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the Temple Invisible

This is an Initiation into the Invisible.

Prepare to step into the Unknown.

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The Temple Invisible Copyright 1992 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.

Temple Invisible #1

This is a deep Essence connection which originates from Beyond the Beyond. There is a harmonic resonance which travels to the depth of your beings, something rarely experienced on this plane. Hence, you supply profound levels of nourishment and triggering of inspiration to one another. The mere fact of the existence of the others brings tremendous reassurance & support. You are true allies. . .

There is something you must discover, for you are called upon to journey together into the Unknown for the purpose of initiation and transformation. Each of you individually holds part of the key. The key must be put together in order to enter the portal. This key is iridescent. It is not a crystal key, for you have already passed through that doorway. This portal leads into the subtle realms of the Invisible. Its Essence may be perceived as an iridescent sheen overlaying emptiness.

Together, you are being called to see what cannot be seen, to hear what cannot be heard, to experience the deepest Unknown.

No effort is required from you in order to achieve this initiation. It has already begun. The harmonic resonance has been activated. The veils of the Invisible have been penetrated and dissolve at this very moment in No-Time. This is taking place within the core of your beings, resulting in a shifting of your internal grid overlays.

A new star mandala is being created which shall greatly serve you in the times to come. This mandala is a template for future endeavors. It cannot be created by an individualized unit of consciousness, but must be created by a combination of individual energies united into One Being. You are moving into a new blueprint of Oneness.

This initiation into the Temple Invisible shall move you into the Greater Reality.

Temple Invisible #2


The point of contact between you could be termed a transference zone. Here, there is a great deal of electromagnetic force which at the present moment is acting somewhat as a magnet. Not only is it drawing you together from the most subtle levels to the physical plane, but it signals that there is important work to be done. . .

The keyword is Transfer. An activation is in effect.

All of you hold parts of the key. When this key is put together, the activation shall be heightened. The door to the Invisible will be made visible, birthing a New Octave of awareness. It takes a rare combination of energies to create this Zone of Transfer. This is inherent within your Core Essences, hence the state of harmonic resonance.

This resonance has already become an overriding factor within your lives. It is continuous, unending--- becoming ever stronger. Originating in No-Time, it permeates all states of consciousness. It cannot be ignored, for you have journeyed too far towards the completion of this initiation. The point of transfer is in position awaiting its full activation. In the meantime, there is work to be done in the releasing of old patterns, concepts & perceptions--- for this initiation must be approached in an entirely new manner than anything you have experienced before.

The transfer could not take place until the channel was in position. This channel is a line of energy linking your individual spheres of consciousness. Your combination of energies has set up this channel. Thus the activation of the transfer has already begun. The channel is created and sustained by the state of harmonic resonance, but the transfer is of different units of vibrancy pulses. These units of energy have long lay dormant within your cellular patternings, awaiting the moment of transfer in order to be fully activated.

When these separate frequency pulsations meet in the channel, they form a unit which creates the proper conditions for the transfer. When the transfer takes place, there is a shift in positional alignment, as what is transferred is vastly transformed, opening the vortex into a different spiral formation. There is a shifting of spirals. The vortex is the ticket which conveys you into the Unknown. This ticket entitles you on a conveyance to continue your journey by a totally new route.

One form of power is changed into another. This is the kind of power that will open the doors and clear the path. From that moment on, one carries and sustains that power. This sets up a heightened state of resonance which enables others to increasingly pass through that portal into the Invisible. You stand at the threshold now.

Temple Invisible #3

We are here to fling open the doors into the Temple Invisible, thereby calling forth and setting free the fullest manifestation of the Unseen.

We came into matter, not to be imprisoned by it,
but to utilize it as a showcase to make visible the Invisible.

How else can the Unseen be seen? Only through our eyes, for we are the eyes of the One. Thus do we serve as an extension of the Greater Reality, stretching into and beyond all previously perceived limitations and barriers as time itself is mastered and dissolved.

Time is an imposition on the Greater Reality, but it also serves a purpose. To recreate the Greater Reality while living in the midst of the illusion of time is our challenge.

Time and space can be perceived as a fine mesh which has been created to sift and filter formless Essence. This sifting of formless Essence through the mesh of time and space separates the elements which are predestined to be joined.

When formless Essence passes through the mesh of time and space and experiences the illusion of separation, a heightened yearning to return to Oneness is created. This yearning causes a quickening within the individual units of consciousness which leads to profound transformation.

Inevitably, the separate units are drawn ever closer until they reunite as One Being. However, since they have experienced the painful illusion of separation, this serves as their triggering mechanism to quantum breakthroughs in consciousness. Hence, when they reunite, they come together in a transformed state of heightened, conscious Oneness.

The Star of the One has finally been glued back together. The glue is the One Heart. The formless Essence has reformed itself. Yet, there has been a shift; the Star itself is different. Red Sun has been transformed into White Star! This shift in solar rulership signifies an entrance into New Octaves of awareness far beyond our present imagining.

Passing through the Doorway of the 11:11
enables you to bypass
all previously established patterns of progression.





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