The Second 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11
True Love to the Core

June 5, 2009
Master Cylinder
Lake Titicaca, Peru - Bolivia


Mystical Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia will be the site of our 8th Gate 2 Master Cylinder. Throughout history, it has been the place of Birth and New Beginnings. And thus it will be again....

The Master Cylinder is always the key point of an 11:11 Activation. It is where the new 11:11 energies first enter the planet. Having a strong and committed 8th Gate Master Cylinder group of True Ones is vitally important since we are birthing the new matrix of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE.

The Activation of the 8th Gate is monumental, the most important 11:11 Activation since the first one in 1992. It signifies the completion of our journey through the Diamond of the Unseen, revealing a whole new cosmology of our journey into Oneness. The pathways of the New open up into the vast uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible, including the exquisite Lotus World. We are now totally moving off the map of the known and everything is changing on a core cellular level. Nothing will ever be the same again!

The 8th Gate is so huge and vitally important that only those who are truly called to participate in the Master Cylinder should do so, for we cannot birth the new matrix of One True Love with anything less than our full beings. It's going to be ultra real and extremely powerful with more LOVE than we ever thought possible. At times, it may be quite intense and challenging, as the energies move off the map of the known. It also will be much fun to fully inhabit our true core selves and play with other kindred beings on accelerated levels of vastness. The 8th Gate Master Cylinder will be deeply fulfilling in ways far beyond what we can presently imagine.

Participating in an 11:11 Master Cylinder is the experience of a lifetime. There is absolutely nothing like it. It is working on a core essence level with the deepest and newest energies presently accessible to clear the path into the Unknown. People will be coming from all over the world and we will meet many life-long friends at the Master Cylinder. However, this time it will be taken to a whole new level for we will be meeting some of the key people for our new lives and some of us might even be blessed with reconnecting with our One True Loves.

This is going to be a strong group of True Ones. We will be stepping into our appointed positions to birth the New Matrix of One True Love. We will be strengthening and expanding the central core of our Lotus Heart. The Wheel of Destiny is turning, calling us into our rightful new positions with the right new people entering our lives. The time has finally arrived.

Participating in the 8th Gate Master Cylinder is a rare opportunity to work directly with Solara, the foremost visionary of the 11:11, on the deepest levels of birthing the New. Sceptres of responsibility and knowledge that Solara has long carried will now be directly passed onto our One Being as she moves onto her next level. All our current 11:11 Workshop Facilitators will be directly involved in what promises to be a powerful immersion into PURE HEART LOVE.

We will have seven full days of preparation before the 8th Gate Activation because this is such an important Gate. Our week of activities will begin on the morning of May 29th. During this time, our focus will be on merging together into an invincible One Being and activating our Lotus Hearts so we can fully enter the Lotus World. There is no set schedule, even for the 8th Gate Activation itself, as everything is based on spontaneously surfing the energies present.

During this time, we will be learning the 11:11 Sacred Dances so that we can perform them at the Activation Ceremony in the heightened context for which they were created. This is infinitely different from doing them in a workshop. The Sacred Dances are profoundly transformative on deep cellular levels and simply beyond description. Some of the Sacred Dances will be moving to new levels and new ones could well be born.

The 8th Gate Master Cylinder is vitally important in birthing the New Matrix of One True Love. Its effects will be far reaching. Truly magnificent people will be there. And just like the first 8th Gate Activation in 2007, this Master Cylinder will fill up quickly. In order to have a balance of countries and male and female energies, your registration may not be immediately confirmed.

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The Master Cylinder experience is not for everyone. Everything is on a very heightened level with occasional bursts of extreme intensity. At times, it can be immensely challenging. It requires us to constantly be ultra REAL and TRUE. Everything less than that can be magnified until it is stripped away. There is also an immeasurably deep immersion into profound levels of PURE HEART LOVE that have not previously been available. Because of this, the Master Cylinder experience is not appropriate for everyone. Please be honest with yourself, and if this feels like too much, you can still participate in an Anchor Group and play an important part in activating 8th Gate.


With a wide open heart.
With your full commitment.
If you are ready for a profound life changing experience.

If your entire being is calling out for a quantum breakthrough.
If you are ready to step into your greatness.
If you are willing to serve the One with your full being.
If you are called to birth the New Matrix of One True Love.
If you are ready to move beyond duality onto a totally new level.
If you want to be infused with Love beyond your Wildest Dreams.
If you are called to be at the forefront of the newest, purest, truest energies coming into the planet.
If you can serve with integrity.


If you can't handle an abundance of love.
If you have a mental, physical or emotional condition that cannot deal with intensity.
If you have a physical condition that cannot deal with the high altitude.
If you think you are going to a party or on a holiday.
If you just want to observe what is going on, rather than fully participating.
If you are coming to tamper or manipulate the energies of the 8th Gate Master Cylinder and Activation Ceremony.
If you are a drug user.
If you have problems working together as One Being.
If you are still believe that duality is the predominant reality.



If you wish to become an 11:11 One Being Rising Workshop Facilitator and a teacher of the Sacred Dances, you must come to the 8th Gate Master Cylinder. This is also true for all pre-existing Workshop Facilitators in order to maintain your status as a Facilitator. This is because the 11:11 Master Cylinders are at the forefront of the new energies. As we birth the New Matrix of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE, everything will be recalibrated to an entirely new level.

Please note that all the 11:11 Facilitator Training Master Classes are by invitation only. The next Master Class will be held in the autumn of 2009. Being part of the Master Cylinder is not a guarantee of being invited to the Facilitator Training Class, but is a prerequisite for those who feel called to do this.

Possible participants for the next 11:11 Workshop Facilitators Master Class will be selected at the 8th Gate Master Cylinder. If you want to become a Facilitator, please inform us on your registration form and also during the Master Cylinder Preparations.

Additional meetings for potential and present Workshop Facilitators will be held for this purpose during our time at Lake Titicaca.




8TH GATE 2 ACTIVATION: Friday June 5th.





There are always some worthy beings who are deeply called to participate in a Master Cylinder, but who don't have the funds to attend. So we are setting up an 8th Gate 2 Scholarship Fund to help them get there. Any and all donations are gratefully accepted and will be put to good use.


Solara and Annu are ready to sail into the New at Lake Titicaca