WEATHER Comprehensive weather site with a good hurricane section.
Earth Cam: Video cam site with a list of video cams showing everything from fall foliage to volcanos.
Earth Changes TV: Mitch Battros' huge site with late breaking Earth changes news!
Independent Weather Information Center: Lots of weather info.
Severe Weather Information: Site of World Meterological Organization.
Worldwatch Institute: Monitors the state of the planet.
Australian Government Satellite Images: Good selection of satellite images & loops worldwide.
Earth Cam: Video cam site with a list of video cams showing everything from fall foliage to volcanos.
Geoff Mackley: Photographer who loves severe weather. He's always traveling and has some great photos.
Satellite Imagery in the Pacific: University of Hawaii's site.
Satellite Photos of the Pacific: Extensive photos from the Naval Maritime Forecast Center.
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network: Earthquakes & geological hazards of the Pacific Northwest USA.
Recent Earthquake Activity: A continually updated map of earthquakes in the world.
Seismological Observatory: Has a list of earthquakes with tsunami studies, plus tsunami models.
Southern California Earthquake Data Center: Lots of info on Southern California earthquakes.
Syzygy Job: Geologist Jim Berkland's Earthquake Prediction Website.
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program:
Has great world earthquake maps and free emails of latest earthquakes.
APCEDI: Asia - Pacific Disaster Alerts: The latest storm warnings for the Southern Pacific.
Central Pacific Hurricane Center: Tropical Prediction Center.
Current Tropical Cyclone Information:
Joint Typhoon Warning Center: Tracks storms in the Indian Ocean & Western Pacific.
National Hurricane Center: Tropical Prediction Center.
Oyster: The latest weather reports in Rarotonga (the Cook Islands).
Tropical Storms Worldwide: Tracking Maps of storms worldwide.
International Tsunami Information Centre: Find out what the tsunami experts are doing.
Pacific Tsunami Museum: Tsunami Museum in Hilo, Hawaii which has experienced several tsunamis.
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center:
Tsunami: The www Tsunami information source.
The Tsunami Page of Dr. George PC: Messy, colorful site has some fascinating bits of info.
West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center: National Weather Service Site.
National Fire News: Forest Fire News Central for the USA.
Current Volcanic Activity: Good volcano archives, although not as current as Volcano News site.
The European Volcanological Society:
Mt St Helens Volcano Cam: Watch Mt St Helens Volcano in real time.
USGS: Cascade Range Volcano Summary: Find out what Mt St Helens & all those other Cascades are doing.
USGS: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory:
All the latest info on Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanos.
Volcanic Ash:
What it can do & how to prevent damage.
Volcano Index by Country:
Gosh, there are lots of volcanos on this planet!
Volcano News:
John Seach's site has the most up-to-date volcano news on the internet.
Volcano World: Updates on the latest eruptions. More volcano info.