Instructions for 7th Gate ANCHOR GROUPS: Part Three


It's important to stay focused on what the 7th Gate Activation is about: SEEING THE UNSEEN. This means that we could well experience the dissolving of the veils and a strong infusion of the Greater Reality. This Activation will definitely be a time of enhanced insights and revelations.

SEEING THE UNSEEN also has to do with altering our perceptions and responses. For the past several months we have been in a heightened Zone of Overlap in which the past and future are superimposed onto the present. This has given us a tremendous opportunity to repattern our pasts. We do this by having our future selves deal with past situations, issues and patterns in totally new ways. As each old pattern comes up, we can meet it with new responses born of our expanded perceptions. This affects and alters the very core of our old patterns, thus changing its harmonic resonance so it can send a different sequence of ripples and waves to our present moment. This is how we become forever free of the old patterns.

As SEEING THE UNSEEN opens the previous locked doors to our perceptions, we will increasingly be able to see the larger picture and step free of the limitations and misunderstandings of the past.

The time leading up to the 7th Gate Activation will present us with many challenges in these areas. Many old situations and issues will be thrown in our faces so we can see them with expanded perception and deal with them in totally new ways. If we have successfully done this, the 7th Gate Activation itself will catapult us deeper into the Greater Reality. We will feel like we are waking up from a long sleep and have finally come to our senses.


This dance was a key part of the 6th Gate Activation and it feels like it's still an appropriate part of 7th Gate since it has to do with the further activation of our One Being.

There is no set formula for this dance as each Anchor Group can create their own way....

1. In the center of your sacred space, visualize a large CIRCLE OF THE EARTH....

2. See all the struggles and drama taking place within it. The polarization of duality, the violence, wars and suffering.

3. Feel the profusion of Nature with all the plants, animals, oceans, rivers, rocks, mountains, winds, etc. You can also be aware of the onslaught to our natural environment that is taking place at this very moment. The clearing of forests, the pollutants going into the air, the chemicals flowing into our pristine waters, the dying out of entire species.

4. Feel all the beings inhabiting this Earth. You can feel their courage and their hearts so wanting to love and be loved. You can also feel the fear which is insidiously creeping through everything, the feelings of uncertainty, hopelessness and insecurity. This is a planet with too many broken hearts and a deep feeling of disconnection, of separation from the One.

5. Outside the THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH in the center of your sacred space is an even larger, empty circle which is THE CIRCLE OF ONE BEING.

If you want to, you can even draw these circles on the floor or outline them with sand or stones.

6. Now it is time for each person to make their own individual, conscious decision to stand in THE CIRCLE OF ONE BEING. No-one should move into this circle unless they make a real commitment to be there. (11:11 Activations aren't play-acting; they are real.)

7. As each person who chooses to moves into THE CIRCLE OF ONE BEING, they open into the One Heart by doing the One Heart mudra. (See the GO for instructions.)

If anyone in your group doesn't choose to stand in THE CIRCLE OF ONE BEING, they can stand on the outside as a Guardian.

8. After everyone is in THE CIRCLE OF ONE BEING, it's important to really feel the alignment of everyone as ONE LIVING, ORGANIC BEING.

9. Then THE CIRCLE OF ONE BEING, acting as ONE, consciously chooses to step inside THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH. This is a significant event for it symbolizes our conscious choice to take responsibility by anchoring ONENESS.

(If you like, you can do this in the form of a dance, perhaps using the Starry Processional as the dance inside the Earth.)

10.As our ONE BEING enters the EARTH, rippling waves are sent to the center of the planet.

11. Once these rippling waves reach the STAR in the center of the EARTH, an activation takes place and waves start rippling outwards. The EARTH has both ingoing and outgoing waves rippling through it.

12. These double helix waves create a conversion / inversion zone wherein THE DOORWAY OF THE 11:11 turns itself inside out and reveals the second half of our journey through it.



The 7th Gate Activation is very REAL. All the 11:11 Activations are VERY REAL. If you are at all receptive, you will definitely feel it. We are going to experience some very powerful energies during Activation of 7th Gate and it's best if we are prepared for them.

Most of the people who have participated in an 11:11 Master Cylinder, and many of those who participated in 11:11 Anchor Groups, have described them as one of the most powerful experiences of their lives.

The Seventh Gate Activation is going to be one of the strongest 11:11 Activations and will propel us onto whole new levels.

Anything can happen! Absolutely anything. And this makes it our challenge to remain focused on what we are doing (Activating the 7th Gate!) throughout our Activation Ceremony. We all need to be vigilant that we are not distracted off our focus. Even if the earth shakes, the rain falls, the lights go out, we must continue on with our 7th Gate Activation Ceremony until it is complete.

At some point, our 7th Gate Activation Ceremony's energies may go off the map of the known into the Unknown. This happens frequently at the Master Cylinder. If this happens to your Anchor Group, remember to stay strongly anchored in Oneness, no matter what. We must remember stay in our Love at all times. And constantly strengthen our One Being.

During an 11:11 Activation it is quite "normal" for the unexpected to occur. We are bringing in New Energies after all. New means something that we didn't know before. And since this is the Midway Point of the entire Doorway of the 11:11 in which the 11:11 will be turning itself inside out, it means that we will be going off the map of what we have known before.

There may be surprises. There may be surges of energy. There may be visions. There may be heightened clarity. Whatever happens.... it's important that we stay grounded and focused and STRONGLY IN OUR ONE BEING. We need to remain open to the unexpected and allow ourselves room to be spontaneous in the midst of our focus.

The most important thing to remember is that 11:11 Gate Activations are FUN! It feels so fantastic to be able to openly be ourselves and to inhabit our One Being and make great positive changes which will affect the entire planet.

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Having your group be on the Anchor List is very important because it's read out loud at the Master Cylinder and Anchor Groups so we can consciously align into One Being.

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