Sixth Gate Master Cylinder Photos

Part Four: Arriving at the 6th Gate Activation Site

Many Thanks to Abjini, Ama, Arbaline, Bruce, Collette, Ilonka, Indigo, Kima, Solara, Walt & Yolanda.

Here comes Kalasara!

Arbaline & Bonnie joyously arrive with lions in hand.

Kathleen and Kimberly arrive with a staff of peacock feathers.

Solara arrives with an armful of flowers.

Ama & Solara walk up the hill to the Activation Site.

Our exquisite 6th Gate Activation Site was perched on the edge of the ocean.

We began by removing rocks from the field...

Solara prepared the sacred space in her own way....

Photos of the 6th Gate Master Cylinder: Part Five: The Sixth Gate Activation

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