Solara's May 2008 Surf Report

Far Distant Worlds

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April was an action packed Turning Point month full of Mega Quantum Surf in which we made major steps forward. A multitude of new information came our way, clarifying our direction and rerouting us onto a much truer course into the New and True. Important connections were made with new people and new places that are more deeply aligned with our authentic core beings.

We have also entered a phase of reconnecting with people, places and events from our past, taking these old connections to entirely new levels. This is now able to happen because we have successfully repatterned much of our own past, cleared out our emotional residue and become much truer beings in the process.

The month of May will continue emphasizing the connection - reconnection theme, with the added element of disconnection thrown into the pot. Important new connections will be made and there will be more reconnecting with people and places from the past. We will also be disconnecting from people, places, activities, responsibilities and jobs that no longer resonate with us. Often this will begin happening on an energetic level long before it is physically visible. We will discover that we no longer have anything to say to old friends or that the road has reached an abrupt end on an activity that we have done for a long time. The connection that we used to have has suddenly become lifeless and turned into a disconnection. This is all part of the massive passing of the sceptres that is currently taking place.

The passing of the sceptres is of utmost importance. It is happening on almost every level imaginable. We need to be ultra aware of what sceptres of responsibility and knowledge we are passing on to others and also of the new sceptres that are being handed to us. If we are too distracted from this, we might not see some important sceptres that are now available to us and miss out on our opportunity to receive them. And some of them, we've been waiting for, for a long time and really want. This shift in sceptres is full of essential clues as to our future direction. And it must take place before we can fully move into our New Lives.

Our cellular memory banks are being activated as never before, causing our dreams to become the vehicles for profound revelations and visions that, although rarely remembered upon awakening, supply us with the triggers we most need to move ahead in giant leaps. This is propelling us off the map of the known into totally new sectors of the Ultra Greater Reality, what I call Far Distant Worlds.

Much of the focus of May will be on the integration of what we are receiving so we can move forward into our New Lives. We no longer have the option of ignoring it or setting it aside by pretending it isn't real. We now unquestionably know that this is real. This plethora of new information and new energies is integrated by thoroughly implementing them into every aspect of our daily lives. They become new threads of our beings that we can proudly and openly wear. And it's essential that we do so as soon as possible, since layers upon layers of new information, new connections, new energies and new opportunities are pouring in.

While we are in the midst of the integration process, we are experiencing numerous glitches. Some of us are getting sick with minor ailments such as ear infections, skin eruptions, loss of appetite, diarrhea, sudden ravenous appetite, or simply feeling exhausted most of the time. There is a lot of energy that's getting stacked up inside our bodies that needs to be released. We are also clearing out old pockets of stuck energy from our distant past that can no longer travel with us; these are the bruises and wounds from our old battles and broken hearts which were accumulated long ago. They are now rising to the surface to be released. Our internal thermostats often feel out of whack; we may suddenly burn up with heat or get icy cold, regardless of our external environment. All of this is taking place because we are undergoing such an in depth internal restructuring.

Many of us feel a tremendous need to be alone and quiet and are cutting back on any unnecessary outer activities. We are letting go of any superficial human interactions that are either unreal or unessential. The last thing we need right now is to be inundated with the meaningless blah, blah, blahs of social chit chat. We feel introverted and reclusive and very alone at times. This is just as it should be since we are in the midst of a deep initiation that is affecting all aspects of our beings.

Since so much is taking place in our dream state, some of us are taking several naps a day, going into deep, almost trance-like states as soon as we lie down. We have pulled up our drawbridges to the outer world so we can get as much undisturbed quiet as possible.

Glitches are also affecting our outer world, especially machines of any sort, including electronics and electrical appliances. For no apparent reason, a piece of equipment will suddenly cease to work. Often it will start to work properly in a few hours without doing anything. At other times, we need to call the repairman, only to find that the problem was something very minor and very unusual. Everything around us is being totally reset and recalibrated.

Throughout this time, everything outside of our inner world feels unreal and disconnected. This is happening so we can concentrate on what we most need to accomplish, integrating and implementing the waves upon waves of new information and new energies that are steadily coming to us.

During this extremely powerful and profound time, many are moving forward into totally new positions. Sometimes this feels like a massive migration on a mythical scale as we all change our existing positions. This is happening both in the physical and non-physical worlds. And it is another manifestation of the passing of the sceptres.

Some are experiencing a huge awakening as their long line of footprints in the sand is suddenly washed away, obliterating the "Way Things Used To Be" and burning the bridges to the old status quo. Their eyes are being opened as never before. They suddenly realize that there are other people on this planet besides themselves, many of whom are suffering in one form or another. This causes a quickening of compassion, manifesting as the urge to serve others. You can see this being played out by all the numerous celebrities who have suddenly embraced a cause and decided to start serving in some form or another.

Others are having the veils dramatically drop with a sudden thud and starting to see what's REALLY going on. Now at last they understand that there is absolutely no other option, but to finally leave the illusive security of the beach, the Known and already expired, (See the 2008 Surf Report.), and begin their tentative, but sure-footed journey across the Pillars of the Void. (As mentioned in the March Surf Report.)

A few of us are now completing our journey across the Pillars of the Void and are placing our first foot on the shore of a totally New Landscape.

All of these massive shifts in position require that we continuously look at absolutely everything with fresh eyes and constantly reorder our priorities.



As our Sacred Quest through the labyrinth to our New Lives continues, some of us are now moving from the Outer Labyrinth to the Inner Labyrinth. We are clearing the path for all to come and are mapping new portions of what was previously Unknown and Invisible. When we reach the final Pillar across the endless expanse of the Void, a monolithic shift occurs as numerous major cogs and gears click into their new rightful positions.

This monolithic shift creates a series of energetic waves that ripple outwards, affecting and realigning everything they encounter. Things start clicking into their rightful position, one after another. For some, this may manifest as the sudden realization that they are in the wrong position and they need to get out of it as soon as possible.

Standing at the threshold to the Inner Labyrinth, we encounter a series of whirlpools that unexpectedly throw us into chaotic situations. While extremely disorientating, the spinning whirlpools remove any unneeded or untrue elements from us. This strengthens our core beings and brings them further out to the surface. Combined with our focused intent to forge a clear path through the center of the whirlpool, this is exactly what is needed to pull us through. Once we exit the whirlpool, we find ourselves in a totally new place that could not previously be accessed. This is the entrance to the Inner Labyrinth.... And here we pause.

When at last the Green Light turns on, we make the shift to the Inner Labyrinth, much like a train jumping tracks. Our shift into the Inner Labyrinth creates a Major Intersection of its own. For some, this Major Intersection is so powerful that it totally flattens us. We have been so greatly expanded that we can barely function.

A Major Intersection of this scale also causes massive breakdowns on many levels including mechanical, electrical and electronic devices. It affects old systems, practices, institutions, governments, businesses and relationships based on illusion, distortion, misuse of power, untruths and lack of integrity. As more pieces move into their rightful positions and as more Green Lights turn on, increasing numbers of duality-based elements fall apart. This is because the false power is losing control and illusion is rapidly dissolving. The old solutions no longer work.

The Inner Labyrinth is totally unlike the Outer Labyrinth that we have been traveling upon and requires absolutely new navigational skills, especially since we are plunged into a profound state of Quantum Deep and the Celestial Barge starts to pick up speed. Quantum Deep is like a river and the Celestial Barge is our transport to take us into the Far Distant Worlds that await.

Once we start walking the Inner Labyrinth, everything speeds up immeasurably. This is because the distance between us and the elements we are seeking is much smaller than it was when we were traversing the great expanse of the Outer Labyrinth.

At this point, some feel Ecstatic Love pulsing throughout their entire being; others feel waves upon waves of deep release coming out of their body. Lifetimes of release. We made it! We are finally here!

Then just before we can celebrate too much, we feel our entire world as we knew it is flipping over and over. When this ceases, we are totally immersed into Far Distant Worlds. Worlds of immeasurable depth and beauty that we had consciously forgotten existed. This quickens the activation of our cellular memory banks on an entirely new level and we are flooded with even more profound revelations, visions, dreams, remembrances. Numerous keys and triggers are handed to us and yet more of our Sealed Orders open.



As we enter the realm of the Far Distant Worlds, an absolutely new sector of the Ultra Greater Reality is revealed. This signifies a massive quickening of our evolution. The Far Distant Worlds are incredibly deep and powerful. Once we feel them, they don't go away, but only get stronger.

At times, the energies of Far Distant Worlds become so powerful that all we can do is dive deeply into them with our full beings. Once we do, we go into almost a trance-like state full of immensely profound dreams, revelations and visions. Huge vaults of our cellular memory banks are flung open and we are imprinted with the encodings needed for our New Lives. This happens whether we are asleep or just lying down unable to move.

When we dive into the Far Distant Worlds, we can't come out at will; sometimes it takes a few hours after we've woken up to fully wake up. It takes extreme effort to return to the physical world, so far away have we traveled. And as much as we would like to, very few of our profound dreams, revelations and visions are able to be remembered. Even so, we know that we have been massively and irrevocably affected by what we've experienced.

Because this is happening on such a core level, we no longer know who we are---so profoundly have we been changed by our immersion into the Far Distant Worlds. This is another reason why we are called to stay quiet and keep to ourselves. Our entire beings are being dismantled and vastly reconfigured.

Whenever we emerge from total immersion into the Far Distant Worlds, we are given pockets of time in which we can leap into action and do the tasks in front of us. Whenever this happens, don't waste a moment; get as much done as possible. When action is no longer possible, lie down, be quiet and dive back into the Far Distant Worlds.

Even when we are busy, the Far Distant Worlds don't recede; they are always with us. We don't go into and out of them; rather, we are either diving in them with our entire being or we are active while in them. After our deepest immersions, we want to eat and eat. This gives us much needed fuel for all that we are doing, stretching our beings so far.

Each time that we turn our focus to the physical, we merge the Far Distant Worlds into the HERE and NOW. When they have fully merged, we will be in our New Lives.

(ON A PERSONAL NOTE:) In November I was in Spain with Annu when we encountered our first Major Intersection. We were driving along on a quiet back road between remote hilltop villages when we rounded a corner and were suddenly blasted with a very powerful Major Intersection. It happened to both of us simultaneously and felt as if an explosion had gone off inside of us. Annu stopped the car in the middle of the road and we both just stared with absolute wonder at the scene in front of us.

What we saw was our first glimpse of the Far Distant Worlds. Right in front of us on the physical! In an instant we recognized and were plunged into the long forgotten, but extremely familiar, mystical landscape before us, although at the time we knew nothing about Far Distant Worlds. It wasn't the physical scenery of where we were that affected us so; it was our instantaneous immersion into the realms of a Far Distant World.



May is definitely crunch time when many matters come to a crisis point. Many of us enter the month with both our energy and our finances severely depleted. It feels like it's getting harder and harder to do what we need to do. Often, it feels as if everything is falling apart rather than coming together. We are in the eleventh hour, the time of deepest darkness before the new dawn. Everything is being stripped down to its core truth.

This is precisely the time when we must not give up, for we are so very close to the quantum breakthroughs we have been waiting for. What is required is steady rowing, clear navigation, deft maneuvering and renewed commitment to see it through, no matter what.

The Quantum Surf is Choppy and unpredictable making it challenging to focus on just one thing at a time. We start doing something only to have our concentration broken by a series of interruptions. This requires a constant rebalancing and totally new navigational skills. It is teaching us how to master true multi-dimensionality and to let go of trying to do things in a logical, linear progression.

With the profusion of elements coming to us that all demand our immediate attention, we often feel like very over stretched jugglers. There are too many balls in the air to keep track of individually, so instead we must focus on the overall abstract pattern they form. If we focus on the vaster scope of what is going on, we will be far more successful than if we get caught up in the myriad tiny details.

The Surf is so Choppy simply because it is so full. There is a huge outgoing tide that is pulling things away from us and at the same time, the gigantic incoming tide is bringing in the New. On the horizon, a series of massive tsunamis are coming towards us. They will soon hit our shores with major impacts.

The messiness of this time and the sense of chaos shows that we are in the final hours before the new birth. This is the passage through the neck of the bottle. As more of us move into the Inner Labyrinth and journey into the Far Distant Worlds, the easier it will become. By June, the birth should be well in progress, many situations will be successfully resolved and some of the immense pressure that we are feeling right now will be relieved.

During May many of us will discover that important decisions are being made without us consciously making them. Things just quietly slip into place. As more things click into their rightful position, many things will also be disconnecting from their old positioning. This will be especially apparent in the areas of relationships, places of residence and jobs. Many people will suddenly realize that they are in the wrong position, know where they are truly meant to be and make strong steps to get there.

This year brings the most critical call yet for the King of Kings and Queen of Queens within us to emerge and come forward. It's time to dissolve all false karmic bonds and debts that have kept us imprisoned and to stop avoiding wielding our own power and authority by giving others of lesser knowingness control over ourselves.

We are also being given the final opportunity to help some of our close friends and family move to another level. Then we must release them to their own choices and move on by staying true to who we are.

Throughout the month, we will feel an overriding sense that absolutely anything can change in an instant. And it will.... This is true on both a personal and a global level. Huge breakthroughs are on their way. And some could arrive any day....

(ANOTHER PERSONAL NOTE:) Writing the Surf Reports each month is an ever challenging task that takes tremendous focus, time, effort and energy. Each month I pour my whole being into them and feel like I am giving birth. And each month, within hours of emailing the Surf password to subscribers, the Surf Report appears on numerous websites for free and is sent out to subscriber's friends, even though I have asked everyone to please respect me and my work and allow me this mode of much needed financial support. After all the effort involved, I find this really disheartening.

It would be a tremendous help to me if I could greatly increase the number of Surf Report Subscribers. This is an excellent time to encourage your friends to subscribe or gift them with a subscription. It would be such a positive alternative to giving them away. This will create a massive and much needed shift for me both energetically and financially. With deepest gratitude....




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