What results when Earth & Star or Earth & Humans interact.


About Stonehenge: Big Stonehenge site.

Ancient American: Magazine of Archeology of the Americas before Columbus.
Archaeogeodesy: A Key to Prehistory:
Awareness Quest: Australian Archeological Anomalies Research Paradigm.
Bradshaw Foundation: Rock art around the world.
The Dolman Path: Megaliths of Russia.
English Heritage: Organization which manages sacred sites in Britain including Stonehenge.
Earth Files: Fascinating articles on Earth & beyond. Read about the sunken city recently found near Cuba.

Forbidden Archeology: Michael Cremo's site.
Glastonbury Tor: The mysterious hill which is home to the king of the faeries.
The Isle of Avalon: A guide to Glastonbury, England.
Mega Links: Huge database of links to megalithic sites worldwide.
Megalithia: UK sites including Stonehenge through the ages.

Megalithic Wales:
Megaliths of South Wales.
Mysteries in Stone: Ancient Egypt's mysteries in stone.
Mysterious Places: Virtual tours of Easter Island, Stonehenge & Mali.
Newgrange & Knowth Megalithic Tombs in Ireland:
Newgrange was built around 3200 BC making it older than Stonehenge in England and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
The Octagon Earthworks: The "Stonehenge" of North America in Ohio.
Rock Art Net:
Worldwide database of Petroglyphs and Pictographs links.
Stone Circles of the Gambia: Ancient stone circles in Senegal & Gambia, West Africa.
The Stone Pages: Guide to stone megaliths in Europe. Well done site.
Stonehenge Campaign Homepage:
Campaign for free access to Stonehenge.
Stonehenge Photos:
Beautiful photos of Stonehenge for sale.


Crop Circle Connector: Has large database, but must become a member to access it.
Crop Circle Database:
Huge database of crop circles.
Crop Circle Web Site:
Free crop circle database.
The Crop Circular: One of the finest crop circle sites.

GEOMANCY & SACRED GEOMETRY Has very cool animation of Earth's Solstices & Equinoxes.
Earth Matrix: Science in ancient artwork.
Inner Garden Art: Sacred Geometry, Magical Places, Intuitive Art.
Mandala Page: Lots of info about mandalas.
Mid Atlantic Geomancy: Archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry & dowsing for Earth energies.
Nazca Lines & Maria Reiche: The amazing German woman who studied the Nazca Lines in Peru.
Sacred Geometry: Bruce Rawles site.
Sacred Geometry: Charles Henry's site linking the Great Pyramid to the human body.
San Graal School of Sacred Geometry: A world of info about the universe and its relationship to ancient teachings.
Shri Yantra: Sacred Art & Geometry of Tantra.


Jill Geoffrion: Author of several books on labyrinths.
Labyrinth of the Whispering Grove: Beautiful labyrinth in Maine; site has virtual labyrinths as well.
Labyrinth Online: Labyrinths & Inner Peace.
Labyrinthos: UK Site of Caerdroia: Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths.
The Labyrinth Society: Has a worldwide labyrinth locator!
My Maze: Animated German labyrinth site.
Think Labyrinth: About both labyrinths and mazes, with software to explore them.