Updated September 5, 2002


The gigantic waves of the tumultuous fast-paced months of July and August have created tremendous change and upheaval. Many old situations have been swept out of our lives and new ones are starting to appear. Suddenly, we look around and see the depth of the changes which have taken place.

Right now, we are not all experiencing the same thing at the same time. We are spread out at various stages of the same process--- the journey from Here to There, from the known into the Unknown, from the unreal to the real. There are several reasons for this. One is that we are not all in the same position on our evolutionary timetable. At this point, we are strung out along the Doorway of the 11:11 between Gates 1 - 5, being immersed in various degrees of the Greater Reality or we may still be enjoying / suffering through our experiences in the illusory boxes of duality.

Think of wildflowers in a field... They don't all bloom at the same time or with the same shaped blossoms and color. If they did, it would be quite boring and we would only have the beauty of flowers for a short period during the year.

Although, we are stretched out along the evolutionary spiral, we are all part of One Being. And please remember that if the spiral turns for one of us, it turns for all. If something good happens to one of us, it happens to our One Being. If one of us has a breakthrough or falls in love, then it opens the door for this to happen to all of us. So instead of experiencing envy or jealousy, let's celebrate all good fortune.


Some of us feel that we have been pulled out to sea by a major tsunami and in one somewhat wrenching, spiralling motion, been deposited on the shore of a new land. We may feel a bit dazed by the suddenness and intensity of the transition and still need some time to get grounded in our new reality. Yet, even though we don't yet know exactly where we are or why we are here, it feels very right.

Others of us have become unmoored and are just now floating out to sea, waiting to catch the big wave which will propel us into our yet unknown new directions. We feel surprisingly detached from the old elements of our lives and don't try to grab onto them as they slip away. We can feel the waves starting to rise....

There are also those of us who are just beginning to become untethered from our old lives. Still trying to do things in the usual ways, but continuously discovering that it just doesn't work any more. And that many of our old situations, dreams, beliefs and friendships have become increasingly empty and unfulfilling.

And some of us are feeling extremely frustrated that our lives haven't changed enough or that we are stuck in the same old patterns. For those of us who are feeling frustrated or stuck on any level, it's important to look at the places where we are not being true to ourselves, the places where we are still compromising our integrity. Then instead of blaming our situation on anything outside of ourselves, we must take full responsibility and start being true to ourselves. Start being very real.

September is a good month to take a fresh look at all the elements in our lives and in our inner beings and to make some very necessary changes. To take charge of our lives and start moving towards creating the kind of lives we really want.

Remember that "To change the outside world, we must first change ourselves."
"To change our outer lives, we must first change our inner world."

The good news is that the energies of September are extremely condusive to deep soul searching. The huge waves of July and August have added new layers of depth to the Surf. September's Surf is full of very intricate wave patterns. We will still be impossibly busy, but now we must also take the time to look deeply at our Selves.

September is the month for us to leap into the water and dive deep. Our focus is no longer solely on the shifting & realigning outer elements of our lives; rather, it is now focused on getting back in touch with our Core Essence.

We need to go on a journey into the watery depths--- going deeper than ever before--- and find and realign ourselves with our Core Essence.

As we dive deeper and deeper, we are going to discover a part of ourself which wasn't there before. This is the shimmering Pearl of Our Being. This Pearl wasn't there before for it has taken years to grow. It has been formed by our very frustration and irritation and by the crushing pressure of our challenges. It has been tempered in the Fires of Initiation. It has been washed with our tears. It has been polished by our ever expanding love and sense of Oneness.

Each of has a shimmering Pearl growing inside us right now. To find it, we need to strip back the layers, peel off the unnecessary, find what is real for us, live our truth, speak honestly, act with integrity, love with a wide open heart, and just keep peeling things that are no longer aligned with us away. The deeper we go, the freer we will feel.

When you get near to your Pearl, you will feel it. When you get your first glimpse of it, you will be filled with joy. It will feel like finding a hidden treasure within you, only this hidden treasure is you! Once you hold it in your hand, you will realize that you are the Pearl; it's larger than your whole being. It's the new you who can now step into your New Life.

With the Activation of the 5th Gate of the 11:11 coming up in October, the energies are all lined up to help us discover our Pearls and to become them. It's necessary that we take the time and do this.

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Dive Deep and Discover Who You Are:
This is the time to get back in touch with our Selves. To ask ourselves many questions such as, "Who am I?" "What makes me happy?" "What work do I really want to be doing?" "How can I create the kind of life I really want?"

Let Go & Become Freer:
Let go of all unnecessary activities, friendships and clutter. Strip everything down to what truly resonates with your Core Being. Every time that we release something which has become weighty, we become lighter and freer.

Stay Positive by Remembering What Is Really Going On:
We don't need to fear change. Yes, it is powerful and often beyond our control. Look at change as exciting and as a renewal. When our old foundations crumble, it is time to build new ones.

Watch out for Occasional Sinkholes:
Sinkholes are places where the ground suddenly collapses under our feet. Without warning, we find ourselves in a deep trough. When this happens, it's easy to get discouraged and depressed. However, this condition is only temporary. Be like water and keep your love flowing. Soon, the hole will fill up and you will be released to continue on.

Find Effective Ways to Deal with Stress:
When things get intense around us, it's easy to lose it and become stressed out. Right NOW, start gathering together some ways to transmute stress. Try hot baths, exercise, meditation, yoga, walks, dancing, spending the day in bed. Whatever it takes. Just be aware when your stress levels are rising and take action.

Don't Buy Into Duality:
There are no "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys". There are no "Good Countries" & "Bad Countries". There are no "Good Religions" & "Bad Religions". There is only the One!

Continually Look Beyond Outer Appearances:
Nothing is as it appears to be. Step out of any residue of fear or anger and take a good, clear look at what is really happening. Don't take anyone's word on what is happening. Don't blindly follow authority figures. Figure it out for yourself from a place of vastness and all-encompassing Love.

Strengthen Your Compassion:
There is simply not enough compassion on the Earth at this time. Many of us are feeling assaulted by the energies of anger and fear. It's a challenging time with duality running amok. This is exactly when compassion is most needed. Consciously become an embodiment of compassion. Be like the Sun which has no personal favorites and extend your compassion to all beings equally.

Rerouting Opportunities Abound:
Whenever there are blockages or things don't happen quite as you would like them to, simply understand that things are being rerouted to bring them into alignment with the state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

When New Doorways Open, Leap!:
There is no time to sit and ponder whether we should take these new opportunities which are being presented to us. If it feels right, do it. Leap! And then leap again!

Don't Try To Hold On To The Ones Going Out Of Our Lives:
Many people and situations are going to be leaving our lives. The resonance is shifting dramatically, making this is a natural occurrence. Let go gracefully and wish them well.

Emptiness is Good:
If you feel empty, embrace that feeling. It's a good thing and something that all of us experience when huge chunks of our old ways of being and doing things leaves our lives. This is a pregnant emptiness, a sacred place where we await the birth of the New.

Spend time each day in your vastness, showering the Earth and all its inhabitants with Love.

Inhabit our One Being at all times:
As we consciously live in our One Being, we also nourish and strengthen the resonance of Oneness throughout the world.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2002 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.