May 2001: Emergence

May is the month of emergence. We are emerging from the scorching fires of initiation and from our arduous time of tests and struggles. These challenges have given us a great gift, for we are now emerging as truer embodiments of who we really are.

Our outer lives are still in the midst of major transition. Picture your life as a house... Many things are being swept away from us out the back door of our lives while new elements are arriving at the front door. Although we may still be in the same house as before, the house of our life situations is starting to look and feel quite different. Elements of the New, some small and subtle, others too large and wondrous to miss, are continually added to the decor of our lives. With each addition, the overall ambiance of our lives is upgraded and enhanced.

Our passage through the fires and challenges of the past has melted the pins that kept us anchored to our old ways of being and doing things. Since we are now unpinned from our previous behavior patterns and responses, even if we trace the same route in the patterns of our daily lives as we did before, doing the same activities and trying to respond in the old manner, it will not feel the same; nor will it be the same.

Something has changed so deep within the core of our beings, that nothing is the same as it was before. We simply cannot repeat the old unconscious, automatic actions and reactions of our past behaviors for we are no longer robotic beings. We cannot fake or mask our emotional responses; instead, we can only come from our true hearts. And if the ones we are interacting with choose not to come from their open hearts or from a place of integrity, we are free to make the choice to walk on.

We can now meet many situations which come our way with our wholehearted love and compassion. Not being passive or guarded with our love, but with our love unleashed. Love in its natural state of being: unbridled, courageous, tender, playful, powerful, achingly vulnerable. Not expecting anything back in return, but knowing that by opening the floodgates of our love, we are being given another major key to our freedom. This is the freedom to openly embody and express the Love which we are.


Throughout the month of May, the resonance of our being gradually shifts bit by bit as it stretches towards a new harmonic frequency. This new harmonic emanates from a portion of the map of our consciousness which was not visible before. Once we encounter the entry point to the new harmonic on the map, symbolized by the discovery of the fresh, new spring mentioned in last month's Surf Report, a previously invisible sector of the Greater Reality activates and is revealed.

Scanning the map reminds me of the new Macintosh System X. Across the bottom of your computer screen are a row of icons, all of uniform size and of a seeming consistency. This is how it is when we look at a map. We assume that everything we see is of the same scale and is fixed into position. Paris is pinned into France which is pinned into Europe which is pinned into the Northern Hemisphere which is pinned into Earth and nothing is going to change that. However with the Mac System X, when you move your mouse across the seemingly static icons, they enlarge and transform. New worlds open up. This is exactly what is happening to us during this time as we shift our harmonic resonance. New worlds or dimensions are opening up within the map of our conscious awareness.


As we emerge through these openings into previously unknown areas of the Greater Reality, we are going to notice a major shift in our focus. At first, this will be a bit disorienting since the scope of where we are is now infinitely vaster than the previous parameters of our awareness.

Using the same focus as our previous reality, we find that we cannot see well at all. What is up close is fuzzy; what is in the distance is fuzzy. Even when we try to look at our own selves, we can't get a clear picture of where we are or how we are; everything is imbued with fuzziness.

Suddenly we realize that all the pins have been removed from our previous reality and the old boundaries have been erased. Our consciousness suddenly extends in all directions far beyond the most distant horizon. This understandably makes it difficult to rein ourselves in and concentrate on the seemingly minute details of the here and now. That's why things appear fuzzy no matter where we look.

What is actually happening is that we are now being given the vision for a much vaster reality. This expanded focus doesn't work so well on the smaller scale of our old reality. And since we are still in the process of transitioning to the Greater Reality, we can't utilize the full scope of our expanded vision at this moment.

Traveling through this transitional state of being with our fuzzy sense of focus will actually aid us in the process of releasing and healing the emotional, physical & mental residue of our past. Every pin which held us stuck into our past behaviors and experiences is dissolving. We can't hold on much longer even if we want to. What's happening is that the substance of these old karmic pins chemically breaks down when it encounters the frequency of the new resonance.

Barriers of all kinds which have held us back from fully becoming true, real beings are melting away. Perhaps, there was a seemingly solid brick wall in front of us before, but now it just melts and slides away. Or if there was a deep pit before us, now it steadily fills up. It's a very fluid, melting, sliding process which just dissolves all that was previously rigid and slowly oozes and flows things into their proper positioning.

While we are moving into a vaster scale of expanded reality, we are experiencing a new sense of serenity. We finally are starting to feel comfortable and secure in who we are. We have reached a plateau of Serenity of Being. From this safe, though perhaps temporary, perch on the plateau of serenity, we can gaze outwards beyond the most distant horizons, gazing into the Invisible, effortlessly expanding our being into unexplored areas of new awareness.

Our focus may not have yet adjusted to the new vast scope of things around us, but it is large enough to let us allow the past to just fall away. We may not yet be able to see where we are or where we are going, but we can begin to feel comfortable that we have made it this far.

May is going to be a busy month, full of activities on every level. Throughout the month, the wave of the past will be sweeping away whatever needs to go, while the wave of the future will bring to us many elements of our New Beings / New Lives.



1. Completion of the past requires steady effort. Keep clearing through personal issues and let them go.
Holding On means Holding Back.

2. Comb through your possessions and clear out the clutter. Keep only what is inspiring, practical, meaningful, beautiful, or makes you smile. Holding On means Holding Back.

3. Find a good healer / bodyworker if you can for the purpose of clearing emotional residue and physical trauma from your cells. Holding On means Holding Back.

4. Be conscious of your Chi or Mana. What do you do each day to build vital energy? What activities or behaviors drain your Chi / Mana? Find ways to build your Chi / Mana that you can incorporate into each day. Raising our vital energy helps us shift our harmonic resonance.

Solara's Personal Update: March 27, 2001

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2001 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.