The Second 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11
True Love to the Core

June 5, 2009
Master Cylinder
Lake Titicaca, Peru - Bolivia


The first Activation of the Eighth Gate took place on February 11th, 2007.

Due to the vast scope of 8th Gate, there were TWO 8th Gate Activations-- one in 2007 and one in 2009.

Eighth Gate was the most important 11:11 Gate Activation since the original opening of the 11:11 Doorway in 1992.


The Keynote of the Second 8th Gate Activation is

It has been over two years since the First Activation of 8th Gate on February 11, 2007. The First Activation flung open the doors to the Lotus World, the realm of pure True Love. The Lotus Heart represents our new emotional body that resides within the Ultra Greater Reality. It is the level beyond the One Heart. One of the differences between the One Heart and the Lotus Heart is the added component of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. We can now serve the One while fulfilling our deepest, most intimate, personal desires.

Our New Foundation is created through the Awakening of the Lotus Heart. The Lotus Heart is the core dynamic of our New Foundation. Our New Foundation can only be created with steadfast integrity and the deepest levels of commitment, openness and Love, requiring us to be Real and True like never before. This moves us into the Lotus World, the realm of Right Time - Right Place and the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. And this is just the beginning….

However, before we can fully enter the Lotus World, we have to pass through a Band of Distortion, the brilliant filtering system of the Lotus World. The Band of Distortion brings up to the surface, highly magnified and often distorted, anything which is impure and untrue. During this lengthy time between 8th Gate Activations, we have been diligently sifting through our beings, clearing out any expired residue from the past. We have been healing our emotions and removing all duality-based beliefs. Our final initiation of moving through the Band of Distortion has been to jump into the Eye of our Perfect Storm. This is our ultimate and most personal challenge that will heal and reintegrate the last remaining elements of separation within us. This is why it has taken so long between the two Activations. For we could not fully enter the Lotus World until this was done.

The more that we clear ourselves of everything that is expired and untrue, the freer we become. Many of us are now inhabiting the Ultra Greater Reality of the Lotus World. Here we experience our first taste of a totally new level of love called PURE HEART LOVE. This moves us off the map of the known, causing everything to change at a core cellular level. Nothing will ever be the same again! We are emerging as the True Ones.

The Second Activation of 8th Gate is monumental in its scope and will have far reaching consequences. It marks the birth of a totally New Matrix of One True Love. And now we are finally ready to bring this to birth, for it can only be done by those who have become True Ones.

The Second 8th Gate Activation is the next level of all that was anchored during the Second Gate Activation in 1993, which was the entry point of the Lovers from Beyond the Stars. This is why it is taking place on the same date. Ever since then, we've been quickening the spaces-in-between with the purity of our Love and our focused intent, calling forth our True Loves, to bring us to the time that is finally here.

During Second Gate, we first began to align and merge our deepest heart’s desires with our spiritual aspirations. Now we are ready to manifest everything we have truly wanted for ourselves, while simultaneously serving and fulfilling the needs of our One Being. There is no longer any other way to be. This is the final completion of bringing any remaining oppositions and polarities into total Sacred Union.

To anchor these sublime and powerful energies of PURE HEART LOVE on the planet during these troubled times will have a profound and far reaching effect. PURE HEART LOVE is the strongest LOVE that we have ever experienced. It is stripped down, raw, intense and To The Core. Sheer ecstasy. More real than anything we can presently imagine. LOVE that makes you feel both humbled and in awe. When we experience it, we know that from this moment onwards, we have to do everything differently and infinitely more sacredly.

Activating the final part of Eighth Gate signifies the completion of our journey through the Zone of Overlap in the middle of the Antarion Conversion. It fully activates the Diamond of the Unseen, revealing an entirely new cosmology as the deeper Invisible becomes visible. The Diamond of the Unseen is the realm where the Lovers from Beyond the Stars finally unite on the physical as One True Loves. Eighth Gate births the New Matrix of True Love Partnership beyond our wildest dreams.

Already, the new love is being felt. It is PURE HEART LOVE and it is infinitely stronger, purer and truer than any love we have ever experienced. PURE HEART LOVE will help dissolve the last remainders of duality. As it becomes increasingly stronger, it will transform everything that is untrue.

We have long awaited this Second Activation of 8th Gate. Now we are ready....

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MUA (pronounced Moo-ah) is an ancient Tahitian word meaning In the Very Beginning and Before Anything Else. Encoded within this word are the memories of ancient Lemuria or Lamu.

There is also a deeper meaning to MUA which is very appropriate to these current times. MUA signifies the beginning of a major new cycle. This will be occurring in 2009 with the birth of the New Matrix of PURE HEART LOVE.

Previous MUAS include the Birth of the Sun and Moon, the Beginning of Time and the creation of each new world, such as the one that was born after the Great Flood. There will also be a significant MUA occurring at the end of 2011 - 2012 when the Mayan and Inca Calendars flip over to their beginning position.

Although a MUA affects the entire planet, there are special physical locations in which the MUA is seeded. One such place is Lake Titicaca in Peru - Bolivia. Known MUAs in that location started during the creation of the world previous to the flood with the emergence at the sacred lake of the four brothers and four sisters. They founded the great ancient civilization of Tiwanaku. After the flood, the Creator God Viracocha was born in the lake, during the next MUA. He then birthed the Sun and Moon and from them came the founders of the Inca Empire, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo. And this is where the New Matrix of One True Love will come forth and where the White Dragon will be born.



Mystical Lake Titicaca in Peru & Bolivia will be the site of our 8th Gate Master Cylinder. The Master Cylinder is always the key point of an 11:11 Activation. This is where the new 11:11 energies first enter the planet. Having a strong and committed 8th Gate Master Cylinder group of True Ones is vitally important since we are birthing the New Matrix of One True Love.

Only those who are truly called to participate in the Master Cylinder should do so, for we cannot anchor and build on the New Foundations with anything less than our Full Beings that are firmly anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality. It's going to be totally off the map, ultra real and intensely powerful with more LOVE than we ever thought possible.

Participating in an 11:11 Master Cylinder is the experience of a lifetime. There is absolutely nothing like it. It is a deeply transformational experience that is absolutely life changing.

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If you are unable to participate in the Master Cylinder, you can still play a vitally important part in the 8th Gate Activation by serving as an 8th Gate Anchor Group. Together with the Master Cylinder, Anchor Groups form an expanded One Being. As the 8th Gate energies enter the Master Cylinder, they are anchored into the earth and sent forth to the Anchor Groups who anchor them in their locations and disburse them all over the world.

Because of the importance and total newness of the 8th Gate: Part 2 energies, we are going to start fresh with a brand new 8th Gate Anchor List. If you wish to create an 8th Gate 2 Anchor Group or transform your already existing One Being Rising Anchor Group into an 8th Gate 2 Group, please email our International 11:11 Anchor Coordinator, Annu at so you can be put on the new 8th Gate Anchor List.

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