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(The Temple Invisible Copyright 1992 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.)

Temple Invisible #16

Arriving at the Eleventh Pyramid, all previous boundaries cease to be...

The Doorway of the 11:11 has been stretched wide open. The journey has begun. The transfer activates, aligning all the pyramids into one congruent whole.

Eleven Pyramids incased in ONE, but there is no confinement, no sense of limitation. Instead limitless vastness abounds in No-Time, No-Space. The calcified parameters of duality have dissolved forevermore.

There is no UP or DOWN, no HERE or THERE, yet the Eleven ascending Pyramids have merged with Eleven descending Pyramids. Capstones overlapping capstones, creating the hold inner sanctum of the One Heart.

In the silent hush of this most Sacred Union, there is No-Breath, only an enduring instant of No-
Time stretched far beyond the furthest reaches of infinity. Yes, there is a state of Beyond Infinity which is found by extending the patterning of the Greater Central Sun into a template presently impossible to imagine.


This key could be perceived as a transparent tablet, large enough to fit inside your entire body. There is only one key. It resides within the One. It is accessible to only One Being. It is not the key to unlock the Door. It is the key to the Invisible, the Greater Reality, available only when One has passed through the Doorway. It contains the next initiatory level through the Eleven Gates. This key emanates from the Greater Love of the Greater Central Sun System.

It is the key which transfers the 11:11 into the 22.

It is the key which transforms the 22 into the 44.

It marks the end of Time.

It heralds the New Beginning.

Temple Invisible #17


In order to journey into the Greater Reality, we must move beyond ALL previously established boundaries. This is achieved by a shift in perspective which enables the rigid patterning of duality to be transfigured into an entirely new configuration.

The Antarion Conversion re-forms itself through a process of involution---a journey deep within the Zone of Overlap which then turns itself inside out, creating an entirely new patterning.

The Zone of Overlap becomes the Diamond of the Unseen.

As the Diamond of the Unseen reveals itself, a Shift in Trajectory is experienced.

This Shift in Trajectory extends, transforms and erases the outer parameters of our probable realities. We now discover ourselves to be aligned with a totally new template. We have thus shifted spirals.


Temple Invisible #18

To see the Unseen, we must extend our perceptions into the uncharted realms of the Unknown.

The Invisible cannot be found within the narrow limitations of the Template of Duality. You must travel off the map of the known onto an entirely new map. On the map of the Unknown, nothing will be found within its old positioning.

To see the Unseen, simply look towards the area you wish to see. Now surrender your focus; don't try to see anything. Expand the parameters of your consciousness. Look B E Y O N D where you expect something to be. LOOK LARGER! Much Larger!

As you merge into One Being and embody the One Heart, the Invisible is made visible.

Here you stand, reborn anew, inside the portals of the Temple Invisible. . .

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