The Third Gate of the 11:11
Expansion into One Being

Because of the vast scope of Third Gate,
there were three Activations in 1997
in three different parts of the world.




3rd Gate Activation #1: May 17, 1997
The Birth of our One Being

Master Cylinder Lake Završnica near Bled, Slovenija

Solara's Report on the Third Gate Activation in Slovenija:
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3rd Gate Activation #2: August 17, 1997
Insertion Point of the Greater Reality into the present moment

Master Cylinder Ta-Anua Lake near Eureka, Montana, USA.



3rd Gate Activation #3: October 12, 1997
Anchoring the Greater Love

Master Cylinder in the Glasshouse Mountains Queensland, Australia.

Solara's Report on the Australian Activation
The Cracks in the Spaces-In-Between:




The One Being is an organic, unified, living organism. In truth, we are all part of One Being. This is quite different than our old concepts of unity as individualized units of consciousness. When we realize this, when we base all our actions and emotional responses upon our knowing of our inherent interwovenness into Oneness, then our One Being is quickened and comes alive. It is our newly birthed One Being embodying the Greater Love who is ready to step forth into our New Lives anchored in the Greater Reality.

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Third Gate also births the New Relationship Patternings. These will be greatly expanded forms of partnerships, quite different than anything we have yet experienced. The New Partnerships are between Core Beings, not personality selves as in the old patterning. We will be merging personal love and spiritual love into the Greater Love.

The first step towards the New Relationship Patternings will be the breakdown of the old relationship patterns. This may involve several years of clearing out our old patterns and recalibrating our beings. It also entails the completion of some of our pre-existing relationships.

These new karma-free relationships will soon become possible. They are the ones which will create the energy vortices necessary for the deeper insertion of the Greater Reality into the physical. As we move beyond duality into ever more heightened states of Oneness, these new relationships will become increasingly important, serving as resonating generators of the Greater Love, keepers of the New Matrix.

After these Sacred Unions between Core Beings have been thoroughly established, when the "two truly become One", then our wholehearted open expression of Love will no longer be limited to a select few, but will expand to our entire One Being.

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