Adopt a Wild Animal: British site where you can sponsor wildlife conservation.
Australian Koala Foundation: Multi-lingual koala site.
Balikpapan Orangutan Society: Dedicated to the Conservation of Orangutans and their Rainforest Home.
Born Free: Animal welfare & conservation charity.
Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee: Non-profit organization to promote the welfare of the desert tortoise in its native wild state.
Elephant Information Repository: An in-depth resource for elephant related news.
HawkWatch International: Site to protect hawks, eagles & other birds of prey.
Here Be Dragons: Dragon central!
International Wolf Center:
Teaching the World about Wolves.
Jungle Walk: Beautiful site with lots of animal resources.
Nokota Horse Conservancy: The descendants of the horses of Sitting Bull and buffalo horses.
North American Butterfly Association: To increase public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies.
Save the Elephants: To secure the future for elephants and to sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places they live.
Sea Turtles Site: Includes a map of their current locations.
Shamanism: A Guide to Working with Animal Spirits: Has a huge list of animals & their characteristics.
Yeti News: The latest Yeti info from Bhutan.
Cetacea: Complete background info on every species of whale, dolphin & porpoise known to mankind.
Cetacean Nation: More dolphins & whales!
Flight of the Humpback: A Whale Protection Project.
Orca Reggae: Midnight recording session with orca and a guitarist.
Whales Online: Listen to whale sounds at this beautiful whale site.
African British site dedicated to African Lions. Has some nice photos in the gallery.
Big Where all wild cats are Big cats.
International Snow Leopard Trust: Site intro is an elegant short film on snow leopards.
Lion Central: Lion info and photos.
The Lion Research Center: To promote research into the basic biology and conservation of African Lions.
Save the Tiger Fund: Tiger central!
Tigris Foundation: Preserving Amur tigers & leopards in Russia & Asia.