The 8th Gate Activation is the most important 11:11 Activation since the original Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in 1992. Due to the vast scope of 8th Gate, there are TWO 8th Gate Activations-- one in 2007 and one in 2009. The long awaited second part of 8th Gate will take place on June 5, 2009. The keynote for 8th Gate: Part 2 is TRUE LOVE TO THE CORE. This marks the birth of a totally new matrix of One True Love, signifying the beginning of a major new cycle on this planet. With this comes the truest, strongest Pure Heart Love we have ever experienced.

8th Gate is so monumental that it will rapidly move us into a totally new world where we can finally experience the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. This is the time we have long been waiting for and after 8th Gate is activated, nothing will ever be the same.

However we participate in the powerful 8th Gate Activation, whether in the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca, in Peru and Bolivia, or in an Anchor Group, it is essential that we step forth as True Ones by inhabiting our full presence as core beings, and completely immerse ourselves in Pure Heart Love.

These 8th Gate: Part 2 Anchor Group Preparations have been created to support your group’s preparatory meetings and 8th Gate: Part 2 Activation Ceremony. These guidelines will help strengthen your Anchor Group to anchor the resonance of TRUE LOVE TO THE CORE as the new 8th Gate energies pour in.

Please feel free to add your own creativity, as long as it’s true, clear and fully aligned with the energies of 8th Gate and PURE HEART LOVE.

PART TWO: 8th Gate Anchor Group Activation Instructions
8th Gate Guardian Instructions



Before you begin, please email your Anchor Group contact details to Indigo so you can be put on the 8th Gate: Part 2 Anchor Group Lists on this website. This is VITALLY IMPORTANT so that the Master Cylinder and all the other Anchor Groups worldwide will be able to align with your group on June 5th.

It's really helpful to hold preparatory meetings so your group can align as One Being and create a super-strong, clear, loving dynamic of Pure Heart Love. There are extremely useful practices listed below that your group can learn in preparation for the 8th Gate Activation. This includes some of the deeply transformative 11:11 Sacred Dances.

The core resonance that will be vital for your group to establish is that of absolute TRUEST LOVE. The 8th Gate Activation is all about the truest, most real, sublime and magnificent LOVE we have ever known. Bringing this in and embodying PURE HEART LOVE during your Anchor Group meetings will be your greatest preparation for the magnificent 8th Gate Activation. Embrace all those in your Anchor Group with WAVES of LOVE. The preparations for the 8th Gate Activation require us to be absolutely serious in our dedication, but it will be the Quantum WAVES of LOVE that will make this effortless and fun. Splash it around everywhere, and not just within your group’s meetings. Live it! Love it! Be it!

Jumping into the Sea of Love will move us into the new matrix and help us align with our authentic true, core selves. The resonance of TRUEST LOVE also helps unpin us from the mental and psychic realms so we can be totally present in our full beings. LOVE AND ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE LOVED!


Purification is a necessary requirement for entering the Lotus World and the New Matrix of One True Love. This is something that we each need to do individually, but you can perhaps dedicate one of your initial Anchor Group meetings to explore how to do this. Purification is about releasing all that has expired within our inner beings and outer world. It is about letting go of old emotional patterns and residue, limiting concepts, outdated spiritual beliefs, and all that no longer is true and real. It is also important to physically recalibrate our living spaces, refine our outward expression in the world and take better care of our physical bodies. We need to strip to our core, align with our new, true selves and become embodiments of Pure Heart True Love. This is where we most want to be, and indeed need to be, in order to birth the New.

Please read Solara’s 2009 Surf Report for a more information on The Emergence of the True Ones and on what this pivitol year will bring.



Print out ALL the 8th Gate: Part 2 information found on the 8th Gate Ndex on this website and share it with your group. You can also print out and share Solara’s 2009 Surf Report. This is really essential  as it will vastly deepen your group’s understanding of what the 8th Gate Activation is about. Discussing items of particular importance such as the Keynote of the 8th Gate Activation and Solara’s Year 2009 Surf Report within the group meetings will be extremely helpful for aligning with the 8th Gate 2 energies.

Subscribing to Solara’s Monthly Surf Reports is also highly recommended as they clarify the new 8th Gate 2 energies and how to navigate through our Perfect Storms, inhabit our Core Brings and move onto the very new and ultra real level of PURE HEART LOVE.

Solara’s book “How to Live Large on a Small Planet” also contains infinitely helpful practices, such as the One Heart, Bonfires and Calling Forth Your True Love, which can be incorporated into your Anchor Group’s meetings and Activation Ceremony.


It is very effective to visually align with the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca, in Peru and Bolivia, and all of the Anchor Groups by using a world map. Use the 8th Gate Master List of Anchor Groups Worldwide (which will be updated daily until the morning of the Activation) and place bright stickers on the location of each 8th Gate 2 Anchor Group. You can update your World Anchor Map every time your Anchor Group meets and please take it with you to the Activation.


Anchor Groups who perform the 11:11 Sacred Dances during the 11:11 Activations always find it much easier to ground the influx of concentrated and intense new 11:11 energies. The deeply transformational Sacred Dances are created for this exact purpose and really work.

Your Anchor Group should practice the Sacred Dances during your preparatory meetings as well as create your own unique Dance of the Elements. The Starry Processional is the only 11:11 Sacred Dance that has been performed at all the Gate Activations, so it is highly recommended. The extremely deep and subtle Lotus Dance helps us connect with the Lotus World and the Lotus of True Love. And the vigorous and wild Earth-Star Dance helps us merge our inner Earth-Star beings.


The Dance of the Elements has been a vital part of each 11:11 Gate Activation since 4th Gate. It is created fresh for each Activation by the dancers so it can bring in elements of the New. It was our key dance during the 8th Gate: Part 1 Activation ceremony. Please visit the Dance of the Elements page for more infomation on creating the new levels of this magnificent dance.


The 11:11 Sacred Dances
Descriptions of all the Sacred Dances

The Starry Processional
The Earth-Star Dance
The Lotus Dance
Dance of the Elements

View an animation of the Starry Processional
View an animation of the Sacred Spiral Dance
View an animation of the One Eye Dance
View an animation of the Pulsating Star Dance

We highly recommend downloading or ordering the music for four of our Sacred Dances, as they hold the deep resonance of the dances themselves and can also be used to stay aligned in the 11:11 energies during activities and rest breaks.

Music is available for the Starry Processional, the Greater Central Sun Dance, the Sacred Spiral Dance and the Earth-Star Dance. You will really need the music for the Starry Processional and the Earth-Star Dance if you are going to perform these dances with your Anchor Group.

If you are ordering the CDs or cassettes, please remember to do this as soon as possible as we are unable to mail orders after May 20th.

You can also bring an eclectic mix of beautiful world music combined with true love songs to your 8th Gate 2 Activation Ceremony or have live musicians.


The “GO” is a simple yet essential practice to help your group ground and realign as One Being. Use this at the beginning of your ceremony, and before you begin any activities such as the Sacred Dances. It is also vitally important that your Guardians do the "GO" before they step into position. The energies during the 8th Gate Activation will be immensely strong and doing the “GO” will keep your group fully present and anchored, plus you won't be flattened by the intensity of the powerful 8th Gate 2 energies.

Instructions for the GO


Guardians are an important part of every 11:11 Gate Activation. If everyone in your group has been prepared to serve as a Guardian in advance of the actual Activation Ceremony, it will be much easier. Please read and print out the Guardian page.

8th Gate Guardian Instructions


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8th Gate 2 Guardian Instructions
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