The Eleven Gates
of the 11:11

The Eleven Gates

Within the Doorway of the 11:11 there are Eleven Gates. Each Gate is a stepping-up station to a new frequency band of energy. These Gates are similar to locks in a canal. Once a Gate is activated and entered, we begin an intense process of transformation and initiation as our beings are immersed in a new frequency patterning. Traveling upon these frequency bands, we master the lessons of each Gate until we arrive at the next Gate.

Each Gate has a unique vibratory keynote with which we must align ourselves in a state of harmonic resonance. It is this process of alignment which gives us the needed recalibration so that we may travel deeper into the Invisible.

The Gates of the 11:11 can be entered at any time once they have been activated, for we are not all on the same timing within our evolutionary spiral. Hence, you might be currently experiencing any or all of the first four Gates. However, a Gate may not be entered until it has been properly activated.

The First Gate
Healing our Hearts

The First Gate is entered as soon as we step inside the 11:11. We are leaving the old map and entering the mysterious uncharted realms of the Unknown. The air itself becomes an aqueous substance like water. These are the subtle currents of the Invisible.

The focus here is on the healing of our emotions. This requires a constant process of letting go, a continuous reevaluation of our old ways of feeling & loving. Many relationships are either restructured or dissolved while we travel through the First Gate. With this much needed healing of our individual hearts, we experience an activation of our One Heart.

The One Heart is the heart of all. It is the core of our new emotional body.This means that we share the same heart, a much vaster and truer heart than before. The One Heart is the heart which cannot be broken. There is no more "giving" or "receiving" of love. Love simply is, a constant recycling, coming and going and recirculating. As we let go of the experiences of the past, we learn to live our Love.

Stunning aerial views of the Sacred Dances from the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in Egypt

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