The Activation of the Fifth Gate of the 11:11

The Gate of Personal Freedom!

October 19, 2002: Big Island, Hawai'i



No matter what happens during an 11:11 Activation,
the Guardians always remain Larger than the activities in the center.

At every 11:11 Activation you will see some powerful beings standing around the perimeters of our sacred space. These Guardians are here to serve as stabilization pinions of the Template of Oneness. They are here to anchor the Beam and protect the sacredness of our gathering. The importance of having Guardians cannot be overstressed. Guardians provide us with a stable, vastly heightened energy field.

If you feel called upon to serve as a Guardian, you will discover that you need great dedication and focus. A massive amount of energy will be pouring through your physical body, so please make sure that you do the GO when you step into position. (You will find a description of the GO on this website or in Solara's book "How to Live Large on a Small Planet".)

Use your arms to direct this energy by placing them in whatever sacred mudra / position feels appropriate. You will find yourself quite vast and receive a magnificent overview of the proceedings. This is a very demanding position and if you serve as a Guardian, you can expect quantum leaps in your growth......

If you have a very small Anchor Group, you may need to forego having Guardians or you could take turns being the Guardian. Also, if you have someone who cannot participate in the dances or stand for long periods of time, then they could sit in a chair and serve as a Guardian.

The important thing is that once you are serving as a Guardian, you remain in position until you are replaced by another person. When you need to be replaced, you make a pre-agreed upon sign.

Please don't forget to let your group know in advance what this sign means and that one of them needs to replace a Guardian each time that they make the sign, or you might have your Guardians passing out from exhaustion!

Once we begin our 5th Gate Activation, we keep our Guardians in position until it is over. (Of course, it's not the same people the entire time; they replace each other throughout the ceremony.) Even if we have small rest breaks, we always keep Guardians in position.

A Second Gate Guardian Story:

Here's a story about the 2nd Gate Activation in Ecuador. Our ceremony went from sunrise to sunset and took place in a large grassy pasture in the bottom of a volcanic crator. We had just completed a Sacred Dance and since it was almost time for our picnic lunch, I didn't want to do any more activities until after we ate. We were all sitting on the grass in small groups waiting for the food to arrive. All of us, that is, except for the Guardians who stood in position holding the energy around a large, empty circle in the field.

Wile we were waiting for lunch, a few of us got the call to go join the Guardians and we walked over and got into position in the biggest spaces between the existing Guardians. As soon as we got into position, we noticed that the energy was immensely powerful. It was too strong to leave our posts as Guardians and mention anything to the rest of our group.

Slowly but steadily, more and more of our group felt the call and walked over to the circle one by one to become Guardians.

Soon, half of our group had become Guardians! Nothing had been announced; they just felt the energy and came. The other half of our group sat on the grass, talking to each other and waiting for lunch.

Then the most amazing energy came in and anchored in the midst of our circle and we knew that the Second Gate energies were here! Afterwards, many said that this was the most powerful part of the ceremony for them. And half of our group missed it because nothing had been "announced".

You might want to share this story with your Anchor Group for it's a good lesson in remaining aware throughout the 5th Gate Activation. Be prepared for the unexpected at all times. Remain focused on the purpose of your gathering together at all times. Be ready to go off the map of known experiences at any moment. Sometimes, the best moments come when you least expect them!


Our Sacred Dances are powerful tools for transformation. Although we currently have ten Sacred Dances, there are instructions for only two of these dances on our website. Here are Sacred Dances links you might find useful.

The 11:11 Sacred Dances:
The Starry Processional
The Earth-Star Dance
Photos of the Dance of the Four Elements at the 4th Gate Activation
Photos of the Insertion Point Dance at the 4th Gate Activation
The Lotus Dance: Coming Soon!

It would be good if you could teach the Starry Procession, the Lotus Dance & the Earth-Star Dance to your Anchor Group and perform them as part of the 5th Gate Activation. You can either teach these dances before or during the Activation. But perhaps, the facilitator could try to familarize themselves with them beforehand or try them out with a small group.

These dances are very sacred and transformative, so please be respectful of them.


Special music has been created for some of our Sacred Dances. If at all possible, please try to do the dances to their own music. Not only is it easier, but the music has the perfect resonance to further the energy of the dance.

Tapes of the music for the following dances are available from us for $6 each, plus shipping.

1. The Starry Processional
2. The Earth-Star Dance
3. The Sacred Spiral Dance
4. The Greater Central Sun Dance

(If you want to order any of these tapes, you can either send us a check to: Star-Borne, PO Box 90, Kapaa, HI 96746 USA or pay by credit card. Please include the name on your card, card number & expiration date. You can call or fax this info to: 808-821-1291 or email us.)



During the 4th Gate Activation in 1999, each Anchor Group was asked to create a Dance of the Four Elements. (Here are some photos of the Dance of the Four Elements at our Master Cylinder in Tahiti.)

For the 5th Gate Activation, we are going to create a Dance of the Five Elements. Each newly formed 11:11 Anchor Group can now start to discover their own unique way to merge the Four Elements and spin the Four Directions through sacred dances or movements to create the Fifth Element. This will be an important part of the 5th Gate Activation. Each Anchor Group can create their own, unique Dance of the Five Elements.

It is preferable if this dance is created during the Activation ceremony itself by the entire group. If you have a large group, you might want to make smaller groups of 8 to 10 people and have each group work on the dance, then demonstrate what they got to the entire group.

We did this at the 3rd Gate Activation in Australia and birthed a new 3rd Gate Dance in this fashion. One group got the main part of the dance, then we added elements from some of the other groups to get the complete dance.

When you have all the elements of the dance together, you just know it. There's a certain rightness to it. Then you can add music to it if you want or do it in silence.

So you might want to begin by splitting your group into four parts, each one representing one of the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Water & Fire.

Each of the Four Elements can create a dance step or movement. For example, you would have the Fire movement, the Water movement, etc. They should be very simple.

You might also ask everyone to bring something in red, green, blue or yellow to wear during the dance. What we did in Tahiti at the 4th Gate Activation was to have each Element drape a pareo, (sarong), in the colors of their element around their neck. Two corners of the cloth were tied in a knot so it could easily slip over our heads.

The Fire Elements will be wearing reds, oranges or magentas. The Water Elements will be wearing blues. The Earth Elements will be wearing greens and browns. The Air Elements will be wearing yellows.

At the beginning of our dance, each group of one of the Four Elements will be dancing only with others of the same element. Then they will beginning spiralling into the center and start mixing with the other elements. become an Air. It is up to your Anchor Group to create a way for the Four Elements to become Five.


The 5th Gate is real. This is not some nice little workshop or normal experience or La-La New Age fantasy. It is going to be very, very real. We are going to experience some very powerful energies during Activation of 5th Gate and it's best if we are prepared for them.

Most of the people who have participated in an 11:11 Master Cylinder and many of those who participated in an Anchor Group for an 11:11 Gate Activation, have described it as one of the most powerful experiences of their lives.

The Fifth Gate Activation is going to be very strong and will propel us into new levels of honesty and freedom.

Anything could happen! Absolutely anything. And this makes it our challenge to remain focused on what we are doing (Activating the 5th Gate!) throughout our Activation period. We all need to be vigilant that we are not distracted off our focus. Even if the earth shakes, the rain falls, the lights go out, we must continue on with the Activation until it is complete.

At some point, our 5th Gate ceremonies may go off the map of the known into the Unknown. If so, we must remain strongly anchored in Oneness, no matter what. We must remember to come from our Love at all times. To constantly strengthen our One Being.

During an 11:11 Activation it is quite "normal" for the unexpected to occur. We are bringing in New Energies after all. New means something that we didn't know before. We are also opening up the New Directions. Which means that we will be going off the map of what we have known before.

There may be surprises. There may be surges of energy. There may be heightened clarity. Whatever happens, it's important that we stay grounded and focused. We need to remain open to the unexpected and allow ourselves room to be spontaneous in the midst of our focus.

If you would like to organize a Fifth Gate Anchor Group in your location, please email us with your name, city, country, email address and phone number. Then we will add you to the 5th Gate Anchor Group List on this website so people in your area can find you.

If you don't want to organize an Anchor Group, but want to participate in one, please keep checking these pages to see if one has formed in your area.

We will continue to update these pages as we receive new information.

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