Solara's March 2008 Surf Report

As the Wheel Turns....

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We are urgently seeking a Benefactor to help us move onto our next level.




February brought us Extreme Surf that was ever changing. As the energies around us constantly shifted, we were required to develop totally new methods of navigation. Many old patterns were dissolved and our beings became increasingly unpinned.

Because of the super changeable Quantum Surf, we experienced numerous shifts of direction. One moment we would make a firm decision to do something. The next day (or sooner) everything changed and we decided NOT to do it. We absolutely let it go. Then the next day (or sooner) everything shifted again and we were back on track for doing it with our full commitment.

Or we decided not to do something and totally released it, feeling at peace with our decision. Then unexpectedly, it returned to us just like a boomerang and we knew that we were meant to do it. This happened with directions that we were following, plans we were making and situations all around us. We totally let go of people who had become distant to us, then suddenly they were back again, stronger than ever!

We begin the month of March with everything up in the air and unresolved, feeling as if we are living in the midst of a snowglobe that is being well shaken. By the end of the month, many of the airborne elements will be moving into their rightful positions. Some will be totally gone, replaced by new, unexpected elements that we can't even imagine at this point.

March will bring a major clicking into position on some key levels. Our jigsaw puzzle is going to make much more sense as more of the bigger picture is revealed. Many of us won't yet physically be in our New Lives, but at least we be clearer on where we are meant to go, how we will get there and who we are meant to be with.



This is the map of where we currently are, which is Off the Map of the Known in the previously unexplored realms of the Unknown. Since nothing happens in a linear manner any more, this map needs to be fluid, organic and bendable. Everything is absolutely interwoven and ever changing. Each specific experience on the map is present in all the others.

From this new map, we should be able to see where we currently are, where we have been and where we are going.


Our concentrated focus on rowing day and night into the New and True causes the huge Wheel of Destiny to turn. This sets off a chain reaction that moves numerous wheels and cogs within our existing matrix out of their old duality-based positions. A monolithic shift takes place that affects absolutely everything. This sets off the unpinning process, freeing many of us to move onto a totally new level.

The Green Lights flicker on, then off, on, then off. We surge forward like a racehorse with each Green Light, then lurch to a stop when the Green Light goes off. This Choppy Surf causes confusion and sometimes chaos. We need to learn to wait for the steady Green Lights before we can actively move forward with any duration. Yet, although it's definitely challenging, we are actually making progress with our spurts through the short Green Lights. We continue to row no matter what and move forward, even when it doesn't feel like we are.

A massive rerouting is taking place. We start to move in one direction, only to be diverted to another. New, previously unknown, directions unexpectedly open up before us. It's important that we don't let this throw us off balance and plunge us into a state of panic. Instead, we need to remain steadfast, spontaneous and wide wide open. Ready to move in any new and unexpected direction at a second's notice. All of this rerouting is occurring to set us upon our truest course.

Much is dissolving. Some of this is caused by the thinning of the membranes. Many things are coming out of the hidden corners where they've been stashed away for ages and being brought up to the surface to be healed, released and transformed. Untrue elements are melting away. A massive Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right is taking place, creating a brand new balance that is finally tilting the scale to the setting of Oneness. The entire template is being cleaned out to its very core.

There is a huge breakdown of anything large or small that is sloppy, needs to be recalibrated or that lacks integrity. Even small things such as appliances, electronics, mechanical and household items are affected. This breakdown has a profound affect on our personal relationships, personal environment, on businesses, governments, established organizations, educational systems and world monetary systems. An example of this just occurred in Hawaii where the new, high speed "super" ferry that was forcibly imposed on us by business and government interests, even though it blatantly disregarded environmental concerns and would be charging through whale calving areas, has just been severely damaged and may never run again.

During this time, many people are receiving last minute wake up calls. And actually hearing them! They are finally waking up and seeing what is really happening. And jumping into position! Others are giving up hope. This is happening because they are still clutching onto the fears, doubts and limitations that hold them back. Some are choosing to leave the planet.

Before we can totally move into the New, we need to complete the old. This requires the absolute letting go of any old and expired elements within our inner beings and outer lives. One of the ways that we do this is by responding and acting in opposite ways than before.

Some examples of this would be: Instead of going out and searching frantically for your One True Love, let go of any lingering past relationships that still bind you and develop an inner relationship with your One True Love. Instead of seeing life as a struggle, embrace it as unfolding absolutely perfectly. Rowing requires constant, almost super human effort, but never hardship or struggle. Instead of being frustrated that you are not yet in your New Life, start transforming your current circumstances into your New Life by recalibrating everything, responding in new ways and imprinting your inner blueprint on your outer environment.

As soon as you become a new person, your outer life will dramatically change. Instead of constantly feeling limited by lack of money, know that money has no more power over you. You are now able to manifest exactly what you need, when you need it. Utilizing these new responses cause the first Flip Over into our new positions.

We need to get super serious about moving into our New Lives. Ask yourself, "If I was moving into my New Life next week, what would I need to do before I am free go there?" Make a To Do List and start doing it now! Things are going to really speed up this month and we need to get ready to move quickly.


The monolithic shifts caused by the turning of the massive Wheel of Destiny is creating a state of Quantum Deep. A blanket of deep silence envelops us. Everyone is quiet, like a sleeping giant who is on the brink of awakening. We become deeply immersed in the Zone of Silence. Quantum Deep thrusts us into an extremely profound state of heightened quiet, no matter what we are doing. We are being pushed down into the deepest strata of our beings, like being pressed into the deepest ocean's floor. Once we are here, the cracks between the worlds start to open, revealing totally new parts of ourselves that are key components of our true inner blueprint. When this happens, allow yourself to deepen and expand. 

Whenever we experience Quantum Deep, it means that we are working on a core matrix level refining, recalibrating and expanding our inner blueprint. This very essential work must be done before we can move into our New Lives, for our inner blueprint determines who we are and what we will experience.

One of the key elements of 2008 is the alignment of our inner and outer blueprints. They need to match up so that our outer lives perfectly reflect who we truly are on a core level. When they do, we are in our "New Lives". If we don't spend the time and effort on refining, recalibrating and expanding our inner blueprint, we won't be able to manifest the changes that we really want in our outer lives.

Quantum Deep dramatically slows everything down. Outer activity becomes nearly impossible or ceases entirely. Often, we feel a great need to lie down and simply melt our beings into the powerful Quantum Deep energies. We may fall asleep or we may feel that we are in a profound state of suspended animation, conscious of the sounds around us, but simply unable to move.

Unnecessary communication and activities drop away, as we are unable to engage in superficial interactions. They have become meaningless, unreal and empty. Even important issues feel extremely distant. It's time to pull up our drawbridges and stay in our tower.

The mesh of our minds becomes so expanded that they are full of holes, unable to retain thoughts for more than a few seconds, giving us a sense of blankness, but we're not. Our memories are fleeting and instantly fall through the sieve, requiring a huge effort to remember what we felt or did just a few hours ago. In this state, it's much smarter to go with Quantum Deep and be quiet, rather than try to force ourselves into doing things.

What's extremely helpful is that the Quantum Surf is so changeable that we are constantly given little windows in which we can leap into action and get a lot done. Whenever one of these windows of activity occurs, we need to jump up and get to work. Like the old expression, "Make hay while the sun shines.". We really don't want to miss any opportunities for action since we never know when they will unexpectedly grind to a sudden halt and we will be thrust back in Quantum Deep.


I've written about this in greater detail in previous Surf Reports, but it's still an integral part of our current map of Off the Map.

At this point, we are all spread out in one of three locations:


Our cycle of embodiments is like taking a long walk on a beach. Behind us stretches an endless line of Footprints in the Sand. Within the impression of these footprints is the entire history of everything that we have ever experienced. We continue on our forward path, still carrying the weight of all we have been, all we have felt and all we have experienced.


Suddenly a gigantic Tsunami comes crashing ashore and washes away all our Footprints in the Sand. This tsunami can appear in many forms––it could be a huge Wave of Love, a near death experience or an event that totally null zones us and shatters our known world such as the ending of a relationship, bankruptcy, or the death of someone close to us. However it happens, our entire histories are totally erased. We stop in our tracks with astonishment, unsure as to where to go. Everything feels different now. Lighter. Freer. Empty. Undefined. Unpinned. There are no footprints behind us and no footprints in front of us.

Our lives have just become blank canvases. We can create whatever we want on them. This is the moment when we are faced with the choice as to whether we are going to be intimidated or inspired by this. Whatever we choose, our new footprints are going to be made much differently than the ones we made before. They are going to be created more consciously. They will be cleaner and lighter.

As we continue on, we finally reach the end of the beach. Now what to do? Stay where we are? Go backwards to the territory we have already traversed? Or step into the Unknown?


If we choose to step off the beach into the Unknown, (And do we really have any other choice?), we are going to step right into what is known as the Great Emptiness. We tentatively raise our right foot and put it ahead of us. At first, we can see nothing to stand upon. At the very last minute, a pillar arises from the void right under our foot. We feel an immense sense of relief as there is now something to support us and raise our left foot off the nice, solid beach, placing it in front of us. Miraculously, another pillar rises right under our left foot. And so it goes....

As we traverse the Pillars of the Void, all the shores become distant. It becomes more challenging to communicate with those still on the beach whose footprints haven't yet been washed away. The Great Emptiness all around us makes us feel detached from our old worldly concerns. Yet, with each step we gain more confidence and our sureness of purpose strengthens. Our pace quickens and a smile expands across our face.

At the same time, some of us are having difficulty breathing and feel a heaviness in our chests. The very composition of the air seems to be made with a different formula than the one we were used to. Breathing the air is now like breathing water. Yet, we know that if we continue on, we shall reach the shores of our New Landscape where breathing will become much easier.


As we walk across the Pillars of the Void, we realize that we are walking on one of our ancient sacred paths. Some of these paths are: the Path of the Winged Lion, the Path of the White Deer, the Path of the White Horse, the Path of the Dragon, the Path of the White Elephant, the Path of the White Peacock. These ancient paths are now taking us to totally new places.

Our ancient sacred path becomes a labyrinth and leads us to a series of Major Intersections. Each time that we encounter one, the Wheel of Destiny turns, we pass another Point of No Return and our entire being is profoundly altered and irrevocably changed. Major Intersections bring in the next level which is the Ultra Greater Reality. This is totally different than the Greater Reality that we have known before.

Next, the Wheel of Destiny makes a rare and profound movement and the entire matrix itself experiences a Major Intersection. Waves spread out from it, rippling in all the directions, affecting absolutely everything. This is happening right now.


As the mammoth Wheel of Destiny continues to turn, the mesh of our mind expands immeasurably. As it does, the empty spaces in between the mesh become so vast that what has long been hidden in the depths of our cellular memory banks rises to the surface. Our cellular memory banks activate like never before, allowing us to access what has been encoded there for aeons.

Our ancient sacred paths are further revealed and start to merge. We realize that we are now walking multiple ancient sacred paths at once. The sleeping giant stirs and begins to awaken.

As we remember who we really are and move onto a new level, everything that was built upon the illusory foundation of karma collapses, dissolving all our old karmic vows, karmic relationships and karmic debts. Huge Gordian Knots that affected the entire matrix are in the process of dissolving.

Our sealed orders pop open with a huge AHA!, giving us profound revelations and new information about where we are supposed to live, our true purpose and who we are meant to be with.

Every time that our cellular memory banks are triggered, more threads are added to our being. Pre-existing threads that we were not previously aware of are activated. And a totally new patterning is being woven in the threads of our being, the patterning of our New Lives.

The remaining scaffolding falls off our emotional bodies, creating waves of emotion that often bring us to tears. This is such a change from our numb and neutral state of the past year. Our new and true Love plunges us into the Sea of Love.

This is all a continuous, on-going process that will continue throughout March and beyond.


Once we reach the Sea of Love, we find ourselves on the Celestial Barge moving into the New and True. This special vessel hasn't been visible for a long time. We first encountered it right after the original Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in 1992 and our last experiences of it were in 1993 after the 2nd Gate Activation. Whenever we are on the Celestial Barge, we are filled with a profound tiredness and can barely move. Everything is imbued with the deepest quiet.

As the Celestial Barge begins to move, then speed up, it takes our breath away. Whenever we are on the Celestial Barge, we are making major progress into the New. Our journey deepens and quickens.... Often, the energies are so strong that all we can do is sink into the depths and let it take us into our New Lives and to our One True Love.

Our ancient sacred paths have finally converged and we are now embarking upon the final path, the greatest path of all, the PATH OF LOVE. It is right in front of us.



March begins slow and deep as remaining glitches get cleared out; then starts to speed up around the 5th, gathering increasing momentum throughout the month. Many of us feel a rising sense of expectancy, as if a huge breakthrough was just around the corner. The entire month will be laced with many elements of surprise and the unexpected. Numerous Wild Cards and Golden Opportunities come to us from Out of the Blue when we least expect them. At times there will almost be an overload of new possibilities, miraculous occurrences, and major breakthroughs. This is just what we've been waiting for! And hopefully, we've done our work to make ourselves ready for them.

If you haven't already, it's time to make your full commitment to do your utmost to get to your New Life. There's much misunderstanding about what New Lives are. They are not about moving to a new location, although many of us will. It's not about getting to a place where we will suddenly be happy; we need to start doing that right now. It's really simple.

We are in our New Lives when our inner and outer blueprints match up and align.

Once this happens, our true purpose is revealed, our One True Loves pop in, and we are totally supported in everything we do. This is the destination of our New Landscape.

For those of us who know that we must physically relocate, there is a tremendous sense of urgency that we must get into our new and rightful positions by July at the latest.

March will be full of activity, for we have much to accomplish this month. The Green Lights will stay on for increasingly longer periods as the month progresses. Whenever they turn Green, we must be ready to sprint into action and run as far as we can. However, whenever they turn off and all activity comes to a sudden stop and we enter Quantum Deep or travel on the Celestial Barge, it's important for us to utilize this quiet time in the refinement and expansion of our internal matrix or inner blueprint. Then when the Green Light goes on again, we quickly set to work to further align our outer blueprint with the inner one.

For the next several months we will be drawn together with our truest kin. Reunions of kindred beings who have long been separate are now starting to take place. These are the ones we are meant to live and work together with. Watch for your true people. They could arrive from any direction. They may also be people you already know who you now connect with on a totally new level. There is also a strong possibility that some of our One True Loves may enter our lives this month.

Throughout this time, unexpected people may step forth offering key pieces of information or support at the very moment when it is most needed.

Everything is becoming so unpinned that ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.


Walking on the Path of Love,


Copyright Solara 2008
All Rights Reserved


We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!