Flower Essences

The Ananda Apothecary: Natural, organic and wildcrafted products.
Desert Alchemy: One of the best makers of Flower Essences.
Flower Vision Research: Flower Essences.
Green Hope Farm: Dedicated people working with Angels and Nature Spirits to create wonderful essences

Pegasus Products: Makes excellent flower, gem, & star essences.
Star Essence: Makes flower & gem essences, including a series of Andean Orchids!
Starmen.com: Makes Kauai flower & gem essences.

Gardening & Agriculture


Abundant Life Seeds: A non-profit that preserves the genetic diversity of plants by growing and distributing open-pollinated seeds.
All Organic Links: Global resource for organic information.
Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening
Dave Swingler's Organic Gardening and Adult Education Web Site: Has lots of info & music!
Dirt Doctor.com: Howard Garrett's site on basic organic gardening.
Easy Grow Greenhouses: Innovative crystal prism growing with Easy Grow Greenhouses.
Extremely Green Gardening Co: Organic products for your garden.
Filaree Farm: Has over 100 varieties of organic garlic seed.
The Garden Spot: Mort Mather's organic gardening site.
GreeNeem: Producers of quality neem garden products.
Greenhouses.com: Greenhouse & gardening resource.
Harris Seeds: Since 1879 has high quality products and seeds for gardeners and growers.
Hydronponics Resource Center for Inexpensive Hydroponic Startups:
Merry Gardens: Greenhouse specializing in rare plants including banana trees, ferns & ivy.
The Microbe Zoo: Learning center for microbial ecology.
Pepper Joes: Hot pepper and tomato seeds that sizzle!
Plants: Huge site run by the US Dept. of Agriculture with a vast database of plants.
Rion Greenhouses: Do-it-yourself greenhouse kits & garden structures.
Scythe Supply: Scythe enthusiasts want others to discover the rewards of using this elegant tool.
Seed Saving & Seedsavers Resources:
Tararu Valley Sanctuary: Conservation Trust in the New Zealand rainforest.
Tomato Fest: Over 500 varieties of organic Heirloom tomato seeds.
Wonder Worms: Earthworms: a gardener's best friend.

Virtual Flowers: Send someone a Virtual Bouquet!