1 Spirit: International Spiritual Directory of People, Places, Products & Services.
A Story of Self: The animated story of our journey from duality to Oneness.
Angel Scribe: Inspiring miracle stories and Angel Art.

Awakened Perceptions: Go to "Release" on this site when you need psychic clearing. It's very simple & effective.

El*An*Ra: An Art / Magick / Mayan / Egyptian site.
FieldWerks: Chris Meier's site examines the New Light in our individual and holographic fields.
Gratitude the Master Key: Well worth the visit. Beautiful and transforming!
The Great Illusion: Enjoy the inspiring slide show.
Greg Braden's Site: Empowering out Lives through the Wisdom of the Ancients.
Infinity Affintity.org:
Their mission is to consciously manifest a new group mind and emotional body for Planet Earth harmonizing with the higher possibilities of human potential with a 3-minute Affinity Tour to see if you have an affinity for Infinity!
Inner Garden Art: Sacred Geometry, Magical Places, Intuitive Art.
Keys of Enoch: JJ Hurtak's website.
Lemurian Fellowship: Lemurian Mystery School with home study programs.
Lightworker: Steve Rother's site.
A Matrix for Creation: Eamonn O'Brien's beautifully designed site.
Mystic Planet: New Age Directory.
Network 2012: Michael Lightweaver's global networking organization.

New Age Ascension Australia:
Worth visiting just for the trippy welcome in the crystal forest!
Peace Begins...:
Another beautiful slide show.
Points of Power- The New Energy Experience: Allen Stacker's Australian site about becoming real.
Powers That Be:

Prophecy Keepers: Messages of the Native American elders on Internet Radio.
Revelation 11:11:
Humanity's leap to the heart chakra by Joe Mason.
Spirituality & Karma Cybersite: Lots of links to spiritual sites.

Starry Ones: Yahoo group on synchronisity.
Vital Spark:
A growing New Consciousness website in Canada.
Wake Up Laughing:
Swami Beyondananda's site where they take humor seriously & seriouness humorously.
World Transformation:
Eclectic website covers almost everything you won't hear anywhere else.