Solara's July 2008 Surf Report

Quantum Leap: Part Two

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"It is only when I look away from my true goal,
even for an instant, that I lose my balance and begin to fall."

.... a Tightrope Walker

June was an extremely challenging month in which it often felt like we were maneuvering through an intricate obstacle course. No matter what we did, or how hard we tried, it was impossible to move forward in a linear, logical manner. Instead, what was required was a constant shifting of direction. We would press ahead and find the road in front of us blocked with a big Red Light. Everything would come to a sudden halt as we stood there feeling extremely perplexed. Why couldn't we move forward?

Finally, we understood that just because the road in front of us was closed, it didn't mean that all roads were blocked. We strengthened our intuition and pulled the Compass of our Heart out of our pocket. Ah, we suddenly saw an open doorway off to the side. And so we were once again rerouted onto a much truer course. This repeated itself again and again....

Throughout the month, the Lights never turned Green. There was never the opportunity to put on a burst of speed and zoom unhindered onto the Fast Track. It was like traveling through a succession of Yellow Lights in heavy traffic. We had to wait for the next opening to become available, quickly speed through the intersection, then slam on our brakes. Slowly, slowly, in measured increments, we made our way to the next intersection and once again waited for an opening to pass through. And if we weren't totally alert, we would miss our opportunity to move ahead and remain bogged down in the traffic for even longer.

This doesn't mean that there weren't any breakthroughs in June; there were several, especially during the last week. The main areas where these are taking place are within our own inner beings and in our relationships with others.

All during June, the Quantum Surf was very choppy, breaking up all our actions into small segments. There was no smooth flow. The air was full of lots of wonderful possibilities and potential breakthroughs, but nothing firmly clicked into position on the physical.

It often felt as if our lives had suddenly transformed into one of those intricate computer puzzle games. We had to sense our way around the magical maze of the Inner Labyrinth, constantly searching for any doorways that were open and jumping from world to world to pick up clues and important keys whenever it was necessary. At the same time, we were completing unresolved issues and gathering up numerous tools, keys, insights and information that we would need later.

All of this is part of a monumental initiation that we are presently experiencing. The succession of Red and Yellow Lights is forcing us to learn how to navigate in the uncharted realms of the Unseen Worlds. It is dramatically altering our timing mechanism. We are learning to find our way without a physical map by bringing forth the mastery of our own internal knowing. And as we continue to unhook ourselves from the duality-based illusions of time, space and matter, we are living our lives in an increasingly unpinned, multi-dimensional state.



July is yet another critical month in which everything is on the line. Many unresolved and stuck situations need to burst free this month. There has to be a dramatic shift so we can move forward. Many of us have spent the past few months in a holding position, waiting for the tsunamis of huge breakthroughs to crash upon our shores and totally rearrange our inner and outer landscapes.

For several months, it has felt as if we were stuck in a waiting room, making numerous plans for the future, constantly revising our To Do Lists, but unable to take decisive action. Everything has felt as if it was on hold. We have been able to leap into action in sudden spurts as we dash across the intersections of the Yellow Lights, only to once again stop and wait. Everything is stacked up almost ready to click into position, and yet we have had to wait and wait for our breakthroughs to manifest on the physical.

Until we get out of the waiting room, we are going to have days of wild activity, with the phone ringing like crazy and way too much to do, followed by days of total inaction when we are either totally at a loss at what to do or plunged into the profound depths of Far Distant Worlds.

This has often been frustrating, for we are so eager to leap ahead. And yet this time of waiting has greatly served us. While it appears that we are passively waiting and getting little accomplished, we are actually undergoing a total rewiring of our entire matrix. This is one of the reasons why we are being so thoroughly immersed into the immeasurable depths of Far Distant Worlds.

Our daily patterns are also dramatically changing. Certain things that have already expired are becoming almost impossible to do. When we try to force ourselves to do them, it feels as if we are stepping through thick mud. We absolutely have to find new ways of doing things before we can move to our New Lives. Before, not after we get there.



Another vitally important element of this seemingly endless period of waiting has to do with closing the gaps between Who We Really Are and Who We Are in Daily Life. Gaps come in many forms. Anything that creates an artificial split or division within our beings is a gap. Some of them were put in place by us a long time ago as survival mechanisms; however, they no longer serve us and now need to be dismantled. It's really important that we find these places and build bridges to close the gap as soon as possible.

Here are some possible areas to look at:

Covering ourselves with a cloak of invisibility while being upset that we are not truly seen.

Not speaking our truth while being upset that we are not being heard or understood.

Not fully living the truth that we speak and know in our core.

Letting past fears and past experiences influence our present actions when we really know better.

Holding onto the belief that we have to make a choice between two things; that we can't have it all.

Clinging onto old hurts and wounds as an excuse for not opening our hearts.

Yearning to be with our One True Love, while grabbing onto any relationship that comes our way.

Relying on hope or trust, rather than knowing.

Really wanting to move to our next level, but refusing to step out of our comfort zone to do it.

Filling our self with mental concepts without making them our own and applying them to our daily life.

Relying on second hand knowledge from others instead of following our own inner knowing.

Wanting to change the world, but refusing to change our own self.

Wanting to serve the One, but getting caught up in our own processing, healing or problems which keeps the focus onto our self.

Being really "spiritual" one moment and really 3 D (3rd dimensional) the next.

Filling our life with illusory New Age practices rather than being REAL and TRUE.

Having really deep inner worlds, but keeping them all locked inside, rather than embodying them and sharing them with others.

Holding onto the belief that we can't have money if we are being "spiritual".

Carrying the split between our strong inner knowing versus doubting what we know.

Sitting on the sidelines criticizing the efforts of others who are rowing, while making no effort to birth a better world our self.

Accepting the compromise between the work we do and what we really want to do.

The fear of leaping versus the yearning to leap.

Feeling that meditation replaces the need for action, for fully living what we believe.

Keeping our family life separate from our spiritual life. The same is true with our friends and associates.

Wanting to make profound changes while tenaciously holding onto the security of our status quo.

Wanting more love in our life without being more loving.

Wanting deeper intimacy with others while keeping the doors to our own being firmly closed.

Needing healing, but pushing it away.

Being totally capable and healthy, but always feeling that we need more healing.

Wanting to move forward, but refusing to clean out our past.

Holding onto expired elements, while bemoaning the lack of the New in our lives.

Knowing about real sacred loving, but remaining addicted to destructive sexual patterns and behaviors.

Wanting to be real, but denying how we really feel by suppressing our emotions.

Constantly judging between "good" and "bad" behavior.

Believing in the artificial separation between "spiritual" and "non spiritual".

Believing that being strong and honest isn't being "spiritual".

Believing that being raw and vulnerable is weakness.

Waiting for something big to happen versus seeing that it is already here!

This is just a partial list of possible gaps and splits. But I hope that it's helpful.

As long as we still carry a huge gap within us, if our selves are divided and split, we won't be able to move forward into our New Lives. If we aren't in alignment within our own beings, how can we expect to do what we came here to do? How can we experience the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams?

As long as we carry major gaps and splits within us, we will be pulled into two or more directions. This makes us susceptible to constant distractions that pull us away from our true destiny and purpose. Please remember the tightrope walker and how it takes our TOTAL FOCUS and TOTAL COMMITMENT to get to our true goal. If we are looking here and there, rather than focusing on why we are really here at this time, we will surely lose our balance. If we are jumping back and forth between the splits in our being, we can't bring our full being into form.

If we are passively sitting on the sidelines as an observer, if we are endlessly meditating rather than incorporating the Greater Reality into our daily physical lives, if we are keeping ourselves constantly numbed out with alcohol or drugs, or if we are mindlessly doing our New Age affirmations, waiting for "Spirit" or the "Universe" to do it for us without putting in any effort of our own, then we will have failed the very reason we came to this planet at this time -- to serve in the transition from duality to Oneness during this critical Time of Completion.

Any gaps within us need to be bridged as soon as possible. Any splits within us need to be merged together and healed. Our true nature is whole and any perceived divisions within us are false. We must thoroughly scan our beings and see whatever behaviors and beliefs we still carry within us that keep us small, limited, divided or fearful. At the same time, our connection with our true core being must be continually nourished and strengthened. This has to be done immediately so we can move to our next level and to our New Life.



As we draw ever closer to the Center of the Labyrinth, we will find many people and opportunities spin into our lives from unexpected directions. Some of them will be important, lasting connections. Others will just as quickly spin out of our sphere. Everything is changing so quickly that we often don't know what is coming in and what is going out.

This time is amazingly similar to the time of the evacuation of Atlantis. Some of you will remember back then when we received our instructions to gather together at the hidden bay. Once we arrived there, we saw over a hundred long wooden ships waiting for us. It was only at the moment when we boarded our ships that we discovered who was traveling with us, and who was not. Some of the ones whom we will be traveling with will be ones with whom we currently feel a sense of separation. This will soon dissolve as we become closer than ever before. Others we will meet when we finally reach the shores of our New Lives.

And back in those final days of Atlantis, it was only when we had sailed a considerable distance, rowing steadfastly night and day without stopping, that we opened our Sealed Orders and finally knew our true destination.

The closer we get to the Center of the Labyrinth, the stronger the energies of the Far Distant Worlds become. Many of us are being magnetically pulled into them, making it extremely challenging to get things done. When the Far Distant Worlds are at their strongest, we experience a feeling of extreme heaviness, as if the pull of gravity has immeasurably intensified. This makes us constantly want to lie down and cease all outer activities. All we want to do as soon as we get up in the morning, is go lie down. We may find ourselves needing to lie down or sleep several times a day. It feels as if we are on one of those carnival rides in which we are pressed to the sides of the wheel by immense centrifiugal force.

While we are being totally flattened by the extreme intensity of the energies, a massive alignment is taking place. Wheels within wheels are spinning, colors flashing, everything is moving into the position of Right Time - Right Place.

Once we reach the actual Center of the Labyrinth, we will experience a huge series of breakthroughs. It will feel like getting hit by a category ten hurricane. There will be a massive clicking into our rightful positions on level after level. This is when we will finally see how all of our efforts and all of our strivings have been steady lining us up for the sole purpose of bringing us to this totally new place.

The Lights will turn the most brilliant Green we have ever seen. Ripples and waves will be sent forth through multiple universes, bringing everything into deeper alignment. Cogs and wheels will move into their new positions. The mammoth Wheel of Destiny will make a huge turn.

This is when everything cracks wide open. We can finally burst into action. There will be so much to do in a very concentrated time. Yet, we will get it done. And this is just the beginning....

For after the ripples and waves spread forth and reach their new positions, we will find ourselves in an entirely new place, the Core of the Center of the Labyrinth, and a whole new tsunami of breakthroughs will crash upon the shores of our beings.



The months of June, July and August form a special unit. Although each month has unique characteristics, they are intimately interconnected. They all fit together perfectly to do the job of propelling us into a series of massive Quantum Leaps that push us into our New Lives. June's Red and Yellow Lights forced us to develop a new navigational system and alter our timing mechanism. July brings in some much needed Green Lights that enable us to achieve some necessary resolutions. And August moves us into Fast Forward at almost hyperspeed.

Throughout these three months, there are many elements that were introduced in June which will continue to influence us through August. There are numerous changes we must make, both externally and internally. There are specific tasks that we must get done. And there is an intricate sense of timing that we will learn to navigate.

In July, when we reach the Center of the Labyrinth and experience our first series of Green Lights, we will feel like racehorses bursting out of the starting gate. The race has finally begun! There will be a huge list of things to do, but miraculously we will get them done in record time.

July brings in a whole series of massive tsunamis that will soon be crashing upon our shores. Waves after waves after waves. Bringing major resolutions, quantum breakthroughs, revelatory new understandings. Cracking open our hearts. Unshackling us from the illusions that have kept us bound. And propelling us forward to exactly where we are meant to be.




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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!