Magazines & Online Journals

Ancient American: Magazine of Archeology of the Americas before Columbus.
Aquarian Solutions: Altaro Ra's starry webzine with info on astrology & earthchanges.
Atlantis Rising Magazine: Ancient Mysteries, Future Science, Unexplained Anomalies.
Cafe Tibet: Articles, forum & Tibetan recipes from Chef Yeti.
Children of the New Earth Magazine: A magazine for starchildren.
E Magazine: The environmental magazine E.
Hawaii Island Journal: A brilliant bimonthly newspaper from Hawaii's Big Island with stories of what's really going on.

Kathmandu Post: News from Nepal as it happens!
Mount Shasta Magazine:
Mystic Jitterbuzz: Monthly ezine of Metaphyisics and New Age info.
Nepal News :
Thoughts Create Reality:
Gazette, ezine searching for beauty, truth & spirituality. Has good links to other sites.
Tikkun Organization Magazine: Rabbi Michael Lerner's brilliant site with lots of clarity & integrity.