March 2001: Endless Possibilities

The billowing Winds of Change in February were quite effective in moving things about and keeping us busy. It seemed as if we never had enough time to get things done. There was always more to do.

The Winds of Change also brought us new possibilities, something we haven't experienced for a long time. These new possibilities and new opportunities are going to flood into our lives during the month of March. They are going to come from many directions and here also lies the challenge.

Since we are not used to new possibilities, our natural impulse is to grab the first one which comes along. The only problem is that several opportunities are coming to us at the same time and they all lead into different directions. And this is just the beginning! March is full of endless possibilities.

What to do?

Soon, decisions will have to be made. We simply can't follow everything which is being presented to us. We wouldn't have enough hours in the day and we are already too busy. We can't take every fork in the road in front of us or we will get nowhere.

We need to filter these possibilities through our discernment. We need to feel out each one in our heart. How does it feel? Would this be fun and inspiring? Letting go of all "shoulds" and opportunistic concerns, we have to follow our joy. Would this be creative? What can I let go of in my life to make space to take this opportunity if I choose to do this? Where would this lead me in six months? Is it something I REALLY want to do, or am I considering it just because it is something different than what I've been doing? (Or because it is something comfortably familiar that I have done before.)

Here's a formula for helping you know if it's the right opportunity for you to pursue.

1. Decide which possibility you might want.

2. While you are thinking bout it, check for tension in your body.

If there's tension in your CHEST, then you are attached to not having what you think you want.

If there's tension in your NECK, you aren't being honest with yourself as to what the obstacles are and aren't cleanly expressing what you want.

If there's tension in your STOMACH or LOWER BACK, you are feeling frustrated and a part of you is objecting to the new opportunity. That part of you is angry for some reason.

If there's tension in your GENITALS, there is a feeling of insecurity or anxiety about your capability to actually get what you want.

If you feel loose and flexible in your body and pretty relaxed all over, then you are in accord with the new opportunity you wish to explore.

No matter what, we have to remain open. Whatever possibilities have already arrived, more opportunities are coming. Don't tie yourself down yet, observe the opportunities you have and wait for the perfect one, the one which is undeniable. The one you simply cannot resist. The one that makes you smile.

It's time for us to take a new look at what is important. What do we really want to do? Where do we really want to be? What are our new heart's desires? These all need to be carefully looked at.

We have just spent several years building the foundations of our New Lives. Until now, we have been busy doing what was in front of us and clearing up the residue of our pasts. This year, we have begun to build upon our new foundations. March is the month where we will start to design the structures which will go on top of these foundations. We need to design structures that are not only functional, but that we actually like, that inspire us, that resonate in harmony with who we truly are.

In March we finally have the opportunity to move towards a New Direction and make some lasting changes. It's an exciting time, but we have to be careful that we stay out of our old patterns and choose what will take us into a direction which truly mirrors who we have now become.

Although we are going to be very busy in March, this month is going to be much more fun and relaxing than we have experienced in a long time. Much of the accumulated tension of our past hardships is going to melt away. More old situations will be resolved. Layers are going to dissolve off our beings as we emerge from the storms of the past. A sense of enthusiasm for life may return with the entrance of our new possibilities. Our physical bodies will feel invigorated. Renewal is in the air.


Solara's Personal Update: March 27, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.