Solara's June 2008 Surf Report

Quantum Leap: Part One

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"It was the best of times.
It was the worst of times."

.... The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

May was an extremely powerful month full of Mega Quantum Surf that unleashed dramatic events in the form of massive natural disasters which affected many parts of our world. A volcano in Chile that had been dormant for over 9000 years suddenly erupted, a major cyclone and tsunami struck long suffering Burma and a series of devastating earthquakes drastically reconfigured the landscape in China. And these were just the major events, there was a whole series of floods, wildfires and tornados that affected many parts of the globe. In one week alone, several hundred thousand people abruptly left the planet and millions more are left homeless, injured and in critical need of food and water. Whenever something of this magnitude occurs, a deep core level shift takes place that profoundly affects the entire planet. Our collective One Being feels it. And since we are all part of our One Being, each of us is deeply impacted on a core level.

All of this came as a serious reminder and major wake up call for us to step out of any remaining threads of illusion that we are in "normal" times. We are not! We are in the long awaited Time of Completion, the changeover from a duality-based reality system to one that is anchored in Oneness. And we simply cannot continue "life as usual" with our old narrow behaviors and outdated priorities.

It has become totally obvious to just about everyone that the ship of duality is full of holes and finally sinking. Yes, it's shocking and upsetting, but absolutely necessary. We've all worked hard and waited for a long time for this monumental changeover to Oneness. And we need to keep reminding ourselves that we all chose to come here at this time to help in this momentous shift to Oneness.

Because of this, we need to take a good hard look at where we are currently standing. Are we still feeding duality and separation or are we now nourishing Oneness and Love? Are we serving our One Being in these troubled Times of Completion or are we are we just taking care of our own concerns and serving our own selves? Are we paralyzed with fear and filled with insecurity or are we deepening our compassion, strengthening our love and courage and renewing our commitment to make a true difference?

Throughout May, the Winds of Change blew with a wild frenzy, helping us to begin disconnecting from many old expired situations, people, jobs and places that were wrong for us and bringing us brilliant new opportunities and important connections amidst the swirling chaos. Because of all the turmoil taking place and all the New that was being birthed, the Mega Quantum Surf was extremely Choppy and immeasurably deep.

At the same time, we were thrust into the furthest realms of the Far Distant Worlds. Often, the pull was so strong that it was nearly impossible to stay awake during the day. Many of us found ourselves continually lying down and diving into states of incredible depth, whether asleep or awake. It was almost like falling into a trance, so deeply were we propelled into the Far Distant Worlds. We felt stretched and expanded far beyond our previous borders, hot and cold at the same time. We were either famished for food or totally lost our appetite. And no matter how much we drank, we couldn't drink enough water.

This powerful immersion into the Far Distant Worlds is a profound initiation that is taking us deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality and giving us numerous revelations. It is activating the internal encoding of our cellular memory banks and flinging open our sealed orders. It is rewiring our inner circuitry so we can be more perfectly aligned with our inner blueprint.

As May progressed, the Far Distant Worlds started to merge within us, and thus became closer as we brought them into our everyday physical reality. Yet, their powerful pull has not diminished and will not in the foreseeable future. Instead, they will simply get stronger and deeper.

The Mega Quantum Surf grew into a series of giant tsunamis which started slamming onto the shore of our lives, often totally flattening us. Everything was brought to its breaking / breakthrough point. Like a high stakes poker game with everything on the line, the stakes are constantly being raised until we finally get it and totally reorder our priorities.

The Mega Quantum Surf also brought us some much needed major breakthroughs. For many, these took place on core levels as a sudden dissolving of the veils, enabling us to remember Who We Really Are and Why We Are Really Here. For those who already are clear on this, the breakthroughs manifested on the physical level, giving us major information as to our new direction while deeply affecting and reordering our outer world.

All of this will continue throughout June. And it will become much stronger....



Times of Completion are always intensely powerful and full of shocking events. Everything is absolutely ON THE LINE on every level possible. Since the Time of Completion is not going to suddenly go away, but will only get stronger, we need to consciously choose right now how we are going to deal with it. This is possibly the most important choice we will ever make.

The easiest response is to panic and move into a state of fear and doubt, rendering ourselves unable to see or act clearly, reacting numbly and passively to what is taking place around us. The main problem with this choice is that it isn't effective. It won't solve the problem. It won't make us safe or secure. We can try to hide ourselves in a closet until the storm passes over, but the storm won't pass over, it will only get more powerful, UNTIL we start living in the Greater Reality as One Being. And we need to do this NOW!

Our second choice is to immediately reorder our priorities and totally reroute our entire lives, becoming true core beings and aiming for what is New and True. We need to row with everything we've got into the direction of our New Lives. Actually, this is really the only choice that I know of that will be effective.

Once we do, we are going to experience a series of massive Quantum Leaps that will propel us forward. It's just like those walking conveyor belts that they have at airports. We can either stay off of them and walk at the normal pace and get slammed by duality, or we can get on the conveyor belt and join the Fast Track. This is how it is when we live in the Greater Reality in the HERE and NOW. The Fast Track is available to all who are ready to jump on it. It is a super titanium expressway into our New Lives and the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

Many of us have already started experiencing Quantum Leaps that are propelling us into our New Lives. We are connecting with the people and places of our future. This process of Quantum Leaping will continue for the next three months or more, depending on our willingness, courage and commitment to leap wholeheartedly into what appears to be the Unknown.

While the Tsunamis of Change are sweeping away the old and bringing in the New, we have unprecedented opportunities to move into our rightful positions. The path ahead of us is much clearer than we can presently perceive. We may think that it's full of hindrances and obstacles, but it's not. It's simply a matter of getting ourselves onto the right level so we can be on the super expressway of the Ultra Greater Reality.

Whether or not we make our leap into our New Lives depends entirely on us. However, it's vitally important that when a Quantum Leap presents itself that we take it to its fullest distance; this special golden opportunity is a great gift that may not present itself again.

Even though there are many details of our leap into the Unknown that we do not yet know, we need to be totally FEARLESS in seeing it through. It's not a matter of faith, hope or even trust. It's a core level KNOWING that we are going into our right direction. When we make our Quantum Leaps, we don't even get a nice, comfortable safety net to rely on; we must make the leap with our full beings and with our total commitment to getting there.

We do know that we can't stay stuck in the quicksand of our old positions, for if we do, we shall surely sink. We are getting pulled down each day that we remain in them. This alone should be enough to spur us forward to make our gigantic leaps forward, and yet many are not doing this. They start leaping, then their old rational mind steps in. "Are you crazy?, it says?" "What about all the practical details?" "How are you going to support yourself?" "Are you sure you're not going to crash and burn?" it insinuates. This is happening because our duality-based self is fighting for its survival and its days are running out.

Once we start making a Quantum Leap, we can't let anything hold us back. If we don't set an irrevocable course forward, then our old unconscious self sabotage mechanisms kick in and we'll only make a partial leap. At this point, it's easy to start building a case to justify staying in our old position, even when we know far better. But if we try to do this, our denial won't last long, for our old expired situations are unquestionably lifeless and we know it.

We may go through a phase of back pedaling until we get recentered on what is really important, our top priority, which is to get into our New Lives as soon as possible. This is a true survival issue.

Right now many people are clinging onto what they think is secure, when it is the absolutely last thing that is secure. This includes jobs, investments, relationships, property, homes, areas of old mastery, old ways of doing things, past experiences-- anything that has already expired. It's like clinging onto the mast of a ship that is sinking. We have to let go of the mast in order to find the shining lifeboat which is waiting for us. And it's nearer to us than we think.

Right now, many people are concerned with finding a "safe" place. Actually, there's no official list of "safe" places. The only "safe" place to be is in your RIGHT place. We all need to go where our heart tells us to go, even if we've never been there before, even if we don't speak the language, even if we don't have a new job waiting for us there. And if we do....


As soon as we make our first Quantum Leap, numerous elements will begin clicking into position. Once we get into our rightful new position, it will open up our true purpose. This will be revealed once we actually get there. Our right place might not be aligned with our old personal preferences, but it will fulfill us on a much deeper level.

Our new positions are pre-ordained alignments that already reside in our cellular memory banks. Once we get ourselves physically there, much will be revealed and the path will be made clear. We will find our kindred people, our true purpose, our mode of serving the One, our One True Loves and the true security of being in our RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

Being true to our own selves is the only safety net there is. It will never let you fall. In our heart of hearts we know this; we just need to follow what we already know.

We all have a date with destiny that is beckoning us forward. This is true even if you are already in the right physical location and don't need to move somewhere else. You still need to step into your New Life right where you are. Of course, it's always easier if you move to a new location because this gives us a blank canvas upon which we can create totally New Lives. If you stay where you are, you will need to create a blank canvas. Thoroughly comb throughout your being and throughout your outer life and strip away or transform all the expired elements. Be ready to let go of anything that is untrue. Become a True Core Being. Create an oasis in your home where you can live in the Ultra Greater Reality. You need to become super flexible and wide open, for your life may suddenly veer into a new direction and take on an entirely new form.



June is a power packed month full of Mega Quantum Surf. If we can set aside our fears or turn them inside out, we will be able to make amazing Quantum Leaps that will propel us forward to where we most want to be. Everything is happening in a very precise timing. Things will be rapidly clicking into position in fast succession.

We all need to Hold the Beam for the people who are already leaping, for just like the queue of airplanes waiting to take off on the airport runway, each person who leaps, moves all of us as well as the entire template forward.

The first two and a half weeks of June will emphasize cleaning things up and making things right (Ho'o Pono Pono). Any remaining expired situations that we are still stuck in are turning sour. For some of us, holding onto the Fear of Letting Go, the Fear of Change, the Fear of Being Unpinned, the Fear of Failure, the Fear of Losing Control and the Fear of the Unknown will actually make us sick with seizures, heart problems, walking pneumonia and extreme dizziness.

Since we are moving through the inner filtering system of the Lotus Heart, many of the untrue elements and beliefs which we still carry with us will be brought up to the surface and magnified so we can finally see them clearly. In addition to any of the more obvious duality-based concepts, this includes any distorted concepts we accumulated from the velvet trap of hazy New Age platitudes.

Part of Making Things Right is dealing with lack of integrity and misuse of power. Be very careful not to get pulled into compromising what you know to be right, while constantly remaining flexible. Lack of integrity or misuse of power is not acceptable, no matter what the circumstances. This is true, not just with our personal situations, but with everything happening on the planet. The sharks are coming out now and getting very aggressive, for they know that their old game is being unmasked. It's up to us to stop them, not by engaging in conflict with them, but by remaining in our truest core and not accepting their misguided behavior. Sharks can turn up during some of our greatest breakthroughs. No matter what happens, don't let it throw you off course. Hold to what you know is true.

We will be thoroughly sorting through everything on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to find out what is most real and true. We will be doing lots of research to gather much needed information. This new information will be extremely helpful later on in the month when we will have to make some lightning fast Quantum Leaps. This research and information gathering, along with the continuing revelations caused by the activation of our Cellular Memory Banks, will create major shifts in our awareness. We will discover a greater depth in the things we already know that takes them to a totally new level.

We will be creating huge To Do Lists so we can be as organized as possible to deal with the multitude of tasks in front of us. We are doing the groundwork to prepare us for the second half of June and the months of July and August when everything gets super wild and fast.

Many issues, problems and unresolved situations will either be brought to completion or taken to an entirely new level. This is happening because of the Quantum Leaps that we are courageously making and all the new connections that are occurring. Each Quantum Leap that we experience gives us some major pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of our New Lives. Once these key pieces are in place, many other smaller pieces click into position.

After June 19th, everything on the Fast Track will speed up into hyperspeed. There will be strong surges of forward movement, as well as a series of Quantum Leaps and lots of Wild Cards flying at us, one after the other, from multiple directions. During this time, we might have to make some major decisions super fast.

Throughout June, the Wheel of Destiny is making a massive turn, requiring a huge reordering of absolutely everything. It is sending forth ripples and waves that move many smaller wheels and cogs into position.

This exciting, action packed month is going to be full of course corrections, inner and outer rerouting and a huge reshuffling of our top priorities. Deep internal realignments are taking place that close the gap between our inner blueprint and our outer landscape. Miracles abound. And throughout it all, the Far Distant Worlds will imbue our beings with immeasurable depth.

First Two Weeks:

Let go of panic, fears, doubts and security concerns. Get organized. Gather new information. START LEAPING! Watch out after you start making a Quantum Leap for the ensuing panic attacks. We just begin to get free, then we panic and grab onto the nearest piece of the old security. This won't help us at all. Let it go and simply enjoy the wild, unbridled freedom of what we are doing!

Rest of Month:

Take a stance of sureness, courage and knowingness. Stand in your core in the Heart of the Lotus.

LEAP !!!!!
AND LEAP !!!!!





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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!