11-11 Productions: Photographer Barbara Columbo.
Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre: Comprehensive website from Alice Springs, Australia.

Aboriginal Art Online: Art & Culture site.
Akiane: Amazing paintings and poems from a gifted young girl.
Art & Artists from Cuba: Gallery of Cuban artists.
Ashes & Snow: BEYOND BRILLIANT!!! Traveling multi media show of stunning photos.
Awaken Visions Gallery: Daniel Holeman's site. Visit animated art gallery, try "wow, cool flash".
AYA: Aya's expanded website of his stunning Starwheel Mandalas, our future templates.
By Region.Net: International directory of healers & artists.
Corneal Confections: Gorgeous website with mandalas and more in wild colors!
Designs by Willow:
Visionary art of Willow Arlenea
Earth Echo Galleries: Fred Casselman's beautiful art of the cosmos.
Geoffrey Chandler: Powerful cosmic art by Geoffrey Chandler, artist who painted the cover of "EL*AN*RA".
Giotto: Frescos in the Arena Chapel in Padua, Italy.
Inner Garden Art: Sacred Geometry, Magical Places, Intuitive Art.
Joseph Inverso: Gallery of his visionary art.

Julio Mateo: A beautiful gallery of visionary art by a Cuban born artist.
Kelli Bickman: 11:11 Art Studio.
Mandala Page: Lots of info about mandalas.
Mandalas by Aurora: Exquisite, gorgeous, brilliantly colored mandalas by Aurora, a Peruvian artist.

MarianneGB: Swiss visionary artist.
Mary St Marie: Incredibly deep visionary artist. Some of her paintings were featured in "The Star-Borne".
Melanie Light: Digital imagery .
Molecular Expressions: Extraordinatory website which explores the world of optical microscopy. Myriad galleries full of amazing photos include: birthstones, amino acids, DNA, soft drinks, trees, antibiotics, butterfly wings, dinosaur bones, cocktails, meteorites, flavors, liquid crystals, pharmaceuticals, ice cream etc. etc. You can easily spend days here!
Museo Nacional de Antropologia: The famous Mexican anthropology museum.
Nicholas Roerich Museum: The late, great Russian visionary painter.
Nyako Nakar: Very interesting artist from Barcelona, makes 3 dimensional art from crop circles.
Original & Authentic Aboriginal Art: Aboriginal art gallery in Melbourne.
Paintings of the Third Millennium: Paintings by Argentine artist Camilo Villanueva.
Salvador Dali Museum:
One of the masters of surrealism.
Seg Play: A fun, free, and challenging interactive artistic experience which allows you to color in detailed patterns of photographs and well known art images without lifting a paint brush or crayon.
Serpent Mandalas:
Mandala art by Lindy Longhurst
Sherry Giang: Beautiful art from a Singapore woman, living in LA.
Side Sight: See what's really in the rainforest! Amazing photographs.
Ten Thousand Visions: Artwork of Michael Brown.
The Art of Being: Leonard Rubins' digital art.
Vibrational medicine tools, keys for transformation.
Videos on Art:

Werner Forman Archive:
1000s of photos of monuments, arts & artefacts from the world's many cultures.
World Artists for Tibet:


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