real New Millennium, the Surf swells, lifting us above the places where we have long been stuck. The sandbars and obstacles which have hindered our progress begin to fall away. The swelling current carries us forward....

The month of January is full of activity and effort; but this time our efforts actually bear fruit and see results. Completion is in the air and we will be busy bringing closure to many areas of our lives. This process of completion will be in effect for several months, but in January we will see some definite progress.

The rising tide will sweep away many of the elements of our lives which no longer belong with us. A great cleansing and clearing is taking place. Be prepared to embrace the changes which are presented. Some of them may appear drastic at the time they occur or they may not happen in the ways in which we had hoped they would happen, but they are all for the purpose of getting us unstuck and moving us forward.

Even though we will be busy this month, it is essential that we continually find time to be quiet and alone. The changes that are happening to us are extremely deep and this quiet time is needed to integrate them. Whenever you can, sit in the silence and meditate, contemplate, or simply see yourself sitting on a mountaintop observing the view. Look down upon the swirling dust clouds of your life from this lofty perch and just allow the changes to take place.

It's as if our beings were magnets and the frequencies of our magnetic charges are changing. Many of the elements which used to be magnetically drawn to us are becoming demagnetized to us and withdrawing. The old charges are becoming neutralized. At the same time, our new frequencies will be magnetizing new elements into our lives. This means that new people, situations, places and jobs will be coming our way this year. This will happen on every level possible.

Our cocoons are starting to peel away and dissolve. This is happening gently, a gradual peeling away of layer upon layer. This will continue for most of the year. There is no way to force this process, nor would we want to. Simply allow the layers to loosen and unwrap as we slowly emerge.

While this is happening, we will be experiencing a deep healing. Many of us have gotten burned in the fires of transformation and the layers of our cocoons are serving as a soothing balm, a protective wrapping to heal us from the damage we have incurred. The layers of our cocoons will be shedded as those portions of our beings are healed and renewed.

So many of us have been through the fires that when we do emerge reborn, it will bring a mighty surge of new energy to the planet. It will move our evolutionary process forward dramatically.

It's similar to the process of using a bow and arrow. To shoot an arrow, one doesn't just put the arrow in the bow and let it go. If we did that, the arrow would just fall limply to the ground. First, we must pull the bow back towards ourselves, towards our heart, towards the core of our beings. This gives us the momentum to shoot the arrow far into the distance, to make a quantum leap forward. And this is what we have been doing for the past several years; stretching the bow back towards us so far that it has taken all our energy and strained all our resources.

The focus hasn't been on how far the arrow would ultimately go or on discovering the location where it would end up. Our focus has been on pulling the bow back towards ourselves, on holding that stressful stance, on survival itself. We have become shaky and weary with the pressure of holding the bow string back so tightly. We have forgotten what it is like to let go and soar.

Well, this year, we are going to let go of our bow strings and send our arrows flying and it is going to feel so liberating! And as I said before, it will create a repercussion throughout the planet, a harmonic resonance, and send us all flying forward.

By the end of January, we will see some very real changes in our lives. Elements which have long been blocked and stuck will be set free. A sense of happiness and joy will start returning to us. New opportunities will present themselves.

The swelling Surf will carry us forward into places which are much more comfortable and inspiring than we have known for some time.

Happy New Millennium!


Right now the emphasis is on completing any unresolved issues which we were unable to complete last year. We are dealing with both inner, personal issues within ourselves and with unresolved outer issues in our life.

The process of closure may feel choppy at times: we could feel tossed this way and that. The Surf is surging and splashing. This is happening because the process of closure must be thorough. We don't want to leave any hidden corners or unresolved issues. We need to be totally free so we can move on into something new and fresh.

Sometimes, our closure process may lead us into unexpected directions. On the surface, what is happening may not appear to be positive, but it really is. This is an accelerated time and the churning Surf is cleansing our beings and clearing our path.

What we can do is to complete our process of forgiveness and letting go of everything we have experienced in this lifetime. Then, trust the process which is taking place.


Solara's Personal Update: March 27, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.