June is a month when we will feel noticeable shifts in our lives. A very definite transfer is taking place on many levels.

One way to describe what is taking place is to compare our lives to a theater. For the past few months, things have been changing on our stage. It might be just the transference of props---- "Didn't there used to be a table over there?" "What happened to the picture over the fireplace?" "In fact, what happened to the fireplace???"

New items are also popping up on our stage---- "Hey, what's that fountain doing in the corner?" "When did that wall get painted bright orange?" "How come I never noticed that gorgeous tree outside?" "Where did this beautiful new costume come from? I LOVE it! It fits me much better than the old one."

The same is true of the actors we are used to working with---- "What happened to Henry? He always worked at the gas station?" "Wasn't I in a relationship with someone?" "What was the name of the person who used to be my friend?"

Or of the activities we use to keep ourselves busy---- "Gosh, aren't I supposed to be doing something right now? I don't remember having any free time in my life." "I used to love hanging out with these people; why don't we have anything in common anymore?" "I just can't focus on this. It really doesn't interest me at all."

Perhaps, now it's more like---- "I just LOVE taking walks!" or "Thanks for inviting me to the party, but I just need to have some quiet time by myself right now." "Yeah, I worked at that job I didn't like for years, but now I'm finally able to move on."

Everything is moving and shifting in increments. It's not like we are loading everything into a truck and driving to our New Lives, although that may well happen soon. Rather, it's more like the elements of our lives and the props on our stage are slowly transforming into something totally different and much more harmonious with our inner being. Every moment, our stage set is being changing into one which feels so much more aligned to us.


The biggest shifts are taking place within our inner beings.

We start to react to a situation in an established pattern of behavior when suddenly our reaction mechanism totally deflates, like letting the air out of a balloon. We just can't respond in the old manner even if we try, because the energy to do it simply isn't there.

When something comes up to upset us, we start to get riled, then our greater understanding kicks in and everything is all right and simply not worth getting upset about.

When we start worrying about whether or not something will happen, all of a sudden it doesn't matter anymore. If it happens, that's fine; if it doesn't, that's OK too.

It no longer matters if we are "happy" or "sad". They are both all right and so is anything in between. We don't attach any judgment to our feelings. We just accept them and feel them and go on.

We now embrace feeling vulnerable and have discovered that there's a great inner courage in being openly vulnerable.

At the same time, we also embrace the strength of our emotions and their effect upon others. Our compassion for others has greatly expanded which allows us to be both gentle and powerful with the uncompromised expression of our truth.

All of these adjustments in attitude are giving us back huge pieces of our inner personal freedom. We are becoming free to respond to life in much more natural and true ways. We are no longer bound by old conditioning; we don't have to fall into the traps of old, unconscious responses. We can now express exactly how we feel.

It's not just a matter of being true to our feelings, rather it's that our feelings, themselves, are drastically changing. We feel more and our feelings are deeper than before, but they have also expanded. Our feelings have stretched out and become different. It's as if the very substance that our emotions are created from has been altered. They are made out of a different chemical, or perhaps alchemical, formula than previously. This new emotional formula simply doesn't allow for the existence of some of the gnarled, distorted emotions which we felt before.


We are reaching a milestone in our passage through the 4th Gate of the 11:11. The 4th Gate reconfigured our evolutionary labyrinth, moving around the walls of the labyrinth which closed some of the old passages and opened up new ones. The overall pattern of our evolutionary labyrinth was changed. This shifting made it impossible to get stuck in the same old patterns in which we had been mired for a long time, so long that we had worn deep ruts into the ground. And of course, being in these deep ruts made it very difficult to clearly see where we really were.

The 4th Gate Activation took place on August 11, 1999 and it has taken us nearly two years to get to the point where the old pathways and patterns have virtually disappeared. This is now apparent on both inner and outer levels.

The 5th Gate of the 11:11 deals with the obtainment of our own personal inner freedom. It marks a milestone or a Point of No Return for Personal Freedom. After 5th Gate is activated, we shall never again lose the Personal Freedom that we have obtained. The key here is that we must obtain a certain degree of Personal Freedom before we can activate the 5th Gate.

I know that many people are anxious for 5th Gate to be activated, but we really can't rush this process by looking outside ourselves for something to make the shift for us. First, we must go inside our core beings and make the needed shifts towards our Personal Freedom. As we do that, we will discover many shifts taking place in our outer lives as well. This is how we prepare for 5th Gate. And as more of us do this, the day of the 5th Gate Activation will come closer.


The months April through October are like traveling through one of those glass mazes. We think we see an open doorway before us and walk right into a barrier of glass! "Oops, I guess we don't go that way."

Then we try another direction and either run into another wall of glass or pass through an open doorway. It's very difficult to go the "wrong" way at this time because only certain doors are open. These open doors are always the "right" doors so we really don't have anything to worry about. Our way is open before us; we just have to be open enough to try some unexpected directions.

And if we run into a wall of glass, we don't need to lament and bang our heads against the glass in frustration or throw a rock through it. Simply try another direction until you find the way which is open. It's actually sort of fun once we surrender to the process of being in the maze and once we let go of trying to control our destiny. And we just might find ourselves in wondrous new places which we never imagined existed!


Whenever we label something as "Good" or "Bad" or as "Wrong" or "Right", we are perpetuating the illusion of duality. We are separating the judged elements from the ONE.

We judge ourselves, our actions, our inactions and those of everyone around us. Judgments rarely bring healing or transformation; instead, they try to stick something or someone into a box or label without giving them room to grow or transform.

Most of the time, our judgments are based on a fragment of our understanding rather than a clear perception of the total picture, so we are really limiting ourselves by reinforcing our incomplete understanding.

There are always many forces at play in this world and the other worlds. Can you see them all? Can you understand the larger scheme of what is really happening on a vast scale? If not, then please don't fall into judgment mode.

Give yourself the freedom to observe, discern, and learn. Freeing ourselves from judgments and criticisms gives us another piece of our Personal Freedom.

Why are we so IMPATIENT?
Impatience is a questioning and distrust of the perfection of the journey. It is an attempt we make to alter our evolutionary timing.

Altering the timing can sometimes be appropriate, but it is the manner in which Impatience goes about it which is doomed to failure. Impatience seeks to alter outer circumstances in order to reach the desired ends while what is really necessary is to make the inner adjustments. Often we become impatient for an outer change to take place while refusing to do the necessary inner work that will bring about the desired change.

The Antidote:
Whenever we feel a sense of Impatience we might take this as a sign to take a good look at ourselves and ask, "What can I do within myself and within my life to help bring what I want closer?" Impatience doesn't need to be a trigger to frustration. Instead, it can serve as a trigger to action within ourselves. Or sometimes, it can simply be a trigger to acceptance of the perfect timing of our unfolding journey.

Solara's Personal Update: June 4, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.