architecture & new technology
Centre for Alternative Technology: Eco-centre in Wales.
Cob Cottage Company: Natural Building Techniques.
Freedom Technologies Network: Free energy--Making repressed technologies available.
Fuelless Power: Free Energy.
Lutec Australia: Developing a free energy commercial generator.
Tom Bearden Website: Free energy through a motionless electromagnetic generator.
ecology & environmental
The Africa Conservation Institute: The portal for the conservation of Africa's flora and fauna.
The Age of Water Consciousness: Promotes the healing of the waters.
BioGems: Saving endangered wild places.
Care 2 Environmental Network: Global network of environmental organizations.
Center for Coastal Studies: Private, non-profit organization for research, conservation & education in coastal & marine environments. Active in saving whales.
Children of the Earth United: Great environmental site for kids.
Earth Transitions: Helping Earth through its transition.
Ecoversity: Degrees in an Earth centered curriculum.
Dr Masaru Emoto: Messages from Water site.

EnviroLink: Great environmental links.
Magick River, Malaysia: Antares wildly creative site has almost everything including reports on indigineous people & rainforest preservation.
The Meatrix: You've seen The Matrix, now discover The Meatrix!
Planet Ark: Environmental news.
Project of Love & Thanks to Water: Purifying the Earth's water by Love and Thanks.
The Sierra Club: Explore, enjoy and protect the planet.
Water Aid: International water site to give everyone access to clean water and sanitation.

human rights & indigenous cultures
Akha Hill Tribe: Very political and anti-missionary site for the preservation of the Akha Hill Tribes in northern Thailand.
Casa de Milagros: A children's home in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Machu Picchu in Peru for the thousands of orphaned & homeless children living in poverty on the streets of Cuzco & other towns.
Earth Cam: Network of webcams.
Earth Files: Fascinating articles on Earth & beyond. Read about the sunken city recently found near Cuba.
Museum of Unnatural History:
New 7 Wonders: Vote for the new 7 wonders of the world on multilingual site.
Amber, Copal & Resin: Lots of info on the different types & qualities of amber, copal & resin.
Cloud Forest Alive: Has live webcams inside a Quetzal nest and in the Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica!
Microsoft TerraServer: Compressed aerial photos & satellite images of the Earth from the U.S. Geological Survey and Russian mapping satellites.
National Snow & Ice Data Center:
trees & forests
The Church of the Living Tree:
Pachamama Alliance: To preserve the Earth's tropical rainforests by empowering the indigenous people.
The Rainforest Eye : See what's really in the rainforest!
The Rainforest Site: Sponsors donate to the rainforest for each hit.
Spirit of Trees: Tree Lore.
World Rainforest Movement: (in English & Spanish).