Sixth Gate Master Cylinder Photos
Part Three: Our One Being has a Lion Heart

Master Cylinders are serious work, but also lots of fun!
And as we merge into One Being, there's an immense amount of Love.

Many Thanks to Abjini, Ama, Arbaline, Bruce, Collette, Ilonka, Indigo, Kima, Solara, Walt & Yolanda.


At the 5th Gate Activation in Hawaii in 2002, Ongralea gifted Solara with one of these lions from Taiwan.
This lion was such a hit with the entire 5th Gate Master Cylinder that Ongralea brought a suitcase full of them to Ireland.
By the last day, almost everyone had one, and some of us had several.
Our little lions have huge personalities and a strong, loving presence and became active participants in all our activities.

Kimberly, Kathleen, Collette & Alberto.

Sue from England with Brigitte from Germany.

Omashar with his pride of musical lions.

Dinner with Lions and Nova, Indigo, Kalasara, Elara, Orianranah, Yolanda, Marc & a hint of Omashar.

Michael from Australia, Karon from Slovenia, Szilvia from Hungary, Ra Maa Lar from Canada plus lions, ready for the Unexpected!

Walt & Alix cuddle with their lions.

Sebastian from Germany with Karin from Washington DC.

Abjini de Venezuela con Arturo de Mexico.

Ama from Australia with Orianranah from Finland.

Yolanda from Mexico explores the town of Dingle with Dora from Costa Rica.


The Countries of the World cover our Anchor Map as we activate our One Being.

Barvel, Bekoim & Ongralea practice our Lion Dance.

Janet & Bev.

Bruce & Kima from Hawaii.


Pouring over photos of our 7th Gate Activation Site in India.

Some of the Latin contingent of our One Being:
Rosi de Brazil, Arturo de Mexico, Dora de Costa Rica y Abjini de Venezuela

All come from the One.......

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