The Ninth Gate Activation of the 11:11
The Emergence of True Ones

October 25, 2010
Master Cylinder in Bali, Indonesia


The Keynote of the Ninth Gate Activation is
ONE BEING IN ACTION: The Emergence of True Ones

Ninth Gate celebrates the Emergence of the True Ones. As the True Ones come forth, the planetary evolution is moved to a new level.

To become a True One, we don't have to become anything other than what we really are; but we can no longer hide WHO WE ARE. Being a True One is the conscious acceptance of WHO WE ARE on a vastly expanded level. When we emerge as a True One, we bring our true core essence out to the surface for everyone to see. We aren't afraid of expressing our capability and knowingness with a natural authority. We fully inhabit WHO WE ARE.

The presence of a True One is like a Sacred Pagoda. Their reassuring presence effortlessly influences and inspires the entire landscape. True Ones are embodiments of PURE HEART LOVE and carry it with them wherever they go.

Ninth Gate is deeply aligned with the Third Gate Activations in 1997 which birthed our One Being. Our One Being is a living, organic being. It brings the knowingness that everything and everyone is part of the ONE.

Ninth Gate moves this to a totally new level, that of ONE BEING IN ACTION. True Ones are the missing component of ONE BEING IN ACTION. This is why it has not been possible until now.

During the Ninth Gate Activation, we shall see an unprecedented merging of First Wave, Bridges and Second Wave which will create a new synergy of unified purpose. This makes ONE BEING IN ACTION possible. (For an explanation of the Waves, please read Solara's 2010 Surf Report: On the Path of Love.)

ONE BEING IN ACTION is a new level of shared responsibility. From now on, we will put our individual talents together as ONE BEING on our Great Adventure into the New and True. This enables us to travel much further and faster, while exerting less effort. The journey will be infinitely more fulfilling.

Once ONE BEING IN ACTION is established, we will be like those volunteer fire departments. When the fire alarm goes off, we will be prepared and we will know what to do. We will be used to working together as ONE and won't need instructions or someone telling us what to do. We will unhesitatingly leap into action and do the right thing. We become masters in action creating the New Reality from the most profound LOVE.

An important element of ONE BEING IN ACTION is LOVE IN ACTION. This isn't just sitting around and sending love out to everyone. This is hands-on LOVE, REAL LOVE, embodying PURE HEART LOVE wherever we go and making it felt all over the world!

The momentous twenty year cycle of 11:11 Activations is almost over. This final stretch from duality to Oneness is when ONE BEING IN ACTION is deeply needed. This is when we can really make a huge difference. It is our time of destiny. If we step in with our full beings as True Ones, we can create a new world.



The Ninth Gate Master Cylinder will be located on the beautiful, sacred island of Bali in Indonesia. The entire island of Bali is like an exquisite sacred temple where people live, rather than an island with numerous temples. Bali has strong spiritual traditions which are deeply respected, honored and maintained by its people on a daily basis.

Bali is a major anchoring point of Beauty and Creativity for the entire planet. True Beauty and Creativity are key components of True Ones. True Beauty comes about when we bring forth, embody and live in the Ultra Greater Reality. A True One's life is a life of beauty where one's inner beauty is reflected outwards into the physical.

In Bali we will be surrounded by stunning beauty: The beauty of the land and nature; the beauty of the flowers; the beauty of the Balinese people; the beauty of the houses and temples; the beauty of the music; the beauty of our hotel; the beauty of the abundance of artwork and handicrafts; the beauty of a way of life that is filled with reverence. This will enable us to fully emerge as True Ones and help us maintain this state of being, not just in our preparatory sessions and Ninth Gate Activation Ceremony, but when we return to our lives.

The Master Cylinder is always the key point of an 11:11 Activation. This is where the newest 11:11 energies first enter the planet. Having a strong and committed Nine Gate Master Cylinder group of True Ones is vitally important since we are birthing ONE BEING IN ACTION. Only those who are truly called to participate in the Master Cylinder should do so, for we cannot anchor and build on the New Foundations with anything less than our Full Beings that are firmly anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality.

The Ninth Gate Master Cylinder experience is going to be totally off the map, ultra real and intensely powerful with more LOVE than we ever thought possible. Participating in an 11:11 Master Cylinder is a deeply transformational experience that is absolutely life changing. There is absolutely nothing like it.

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If you are unable to participate in the Master Cylinder, you can still play a vitally important part in the Ninth Gate Activation by serving in a 9th Gate Anchor Group.

11:11 Anchor Groups are absolutely vital to the successful activation of a Gate of the 11:11 Doorway. They work closely with the Master Cylinder, creating an expanded One Being, and help to fully anchor and globally distribute the new pure, concentrated 11:11 energies that pour in from the Invisible during the 11:11 Gate Activation.

When it comes to working with new energies and templates on this planet, participating in an 11:11 Anchor Group or Master Cylinder is true pioneering at its greatest!

Because of the importance and total newness of the each 11:11 Gate, we always start fresh with a brand new Anchor Group List. If you wish to create an 9th Gate Anchor Group or transform your already existing Anchor Group into an 9th Gate Group, please fill out our new Ninth Gate Anchor Group Form. If you have any Anchor Group questions, you can email Laya, our new International 11:11 Anchor Coordinator, at .


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