Solara's October 2008 Surf Report

Onto the Fast Track

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October is a wild, unbridled month full of activity on every level imaginable. The Quantum Surf is bringing in a series of massive tsunamis which will further sweep away the old and bring in the New. Expect great changes in October. Expect huge chunks of the old and expired to drop away. Expect major, lasting breakthroughs. Expect deep revelations that turn everything inside out. Expect the New and True to make itself felt. Expect the Unexpected.

It is a month of tremendous growth and expansion. During October, many of us will cross the Final Frontier of Duality and finally firmly anchor ourselves into the Greater Reality. We will come in and stay in. October brings us realizations so profound that they will shred away much of what we previously perceived to be true and real. We will feel as if we have just woken up from a long, troubled sleep and stepped into the radiant light of a New Dawn.

At the same time, the world situation will continue to worsen. As long as we position ourselves in the frequency band of Oneness, all will go well. To describe this in a more simple way, I would say that when there are storms on Earth and we are being pelted with rain and flashes of lightning and all is permeated with a sense of doom and gloom, all we need to do is get on an airplane and go high above the clouds to the realms where there are always blue skies. It is the same with the frequency band of Oneness. When we anchor our beings in Oneness and live in the HERE and NOW in the Greater Reality, there are always blue skies. We cannot be devastated by the storms of the final days of duality.


The commitment and determination to achieve resolution
requires those true of heart and brave enough to endure the journey
through the sheer cliffs and sharp edges that we will find on this path.

....By Karyl Jackson of Alpha Life Trends.

The Time of Completion is not just about the completion of duality out in the world. We are also experiencing the Time of Completion within our own personal beings. We are shedding skins, removing masks, disguises and cloaks of invisibility while healing numerous old hidden wounds. We are passing sceptres of responsibility and knowledge so we can receive the new sceptres that are waiting for us.

It requires massive effort and tremendous courage in bringing much that we have known or experienced to its final resolution. We are not just moving to a new level; we are birthing an entirely New Matrix! It takes tremendous dedication and thoroughness to comb through our beings, to comb through our personal matrix, to comb through our beliefs, to comb through the habits and behaviors we have acquired through lifetimes of experience, to comb through our outer lives, to comb through our responses, our emotions, our possessions, our relationships, our environment, our ways of doing things, so we may remove all that has expired, all that limits us from openly being our true selves, anything that cannot travel further with us into the New and True. We've had years of stripping things away; now this is the final letting go.

"Completing the old, frees me for the New" has never been more true. We've reached the end of our old road, the road of duality, and in order to get to our new road of the Ultra Greater Reality, we need to shed all duality-based elements from our beings and strip them off our outer environment. If our commitment to resolution is firm and unwavering, October will bring some major resolutions into our lives, making us infinitely freer.


Throughout September, the Quantum Surf steadily grew to Tsunami proportions. In October, a series of massive Tsunamis will crash upon our shore, one after the other. As the Surf rises, the intensity levels also rise. They are already way off the map of what we have previously known. And much more is to come....

Many of us feel like harried air traffic controllers at a major airport during peak rush hour. Our radar screens are full of planes that are both taking off and landing, that are arriving from all the directions, that are departing for various directions, that are circling around the airport waiting for clearance to land, and that are flying at all possible altitudes. At the same time, there are many urgent matters that we must attend to within the airport itself and constant glitches that appear and disappear without any warning.

This requires us to take multi-tasking to a previously unfathomable new level of multi-dimensional multi-tasking. It is absolutely impossible to achieve this using our old methods of getting things done. Right in the midst of the swirling chaos of the most immensely important birth we have ever experienced, we must be supremely creative and find new ways to do things. While we are on the run, we must quickly strip off any old attitudes and limiting behaviors. We must shed any expired elements from our beings and from our outer lives. We must leap over our fears and resistances. We must release any residue of duality-based beliefs. We must bravely reach into the deepest well of our knowingness and bring it up to the surface for all to see. We must cross the Final Frontier.

At the same time, we must ever be on the lookout for any openings that appear and watch carefully for any Yellow or Green Lights so we can zoom through them as soon as they turn on. And they can appear in any direction, at any moment. Or even in several directions at once. This is one of the reasons why we develop 360' vision when we reach the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth. We need to simultaneously see in all directions, to be ultra aware of all that is going on, in every single moment.

This is having the effect of overloading our beings with an unbelievable profusion of events, emotions, profound revelations, mountains of tasks and extreme tests of our stamina and commitment. It is stretching and expanding our beings far beyond what we thought was ever possible. It is forcing us to pull through our mastery and demonstrate it in everything we do. All the surfing skills we have developed over lifetimes of experience are being put to the test. This is it. Our final examination. Our final resolution. Our graduation from duality. Our final initiation. This is our Perfect Storm....



Perfect Storms touch upon our deepest, most sensitive areas. They challenge us to the depths of our being and are the Final Frontier of Duality. They can require us to walk away from a situation, job or relationship that depletes our energy. They can make us go out in the public arena with what we know, when we've spent lifetimes avoiding doing just that. They demand that we fully step into the powerful being we really are, instead of hiding from it. There is usually a karmic element to Perfect Storms, for they are old, limiting patterns that we have carried within us for lifetimes. We have long histories of running away from our Perfect Storms and lots of past experiences to justify this. And yet, here they are right in front of us, impossible to ignore if we want to go any further.

Some of us have already found our Perfect Storm, have accepted the challenge, and are walking right into the middle of it. Others have located their Perfect Storm, but are hovering on the periphery, too terrified to jump in. This is absolutely the worst place to be. It's like standing on the edge of a hurricane where the winds are the strongest. We simply can't linger in this position for very long or we will be torn apart. We must gather our courage, strengthen our resolve and leap in right now!

Some people think that they have found their Perfect Storm, but they haven't. This is because they are doing everything they can to avoid seeing it. However, Perfect Storms cannot be avoided or run from. They need to be faced courageously and honestly. And there are those who can't seem to find their Perfect Storm at all. This is because they need to get to the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth first.

Perfect Storms are composed of concentric bands of energy, resembling hurricanes. Each time that we reach a new band of our Perfect Storm, we must face a new wall of fear. Here we must gather up our courage and center ourselves in our True Core Being so we can step right into the next band of our Perfect Storm. As soon as we make the leap, a whole new wave of support and fresh energy comes in, almost as an instantaneous manifestation. Everything becomes surprisingly easier.

Each new band of our Perfect Storm that we enter brings major breakthroughs. It requires a huge amount of flexibility and surrender. We need flexibility because everything is being constantly rerouted into new positions.

Surrender is necessary so that when our Perfect Storm trigger points are hit -- instead of reacting to them by buying into our old duality-based patterning -- we can observe these triggers from an expanded perspective and see them for what they really are. This enables us to respond in an entirely new manner. Whenever we do this, large chunks of expired debris fall off our beings and we can move forward much more freely.

And as much as some of us would like to avoid our Perfect Storm or pretend it isn't there, it won't be going away until we honestly face our greatest fears and take the plunge. Until we willingly make the leap without a visible safety net. Until we make our full commitment to step into our True Core Beings. For this is what will see us through the tumult of the final days of duality. And this is what will take us into our New Lives.



The absolutely most important, key element of this time is to STEP FULLY IN and STAY IN!

Our True Core Beings are who we really are, at a core essence level. The hologram of our True Core Beings is embedded in our cellular memory banks. Our task is to retrieve this hologram, bring it up to the surface and then put it into the driver's seat. Once we do this, an activation takes place and our True Core Being transforms. This is like a flower that has long been compressed into a tight bud, finally opening up into its fullest glory.

We are building a bridge between our old selves and our new selves, between our old lives and our New Lives. We may not yet know where we are going, but we need to make our commitment to get there. We may not even know where we are going until we arrive there. The true coordinates to follow are the commitment to get fully in and stay in.

We've had lifetimes of gathering experiences and gaining mastery; now it is time to put what we've learned into practice and to live our mastery. Mastering Service is a key component that helps us get in and stay in. Mastering Service is doing what's needed, when it's needed, on the largest scale possible.

Being fully in is the only way to successfully surf this Wild, Wild Mega Quantum Surf in the Times of Completion. Each of us is greatly needed. It's never been more important that we step up our game. This means that we need to bring our true core beings fully in, inhabiting them in every moment. We cannot continue to step in for awhile and then step out again. This is really essential. We must come totally in!




Feeling uncomfortable and in the wrong place.

Feeling insecure.

Feeling like a fragile leaf that is being tossed about on the Winds of Change.

Frequent panic attacks.

Filling your life with constant distractions to take your attention off of what is really happening.

Fear of losing your identity. This occurs when the ego is fighting to stay in control; it knows that it will have to hand over the controls to your Core Being once you step fully in.

Feeling fearful.

Constantly holding yourself back and not fully participating in anything.

Too much thinking and analyzing.

Boredom and too much free time.

Feeling like a helpless victim of fate.

Tenaciously holding onto what has already expired.

Believing that duality is the predominant reality.

Resistance to change.

Thinking that Tsunamis and Quantum Surf bring unwanted shifts; trying to avoid their effects, rather than enthusiastically welcoming them.

Creating conditions that must be met before you can come fully in.

Requiring a visible safety net before you make the leap. There is no visible safety net and there never will be one. (But there is an invisible one, if you look large enough to see it.)

Avoiding your Perfect Storm by denying that it exists.

Avoiding your Perfect Storm by making excuses why you can't enter it now.

Convincing yourself that you've found your Perfect Storm, when you haven't. If you LOOK LARGER, you will find the real one.



Make your total commitment to come fully in and embody your True Core Self.

Step through the wall of fear and go into your Perfect Storm right now.

Constantly expand your being and LOOK LARGER so you can see what is really going on.

Stay ultra aware and alert all the time.

Dismantle your resistances as soon as they appear. Stop procrastinating! The time is NOW!

Find your fears, courageously face them and watch them dissolve.

Become super aware of all the ways that you feed duality. Constantly make Greater Reality Checks. Are you reacting or responding? Are you being honest or watering down what you know to be true?

Get off the sidelines, stop being a passive observer and LEAP into the Heart of the Lotus.

When you are feeling clear and true, create touchstones that will help you remember who you are and why you are here. These can be objects, photos, music or anything that resonates with the energy of who you are. Place these in places where you will find them, so they help trigger your remembrance.

Take it one step at a time so that you don't become overwhelmed.

Continually purify and recalibrate your being.

Constantly rebalance yourself.

Start partaking in the responsibility for our shift over to the New Matrix.

Joyously accept the sceptres that are being handed to you.

Develop willingness, openness and flexibility.

Allow yourself to be continually rerouted.

Don't hold back on any level. Put your full being into everything you do.

Become a Master Server.

Express your true feelings.



LEAP! And then leap again! And again!



An enhanced clarity that keeps growing stronger.

A heightened sense of confidence and empowerment.

An acceptance of the rightness of your true purpose.

A sureness of self.

A sense of total knowingness, even when you don't know many of the details of how things are going to play themselves out.

A sense of security, even when you don't know where your next dollar is coming from.

A sense of total rightness, even when you don't know where you are going or how you will get there.

A strengthening of your internal truth filters enabling you to know what is real and what is not real.

The flexibility to change direction in an instant.

Greater stamina.

Total surrender.

We move onto the Fast Track and everything accelerates immeasurably.

The ability to stay focused and function in extreme intensity.

An openness and joy at the arrival of Tsunamis of Change.

A merger of vastness with the physical.

Fully embodying your Queen of Queens or King of Kings which gives you a natural, refined elegance.

A true sense of fulfillment through Mastering Service.

An ease of leaping into our One Being in Action.

The willingness to share responsibility for the birth of the New.

An openness to take the sceptres being handed to you.

Immense Gratitude to fully participate in this momentous time.

Entry into an entirely new, extremely vast level of Love.

Clear and total access to the Heart of the One on a core matrix level.

An ever expanding mastery in everything you do.



October is a powerful month that will bring immense change. Major construction is taking place on multiple levels. This is causing much rerouting and repositioning. All of it is necessary and for our benefit.

While we are waiting for our outer conditions to change, we have to act as if they have already changed. As a personal example, I am packing my house, selling off the things that I'm not taking with me to South America and getting ready to move, even though my house has not yet sold. These are all things that will need to be done as soon as the house sells. I'm doing them now, so I will be ready to leap quickly when the time arrives.

Part of the purpose of moving to our New Lives is to create the new stabilization pinions that are anchors of the Ultra Greater Reality. These need to be in position BEFORE duality totally collapses. This carries a certain urgency and is one of the reasons that we want to make as many preparations as possible right now, rather than later.

For those of us who have not yet met our One True Love on the physical, we will feel their presence with us becoming stronger and stronger. This is happening even when we are not thinking of them. They are calling to us, for the time of reconnection is coming close. It's becoming increasingly easier to feel them with us at all times. The sacred merger is already taking place within us. Each of us is becoming the TWO AS ONE on an energetic level. And it will be our unified wholes who join together with the unified whole of our One True Love. From now on, we need to do everything as if our One True Love is already here with us. This is an important preparation for the second 8th Gate Activation which will take place next spring.

As more of us unite together in Mutual Support, we are greatly expanding our One Being. This enables us to fully Master Service. As we Master Service, we move to a new level where there is no more separation between serving our personal selves, serving others and serving the One. This reciprocity of service happens instantaneously, not like the delayed mechanism of karma where if we do something good, eventually something good will happen to us.

When we fully step in and embody our True Core Beings and become Master Servers, we are ready to activate the One Being in Action. This is what we are doing here in Hawaii right now. One Being in Action doesn't have anything to do with spiritual practices or with endlessly discussing what we might achieve later in the nebulous future. It's a leaping into action on the deepest, truest level possible. It's working together as One Being to achieve a unified goal. It's "All for the One and One for the All." And when the One Being in Action comes alive, the most difficult tasks are made surprisingly easy and fun. Interestingly, it's also the keynote of 9th Gate which will be activated at the end of 2009.

The energies of October are going to be intense for sure, but very exciting. This month will bring many elements to their needed resolutions. It's going to move us forward onto the Fast Track. Everything is going to zoom by in a blur and each day will be so full, it feel like a week. It's going to give us massive revelations that will turn everything inside out. It will be full of major breakthroughs. It will give us myriad opportunities to demonstrate our mastery in action. Many of us are going to walk right through our Perfect Storms. We are going to cross over the Final Frontier of Duality. We will encounter our key Turning Point and the Green Lights will shine. Everything will begin flipping over into its new configuration.




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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the Unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!