Solara's September 2008 Surf Report

The Perfect Storm

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August was a month of absolute extremes. We continually swung back and forth between many opposite poles. Either we were constantly hungry or we totally lost our appetite. We were freezing and sneezing or pouring with sweat. (Sometimes both at the same time.) We were happy on the outside, while crying on the inside. Sometimes we felt devastated on the outside, while calm and happy on the inside. We were full of energy to get things done or falling into deep trance-like sleeps. We were totally emotionless or a profusion of emotions spilled to the surface with floods of tears. (And often without any obvious reason.) Even our physical weather demonstrated these extreme polarities, giving us weather that changed every five minutes, as well as floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. August was full of super Choppy Surf and gigantic waves. Throughout the month, very little stayed balanced in the median; almost everything swung back and forth between opposite extremes.

This reminds me so much of the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, "At World's End". This was a surprisingly brilliant movie which shows us exactly what is happening right now. After they've gone to the end of the world and rescued Johnny Depp, they read their spinning circular map which tells them that Up is Down and Down is Up. So they run from side to side on the decks of the ship, (going from one extreme to the next), until the ships sways strongly enough for it to flip over. This flipping over brings them right-side-up and pops them through a portal. It is a key component of turning the Labyrinth inside out. This is exactly what we are doing! And this is why we are experiencing such dramatic extremes in our lives.


What's amazing is that while we're doing this dance between opposite poles and while our emotions are getting yanked around like yo-yos, is that somehow, in the core of our beings, we are remaining calm and centered. This is happening even when we are totally flattened.

We are getting flattened frequently these days. Flattening can be caused by the general intensity of the prevailing energy, by shocking events in our personal lives, by the grim world situation, by feeling overwhelmed, by getting knocked over by a tsunami or by the powerful pull of Far Distant Worlds. Flattening means just what it sounds like. We are walking along in our every day life doing fine.... then suddenly we are flat on the ground, unable to move. We feel as if we've just been run over by a steamroller. And sometimes, the flattening is so intense that we are completely null zoned.

Whenever we are flattened, we don't have the option of jumping up from our prone position and leaping back into whatever we were doing before the flattening took place. Where we were before is gone. It's over. It's a waste of time to even try to look for it. It no longer exists. All we can do is lie on the ground for awhile, stunned to our core and be absolutely still. It's really not a pleasant sensation.

However, flattening is not a bad thing. It doesn't make us victims. Instead, it serves several very real purposes. It forcibly stops all outer activities so our internal codings can be activated and it helps us integrate the massive changes we are undergoing. Even though flattening squashes all the air out of us and stops us in our tracks, it's just what we most need. When we finally pick ourselves up, we are totally realigned and full of renewed strength and ultra clarity. We've received an infusion of much needed, new information. We've just undergone a necessary course correction. We've just let go of something that needed to be released from our personal matrix as well as the planetary matrix.

Fortunately, the state of being flattened or null zoned doesn't last for long like it used to. It no longer lasts for days at a time. There will always be a moment when the fog dissolves and the energy lifts. That's exactly when we must rise up with our new ultra clarity and leap into action. As soon as we see the window in the mist, we must leap through the new opening.

On a personal level, I just experienced a major flattening and null zoning a few days ago when Annu and her daughter were refused re-entry into the US. It was a huge shock for all of us. On the surface, it was a massive setback. And yet, we both know to look far beyond all outer appearances and see what is really happening. Even though I was totally flattened and am still recovering, it served as a huge wake-up call for me. I felt as if a bucket of ice cold water had been thrown in my face. This is an irrevocable sign that we must move right away and I am doing my utmost to ensure that this happens. I have now jumped into high gear and am getting up each morning at 6:00 and leaping into action, doing as much as I possibly can throughout the day.

Nothing is negative anymore. (Not that it ever was; this is just another illusion of duality.) Everything "bad" that happens, every "mistake" we make, contains a brilliant and much needed lesson within it, like a golden seed hidden within a foul tasting fruit. Once we get the message and integrate the lesson, we can move forward with giant strides. This is one of the ways that we step free of duality.

Another way that we do this is to realize that there are many areas that we no longer need to delve into. One example is past life residue. Another is unpleasant experiences from this lifetime. We don't need to rehash the old stories, untie the old knots or endlessly repeat the same patterns. When they come up, all we have to do is to look at them with a vastly expanded perception, from the vantage point of who we are now and who we really are. Then they become unreal and untrue. We are free.

During this time, many of us are meeting people who still carry past life residue from a lifetime we once shared. Since we are in the Time of Completion, the final days of Atlantis are especially highlighted. When we encounter these people, they often have a rather defensive attitude towards us. We can diffuse this and take things to a new level by responding to them in a totally new way --- with love, understanding, compassion, realness and reassurance; thus giving them an opportunity to walk away from the past and be free. For the same reason, we are also reconnecting with people from earlier in this present lifetime whom we haven't seen for a long time.

Layers upon layers of snags and knots in the matrix are being cleared out. They have to be cleared before we can fully birth the New Matrix. This is happening every day, especially when we are flattened. Each time that we come up with a new response or do something in a new way, we are clearing out the matrix.



Being periodically flattened, then experiencing heightened clarity, then being flattened again.

Null-zoning on the inside while still functioning on the outside.

Extremes of temperature, lots of sneezing. This has to do with the dragon energy, especially the White Dragon.

Extreme appetite or no appetite.

Needing lots of sleep or very little sleep.

Mind often blank and expanded. This makes mental tasks the most difficult.

After a day in which we feel flattened, often by evening we experience an ultra clarity.

Dizziness when shifting worlds.

Feeling a physical rumbling and shaking in the ground below us, when there is no earthquake. This is the stirring of the White Dragon.

Chest pains - These occur whenever our emotional body expands.

Skin eruptions - rashes and welts. These are connected to dragon energy.

Cysts and boils - We are releasing hidden pockets of old wounds from a deep strata of our beings.

Organized physical exercise, such as going to the gym, is almost impossible, yet more natural forms of exercise such as swimming, walking and bicycling feel really good.

Everything changes every ten minutes. The weather, our emotions, the prevailing energy, the tasks we are able to do, etc.

Nothing happens in a logical, linear progression. We are learning to live multi-dimensionally, jumping from task to task in no obvious order. This is teaching us to look for the energetic openings that are always present.

Experiencing the gamut of emotions. Our emotions are all over the map because the scaffolding on our emotional bodies is almost gone.

Not knowing what to eat anymore.

Can't find the right clothes to wear. This is because we are changing so much that nothing feels like us. We are in the Transition Zone where neither our old caterpillar clothes or our new butterfly clothes feel right. And both the butterpillar and catterfly feel so awkward that it really doesn't matter what we put on.

No longer enjoy our old activities. Can't read, can't watch TV or films, don't like our old music, etc. Since we don't yet know what our new activities are, we often prowl around looking for the openings as to what we should do. Another symptom of the Transition Zone.

We feel the deeply loving presence of our One True Love with us, even though we aren't consciously calling out to them.


Eating extra protein, fresh fruits and special transitional foods. We all have some special foods that are helping us through. (My current favorite is frozen Snicker bars. I never liked them before, but they are manna right now.)

Drinking lots and lots of water.

Getting wet. Showers, swimming, standing in sprinklers, washing our face and hands frequently. Anything that gets us wet and clears off the old energy.

Simple physical tasks such as cleaning the house, gardening, fixing something physical. The physical plane is really helping us stay grounded right now. Try to do simple physical tasks throughout your day, even for a few minutes at a time.

Sleeping when we need to sleep, no matter what time it is. (And not feeling guilty about it!)

Giving ourselves lots of quiet time.

Weeding out any distractions and unnecessary activities that we usually surround ourselves with. This special time is too precious and too critical to lose our focus on what is really happening.

If you are working at a regular job, take Greater Reality touchstones with you to help you remember what is really going on.

Asking for Help. This is really important because we are not supposed to do it all by ourselves anymore. We need to reach out.

(INSERTION POINT: I am reaching out and asking for help right now. Since Annu was not allowed to return to Hawaii, I URGENTLY need some volunteers with clear energy, computer skills, packing skills and the willingness to clean things, to help me make my move.)



We are in a time of Final Lessons, Final Challenges and Final Initiations. These are the last major tests and initiations that must be passed through before we can fully move into our New Lives. These Final Challenges are hitting some of our most touchy and sensitive places. They are the things that we have most avoided, the things that we really haven't wanted to look at, the things that fill us with fear. And yet, here they are!

The magnitude and complexity of our Final Challenge is creating a Perfect Storm. A Perfect Storm is when all the elements align to create the Ultimate Challenge. We all have a Perfect Storm in front of us. It is the Ultimate Challenge and the Final Initiation on the most personal level possible. We encounter it when we reach the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth. When it comes, our first response is to run away from it to a safer place. But this is exactly what we must not do.

We need to openly face our Perfect Storm and ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. There is no way to avoid it; it's just going to get bigger and stronger until we either face it or it destroys us.

We all have very valid reasons to want to avoid our Perfect Storm. We have lots of justifications for our dread at what we are now facing. Although we have lifetimes of experiences that have now combined into a Perfect Storm, we now have no choice, but to courageously and openly face what is in front of us. We simply can't allow ourselves to be held back by these outdated past experiences anymore. We have progressed too far and the time is too critical.

Once we see our Perfect Storm, it's a massive Wake-up Call. It's time to take drastic action. We have to gather together all the scattered fragments of our beings into one unified whole, become an invincible Warrior of Love, and run full speed right into the center of the Perfect Storm, even though every part of our being is telling us to run away.

(This is similar to childbirth as any of you who have given birth naturally will know. When it comes to the final stage of labor when you are pushing the baby out, the secret is to gather together your full being into a tight ball and go right into the heart of the deepest pain. Then we work with the pain, rather than trying to avoid it. And the baby gets born.)

We must go right into the center of the Perfect Storm until we reach the eye of the storm. The eye is the calmest, clearest place. Once we do this, we will gain access to pass through the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth, and everything will flip over into the New Matrix. We will reach the zone of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and the Green Lights will be ON!!!!


Get to Centerpoint of the Labyrinth.

Recognize your Perfect Storm.

Accept the Ultimate Challenge and Final Initiation.

This acceptance brings a new level of empowerment and strengthens your resolve.

Gather together your full being and become a Warrior of Love.

Leap into the center of the Perfect Storm.

Once you reach the eye of the storm, everything will flip over and the Green Lights will turn on!

Since we are no longer the same person that we used to be when we fully inhabited duality, and since we no longer give duality our allegiance and make it our predominant reality, we are discovering that when we courageously face our most difficult challenges that they will be easy to get through. This is because the problem wasn't the challenge itself; it was the illusion of what they meant to us and our fearful reluctance to honestly face them that were the real tests.

Our true test is not passing the Ultimate Challenge, but it's the acceptance of the Ultimate Challenge, getting the courage to face it honestly. The idea of doing it is what's hard, but the actual doing of it is surprisingly easy and often fun.

Accepting the Ultimate Challenge and Mastering the Ultimate Challenge are two sides of the same coin. Once we have the coin in our hand, (rather than stuffed away in our back pocket), it's not that difficult to move through our Perfect Storm and flip everything over.



Quite a few of us have now reached the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth, while many other are drawing ever closer. This is when the running back and forth between extremes really intensifies. We are on the verge of tipping over our boat so we can start living our New Lives on a totally new level in a New Matrix. The more of us who reach the Centerpoint, the sooner this will happen. September could well be the Turning Point month when everything will flip over and reveal a totally new landscape.

To get into the Centerpoint, we experience the sensation of spiraling in. This spiraling usually happens clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counter or anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

When we reach the Centerpoint, all rowing stops. Our oars disappear. Our maps disappear. Our sense of who we thought we are evaporates. We feel as if we have no skin. Our perceptions expand immeasurably in all directions, giving us a 360' vision. We feel a deeper, more organic and viable, connection with our One Being than ever before, realizing that we are really doing this together as ONE. This causes the White Dragon to quicken.

And then our Perfect Storm appears....


The White dragon has never been here before. He / she represents something so new that it can't be put into words. This is something far beyond our present understanding. The White Dragon brings in an absolutely new energy. There is much to be said about the White Dragon; some of this new information will be in the new edition of my book "11:11", as soon as I get time to finish writing it.

The two 8th Gate Activations are birthing the White Dragon. The first Activation in February 2007, impregnated the egg and during the second one in December of this year, the White Dragon will be born.

It could be said that we are not separate from the White Dragon. It cannot be born without our efforts. We are its mothers and its fathers, the midwives who are bringing it to birth.

The Labyrinth is the Lotus. The White Dragon is born in the Core of the Heart of the Lotus. All of us who reach the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth are nurturing the dragon's egg. We do this by enfolding it in our LOVE. Since many of us have now reached the Centerpoint, the White Dragon has quickened. It is stirring and preparing for its birth.



We enter September in a variety of locations.

Some of us are immensely weary as we stand right on the brink of breakthrough. Please don't give up; just continue to give your all. The Turning Point is very close.

Others are living on the edge, without money, housing, or job, not knowing what to do or where to go. If this is your situation, what is called for is drastic action. Do whatever you can to immediately get yourself into a new position. Even if it's taking a temporary job that you don't like.

We are all being flattened for a variety of reasons, but we can't use that as an excuse for not doing what needs to be done. Let your resolve override your flattened position and do what you can, whenever you can.

Some of us are experiencing powerful creative surges. This is fantastic because it shows us that the doors to creativity are opening.

Some are connecting on the physical with their One True Loves. Shower them with gratitude because they are clearing the path for all of us. (And interestingly, some of these One True Loves are people that we knew earlier in our life who are now reappearing.)

The Green Lights have turned on for some. Again, a very positive sign that we are reaching the Turning Point.

And many of us are now facing our Perfect Storm, the Ultimate Challenge and Final Testing.

Throughout September many elements will come out of their hiding places and be fully revealed. Ever more masks will be stripped off and the true motivations will be clearly seen. New information is streaming in. Sealed Orders are bursting open. By the end of the month, we will all have a much clearer picture of what is happening and where we are going.

Our timetable is going to be greatly altered. It's going to speed up immeasurably. Once we pass through our Perfect Storm, everything is going to fall into place very quickly.

It's really important that we open ourselves up to ask for help, that we show our vulnerabilities rather than try to hide them, and be constantly open to do things in totally new ways.


In September, many of us are going Into the Green. Once we pass through the Perfect Storm, we will experience a surge of forward movement, moving out of the tempests of the past. An endless succession of Green Lights will turn on!

And the True Ones will emerge.



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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the Unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!