Updated September 2, 2001

The Surf finally calms down in September which gives us a much needed time of rest and reflection.
As the relatively peaceful month of September unfolds, we are going to start taking a good, clear look at our present situation and see exactly where we are. Once we understand what we are experiencing, we will be able to make the necessary actions to move forward.

We are currently spread out in several different stages. It should be easy to locate yourself. You may even be in several locations at once. Here is the map so far:

Everything is just the same as it always was. It's just that we aren't growing or changing. This brings us a deep sense of underlying discontent and frustration. We don't feel that we are in the right place, with the right people or doing what we came here to do.

What to do:
Start clearing out anything in your inner being, your responses to life's situations, your attitudes, your relationships and your outer world which aren't true to your Core Being. Be honest and clear with your emotions. Say what you mean, express how you truly feel. Take a good look at your fears, all those things which hold you back. Face them courageously and move on.


What to do:
These challenges and difficulties are in our lives to help us grow and change. It's important to see the gifts they bring and accept them as a positive thing. Once we do that, we are set free from being in a victim mode. We are no longer the pawns of duality, being tossed helplessly this way and that. See your experiences as a passage through an intense spiritual initiation. Initiations aren't minor experiences; they occur in order for us to stretch our boundaries and go way beyond our previous limits. Initiations serve to help us release the places where we are stuck so we can be healed from the past and break through to a new level. Try to find the lesson in each challenge; each blockage in our life or difficult situation has one. What needs to be let go of or changed? Look deep inside at your basic beliefs and attitudes and look at your outer lives. Then make the shift.


What to do:
This is the stage where we need to focus on clearing and healing the accumulated emotional residue of the past. Going to a healer / bodyworker is most helpful to release these old emotional patterns from our cells. We must be free of the past in order to move forward into our New Lives. It's also a time for going within and discovering what gives us joy and learning to follow the very real promptings of our hearts.


What to do:
Letting go, surrendering on as many levels as possible, getting rid of old possessions and unhealthy or stuck relationships. We also start moving towards situations and things which resonate with our Core Beings. This might be the time to buy some new clothes or find some wonderful new music that inspires us. We may begin a healthier lifestyle, eating more nourishing food, getting rid of old habits, taking long walks and exercising regularly.


What to do:
Once we are in our new position, we begin to discover that even more clearing and realignment is needed. From our new vantage point, we can gain a greater perspective of what needs to be done. Getting rid of more calcified inner attitudes and beliefs. Letting go of physical things not resonating with our new vibration. These things must be done before we can go through the open doorways awaiting us.


What to do:
Now is the time to meet some of the new people who will play an important part in our New Lives. With many of them, there will be an instant, easy rapport. We may acquire some of the needed tools for our future endeavors. We are coming ever closer to the new opportunities and open doorways which will take us into totally new and extremely fulfilling directions.

September is the month for making any necessary alterations to the foundations of our New Lives. We will actually experience some free time and space in which to feel out the overall design of our new foundation and adjust anything which isn't quite right. We are moving towards a sense of "rightness" when everything seems to fit together properly. It doesn't just fit together in a practical sense, but the end result will be very pleasing and harmonious to us. It's beautiful; it's in alignment with our Core Beings; it nourishes and inspires us. That's rightness.

Throughout September, both subtle and very concrete adjustments will be made to bring us into a sense of greater appropriateness, that feeling of Right Time, Right Place. These adjustments will occur first within our inner beings and as we gain greater Personal Freedom, will be reflected in our outer lives.

It's like being on a stage set during the blackouts when the scenery is changed. The lights are temporarily dimmed and the scene is changed. We may go from a living room set to a forest. Or from a street scene to a palace. The changes will be dramatic and impossible to miss. This is what is continually happening in our lives. We are being totally recalibrated and as we shift, our outer lives are undergoing stunning changes.

Enjoy the tranquil month of September. Do as much as you can to clear out the old and make room for the New. October will bring another Surging Surf and heightened activity. Let's get ready and make our preparations thorough!



Invest in your Self:
Consider yourself as a promising new corporation; one with great potential. It's time to invest in the corporation of your being. Does your corporation need a new computer?-- Find a way to get one. Do you need some new clothes that more reflect who you are becoming? -- Invest in them. Do you need time to take walks in nature? -- Make the investment and create the time. Investing in your Self will pay great dividends and will be the best investment you will ever make.

Love and accept yourself exactly as you are right now:
The key here is loving yourself as you are RIGHT NOW, not at some nebulous future time when you have gotten your life together. Love and accept yourself overweight. Love and accept yourself with all your problems. Love and accept yourself when you feel you are lacking discipline. Love and accept yourself even when you feel that you have failed. Exactly as you are right now!

Accept things how they are, make the inner changes, then start changing your outer world.
Yes, we all feel that it would be easy to make the necessary shifts if we only could have a changed outer reality-- such as enough money, a good relationship, time to take proper care of ourselves, some free time. When we feel discontented with our outer world it often brings us into a state of inertia and a feeling of being overwhelmed. How can we make any changes in such situations?

Where we are RIGHT NOW is our present reality. It's our starting point and we have to start there. We can't skip ahead to the future and start from a place which doesn't yet exist. The way we begin is by accepting our present circumstances. "This is how things currently appear to be and I accept this as my starting point. "

Once we've done that, we will be able to start making some profound inner shifts in attitudes, behavior, beliefs, the way that we respond to life's situations and our mode of action. We can find the beliefs, attitudes and fears which are holding us back and let them go. We can make changes in small areas of our lives, such as cleaning out a closet or being more compassionate to those around us. These small changes will start to add up and create larger opportunities for change. Before we know it, our current situation will begin to shift and become easier and more fun.

Solara's Personal Update: August 18, 2001 In a New Land

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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

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