Updated JULY 5, 2001

About the Surf Reports:
Each month I receive anxious emails wondering where the Surf Report is or why it is late. The Surf Reports are based on my intuitive feelings of the energies of the month, not on astrology or numerology. Sometimes, it takes me a few days to tune into the energies of the month especially if I am busy, undergoing a personal crisis, or in a deep quiet place where words don't come easily.

The month of July is going to shift things around even more dramatically than June did. The first few days of July may appear to be getting off to a slow start, but that's just outer appearances. This month is going to begin much like that slow roller coaster ascent up the first steep hill. We may not feel like we are going anywhere. But just ahead of us is a wild ride which will take us blasting into new places.

We could compare the time we are in right now to the night before Christmas. We may be snug in our beds and our surroundings may appear sleepy and unchanging, but a tremendous amount of activity is taking place just below the surface. And when we wake up in the morning, nothing will be quite like it was before. The new day will be full of wondrous surprises.

We also might wonder why our futures aren't totally clear or why things don't seem to be happening as quickly or obviously as we would like. This is because we are temporarily standing right in the midst of the swirling dust clouds created by MASSIVE CHANGE and ACTIVITY. If we turn our attention right below the surface of things, if we tune into the realms beyond surface appearances, we will see that a vast realignment is taking place.

Looking at "The Way Things Appear To Be" will not show us a clear or complete picture of what really is at this time. We must stretch our awareness beneath, beyond the surface layers and feel the deep movement on the inner realms.


It's important that we constantly LOOK BEYOND all outer appearances. This is very true of the challenges which come up in our lives. It's so easy to focus on our problems without seeing the core issues in play. Each problem or challenge brings with it a huge lesson or gift. They point out to us the areas which are crying out to be made whole. If we merely focus on solving the problem without dealing with the core issue, then that same problem will return to us again and again until we finally resolve the core issue.

It's easy to say: "Oh, if I only had enough money everything would be alright." Or: "If these troublesome people would just go away and leave me alone, I could live in peace." Or: "All I need is some respect from others." Or: If I just lost 15 pounds, I know that someone would love me." Or: "Why is everyone out to get me?" Or: "If only I could make money doing something creative."

The solution is not to just get what we want; that is dealing with the symptoms of our discontent, not the root causes. We need to go beyond the surface and delve into the real issue at the core of the problem. Once that is healed, we have broken an old pattern and obtained another important piece of our Personal Freedom.


Visualize the monolithic foundation stones, those ancient stones which weigh unfathomable tons, the ones which hold our past, present and future awareness and reality systems into place. Right now, they are moving into new positions. When you go to the place where you can see and feel these monolithic foundation stones, it will simply take your breath away. They are awesome and powerful. They are solid and ever so rarely move. And now there is movement; the pattern is changing.... This is a huge shift for us.

A new configuration of our foundation stones is taking place. A repatterning that will have profound effects on all aspects of our lives, including our core beings. This is a rare and wondrous occurrence.

It is making possible our emergence into new sectors of the Here and Now. We are moving onto a larger scale of existence. The New is now coming towards us. Our New Lives are drawing us to them. Our beings are expanding. Our understanding is growing ever larger.


During this time we are going to experience huge surges in the Surf; waves of tremendous power will sweep over us. We will be inundated with surges of new energy. Then these surges will appear to recede for a short time, leaving us irrevocably changed and somehow reinvigorated.

It is then our task to put our expanded awareness into all aspects of our lives, with special focus on the process of completion. Using our new awareness to see things differently and to do things differently, we can continue to unhook ourselves from the places where we have become snagged in duality and illusion.

Whenever the Surf surges, we can "expect" unexpected results. Anything can happen. It can throw us into totally unexpected directions. Some of the events and inner urges we experience during July may appear to make no sense. Many of them will not be logical or what we are used to. And yet, there's sort of a Crazy Wisdom to the wildly gyrating Surging Surf. It's actually leading us exactly where we're meant to be.

The Surging Surf is altering our course and changing our direction. It's Divine Intervention in action. We may not understand where it is taking us or why things are happening the way they are; all we can really do is to let go and trust in the perfect unfolding of our destiny.

During this time, we will also find that another wave of people will be going out of our lives; some of them may have been quite close to us. And of course, some of our future relationships will start to be swept towards us. We might be almost pulled out of our places of residence and sent elsewhere. Perhaps to strange and unexpected places. Our jobs might terminate and new ones begin.

Throughout this time of Surging Surf, we must be willing to flow with the changes and let go whenever necessary. We are going to be very busy with endless activities piled on top of one another. Sometimes, this will be quite challenging since the Surging Surf is so powerful that it will be hard to maintain our focus or it might just knock us over for awhile. Occasionally, we may just have to stop everything and go to bed or take a bath.

As the month of July progresses, this process will accelerate. The Surging Surf will either be out in the open, all around us, splashing us, pulling us into unexpected and expanded areas with its overwhelming magnetism or it will be just below the surface. Everything might appear calm for a minute, but deep down, the Surging Surf is still there.

We will be thrust into new situations with new people in new places. Our understanding will continually be revised and expanded. The Surging Surf will propel us along into our New Directions.



The Surging Surf will be moving us into some unexpected directions. Be open to them and let go of any resistance to change. Don't expect things to remain as they were before. They won't. Change IS coming!

The Surging Surf is going to be pulling us away from the places where we have been stuck. It's not the time to hold on. It's not possible to hold on. This is a great time to simply surrender and let ourselves be led into the New.


Solara's Personal Update: June 4, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.